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LOST IN LOVE episode 25 – 27

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Jackson’s pov

My heart almost jumped out of my chest when Jenny said I should disvirgin her right now, different thought ran in my head, different emotions filled in me, jenny quickly sat up and said “oh my goodness did I just say that”..i nod my head positively answering her question..i took some courage and said “jen… Jenny.. I Don..think now’s the right time”

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“yes you’re right am so sorry if I startled you, ” she said with sadness in her eyes.. “it’s okay. It was nothing” I said while she turned away and cried silently, I sat up and put my hands across her shoulder.. “look Jenny don’t feel bad”. I said but instead she turned and hugged me burying her head on my chest.. Shedding tears “I’m so sorry jack it’s just that am so obsessed with you, I love you so much, I mean you’re just my world” she said while i patt her head and said “i luv you too ” I put a stress on the “you” so she’d know I really mean it.. She moved back and gaze at me while I smiled and cleaned her tears “there’s time for everything ” i softly said while she repeated it and smiled.. Jenny made another cup of tea and we drank it happily talking about our love life until I asked..

“have you dated anyone before”

“why are you asking ” she said bluntly.. “because am your boyfriend and I’m curious ” I replied bravely making her smile.. “well” she began.. “well..what” I persuaded.. “I haven’t really dated anyone before you’re my first boyfriend” she said while my jaw dropped open…. “what!! ” I said looking at her with straight attention while she smiled ..”yes it’s true you’re my first boyfriend ” she said again while I shook my head in wonders.. “but why. I mean you’re too beautiful to resist” I said while she laughed, “well I didnt seem ready to date then, I didn’t see anything special in guys until I met you, did you cast a spell on me ” she said wyl we both laughed “so who’s your last girlfriend” she said sarcastically making me feel awkward.. “Mabel”..i said. “Mabel,!! ” she repeated while I nod my head.. “well. Why did you break up with her” Jenny asked.. “well… ” I said.. “well what.. ” she replied ..”Mabel was kind of a cheater she left me for some other guy, and Gosh I Donna wanna talk abt it ” I said while she came closer to me and placed her soft silky hands on my cheek and said “am sorry if I made you mad, “..”it’s okay jennette” I replied softly and covered her hands with mine and kissed her lightly on her lips, she smiled slowly and slowly we went for a deep kiss….

This story was written by Ruthie, the next morning


“dang it, I have to get going ” I said and wore my shirt and shoe, “see you in school” Jenny said and I smiled and ran home..

Going home it was already getting late,.. As I got inside I quickly took my bath and got ready for school.. And thank goodness I wasn’t late, as I entered the class I met Jenny reading I walked over to her and greeted her,she smiled and stood up and we both hugged.. I immediately got a glimpse of Fiona staring at us, but when I looked at her clearly she was gone, was it me or my imagination I thought but later removed my mind from that and focused on my Jenny..

We did morning class peacefully and during break I maked sure I thanked Mabel properly and she was so happy, and she looked so beautiful it has been long since I’ve seen her with blond hair, and it was kind strange she and Chris were hanging out together, me Jenny and Max ate lunch together,I asked Max where Dexter was and he said he had no idea, and Edward didn’t come to school. Hmm i don’t know why..

After break we all went back to class, just then all grade 12 were called into the school’s catering lab, it was said we were going to learn how to make a French sandwich, every single grade twelve souls stood in the lab and I stood beside Jenny, we were told to choose a partner but guess what, I choosed Jenny of course, while immediately Dexter choosed Fiona, she had no choice Mabel and Chris also we were to stand in front of a table that could contain 4 pple each.. Me, jenny Fiona and Dexter stood in the same place, i was in between Dexter and Jenny and I was glad I didn’t need to near that witch..


all got started, and we all put on aprons and gloves including a chef’s hat.. We started with the flour and me and Jenny played with it, I used my dusty and floury index finger to poke her nose and it stained white. I laughed and she had her revenge we continued this until our teacher said we should stop by yelling at us and immediately we stopped and looked at each other and giggled and mistakenly my eyes caught with Fiona and she was giving us a look I can’t explain..

After the sandwich was placed in the micro or whatever Mrs hanigan called it, jenny took excuse to use the restroom and after she did Fiona also took excuse and I smelled something fishy..

*** Jenny’s pov ***

I walked briskly to the loo and finally got there, after urinating I came out and met Fiona in front of the restroom looking at me deadly with her hands behind her back.. I removed my gaze from hers and to the other school block, I walked passed her and immediately I felt a sharp slicing pain at the back of my neck I immediately touched it and blood strated pumping out.. My eyes grew wider as i turned to meet her gaze, “that was just a warning” she said wanting to walk away but instead I grabbed her with my second hand.and she stopped tears freely popped out of my eyes.. “fiona” I called with hatred and anger in my voice.. It’s time everyone sees the real me, the real Jennette Nathan, I’ve been in the shadows enough..



++++ Jenny’s pov continues ++++

..i gave Fiona a sounding slap that sent her back. My neck was hurting real bad I , I looked at her hand and saw the little knife she used on me, I quickly snatched it from her and said “you’d think I’ll let you go free huh”..she didn’t respond instead she just stared at me angry… I moved closer to her with the goddamned knife in my hand.. “what are you doing ” she asked moving back.. “it’s payback time Fiona I hate your fvcking guts and and you’ll be tasting what you just offered me I ain’t scared of your shits” I said and smiled devilishly….

%%%% Jackson’s pov %%%%

As we waited for our whatever to get ready I got a feeling something was wrong, because Jennys outside and do as Fiona anything could happen, I moved closer to Dexter and whispered in his ear “dex.. Dude I have a bad feeling about this” ..”about what” he replied.. “Jenny’s out and Fiona too don’t you think something smells fishy” I said while Dexter gasped and said “u may be right, come-on let’s go before anything happens ” and immediately we both took our excuses and ran out I remembered them saying, the rest room, so we both ran there and behold we saw Jenny with a knife sweating under the hot sun and so as Fiona who was seriously bleeding on her wrist.. “Jesus Christ, what’s going on here ” Dexter said feeling confused and so was i.. Immediately the two girls adverted their eyes to us.. “look jack.. Your so called girlfriend did this to me” fiona said and tears dropped from her eyes and I had a feeling it was crocodiles tears.. Jenny moved her blond hair to the other side of her shoulder and behold, blood was gushing out from a bruise that looks like a cut, “jack don’t believe Fiona cause she actually did this to me”..”I did not” Fiona said to me.. I was so confused I didn’t who to believe or what to do, but then Mabel came and screamed seeing the blood ,” you both have to get to the school’s clinic” Mabel said and Fiona gave her a glare and said “stay away from freak”..mabel returned the glare and held Jenny’s hand and said something to her and they both walked away to the direction of the schools clinic.. Fiona quickly came to me and hugged making my uniform stained with her blood.. I quickly disengage and yelled “what is wrong with you Fiona why are you so juvenile and delinquent.. You just think about your self you think about others why would you ever hurt Jenny, why, you disgust me a lot.. ” I said and she slowly cried and went on her knees “Jack please am so sorry for everything forgive me “..”please Fiona just stop all this” I said angrily and me and Dexter walked away


dad would surely be mad if he find out that Fiona did that to jenny” Dexter said and I sighed…

School that day was not normal Jenny didn’t come to class at all but Mabel, I asked her about Jenny and she said she’s with her dad.. And I know it was trouble..

I didn’t concentrate so much on the day’s work.. I just kept thinking about all these stuffs.. School was over and I head home. I saw my mom on the couch, eating and smiling.. Happily.. “good day mom” I greeted .

“oh hi son, “..she replied.. “wow you sure came back from work early ” I said sarcastically dropping my bag, immediately audrey came down from the stairs and said “jack.. Mom’s getting married” . “Audrey!! I wanted to be the one to break the news to him, spoiler alert” ..”what..youre getting re-married ” I yanked while my mom frowned.. “you’re not happy about it” …”no it’s not that I’m not happy about it.. Am totally cool with it happy married life mom” I said while she smiled and said “thanks children”..”but mom you are didn’t even tell us about the dude you’re getting married to.. ” Audrey said

My mom smiled and said “well technically I’m getting married to my boss” my mom said and smiled.. “wow were going to be rich.. Yay mom I am so on to your marriage.. Even though I didn’t get to know dad I’m 100 hundred percent he’s happy wherever he is”audrey said happily while my mom gave her a look..

My turned to me swiftly and I smiled at her.. And head upstairs, my mom should get married to anyone what do I care I just want her to be happy, that all.. I took my bath and ate dinner ..after that I did my math assignment and started reading cuz our final exam is at the corner, but I couldn’t concentrate because of what happened earlier in school,…

During night time I kept tossing and turning on my bed I couldn’t sleep but later… I fell asleep.

The next morning I went to school and I saw Jenny going into the class I caught up to her and she was smiling beautiful and dammit she looked beautiful.. “what’s with the smile” I asked..

“is that a good morning ” she asked while I smiled and she replied “im just kidding the reason for my smiles is that I got to see you and Fiona has been finally expelled “….

Episode 27

***jackson’s pov continues ****

“what.. Fiona’s expelled “..i asked “yes and I’m totes happy she was expelled yesterday when dad found out about what she did ” Fiona explained happily and smiled.. Somehow i felt happy and somehow i felt sad..and happy.. But mostly happy that our relationship will no longer have an obstacle.. We both walked in class and I found Edward feeling happy, but Dexter wasn’t, Edward greeted me politely and I asked him why didnt he come to school yesterday he didn’t reply me but instead he smiled.. “hi dude why the long face. ” I asked.. “life sucks man” dexrer said “whatchya mean” I asked sitting down.. “I mean Fiona’s d first girl I’ve ever loved but she’d been expelled even though she acted like a little freak I still luv her” Dexter said while Edward gasped and said “what Fiona’s expelled?” ..”yeah dude she stabbed Jenny” Dexter said sarcastically

“what!!! ” Edward cried..

“not stabbed.. Pierced, like she used a knife to cut a line at her neck” I corrected while Edward breath a sigh of relief “I thought you meant stabbed i wouldnt have let Fiona go Scott free”..edward said while me and Dexter strangely gave him a look “what’s with you and Jenny ” Dexter asked..”okay okay moment of truth.. ” Edward said… “I’ve always liked Jenny but ever since jack and Jenny were dating I’ve been acting totally strange towards jack.. You’d have noticed that.. But yesterday I got over it and don’t ask me how” Edward said while we all smiled..chris came and suddenly he went over to Mabel..nervously, few minutes later he walked up to us happily “guys Mabel and I are now dating ” he said while we all smiled in amazement.. “wow looks like am the only one Alone”..just as Dexter said that my phone ring and I picked up it was Audrey..

Me: you took your phone to school

Audrey: is that an hello, and you took yours to school so don’t blame me..

Me: well am a senior and we’re allowed to bring phones..

Audrey: just be quiet, I’m in the janitors office calling you now, I ve got big news

Me: what’s the news I already know mom’s getting married cuz I know you forget telling people things you’ve tell them before..

Audrey: shut it.. I know that. Before going to school today our soon to be stepfather came today to pick me up in his amazing car and he has a daughter who’s seventeen , she’s so nice and cool

Me: looks like we have a step sister so glad she’s nice do you know her name by the way..

Audrey : nope.. The only thing I know about her is that she was living with her aunt before she came to live with her dad four-month ago she has short black hair and pretty eyes but too bad she has a scar on her wrist gotta go i think my friend Molly’s coming..

***hunged up***

I slowly put my phone inside my pocket calculating things in my head.. “who was that” Chris asked.. “my little sister ” I replied

“doesn’t she go to school? ” Dexter asked..

“she does and she’s in school and I know what you’re thinking and yes she did carried her phone to school she’s a pretty annoying girl” ..i said..

“oh Audrey right? ” Max said from behind and immediately we all greeted him happily.. “yeah we were just talking about Jack’s little sister who just called him now ” Chris said.. “jacks little sister that kid’s a devil, oh and jack I forgot to tell you she and Scott kissed a few weeks ago you came to my house with her but they didn’t know I saw them” Max said laughing. “ah geez ” I said and laughed also which also made all the others laughed..

“so why did she call you now” Max asked

“oh my moms getting remarried” I said “wow ” Edward and Max said at the same time

“And Audrey called to tell me my soon to be step dad has a daughter who is seventeen.. And how nice she is ” I said while they all stared at me with amazement..

“having a step sister is kind of hard.. ” Edward said “why and how ” I asked.. “cause she can be tempting sometimes” Dexter said and they all laughed.. Which made me laugh too but I stopped and started to think about it..

** fast forward **

School was okay and splendid that day no Fiona no trouble me and Jenny hanged out together happily and gosh I loved today she didn’t even want to let me go when school was over it was Max that forced her in the car, I started my journey home just as I was about to enter my street a car pulled over in front of me and it was Jared’s mom and Audrey came down smiling, she waved Jared and his little brother goodbye before she walked up to me “soon enough I’ll have my own car ” she said and i gave her a look and she laughed we finally got in front of our house and a big range over jeep was parked there “OMG dads here i mean, Mr mom’s boyfriend’s here ” Audrey says and rushed to the door she opened it and quickly closed it and said ” he’s daughter’s here too so act nice ” ..we both got in and i saw Mr my soon to be dad taking to my mom i greeted them and adverted my eyes to his daughter who was facing back taking to Audrey.. “wow you look just like your mother I hope you take care of your soon to be sister for me ” my soon to be dad said while I nodded weirdly.. Audrey walked up to me and said “she said she’ll like to see you” ..i adverted my eyes to the short haired girl who swiftly turned and I almost passed out..

“Fiona” I called..

T. B.c

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