Love And S£x

Love And s*x – episode 10

Episode 10

Ade pov
I walke back to him and said
me:guy I just remembered I do no a apartment u can rent
Pros:(smiling) guy where pls lets go fast before someone take it lets go na but wat I thought u said u didn’t no
Me:dont worry nobody can take the apartment and yea I dont no anywhere in language and besides the apartment am talking about is mine my dad bought a two bedroom flat for me and its tok big so I want a roomate
Pros:ohh wat ur parents bought a two bedroom flat for you guy u day enjoy, lets go and see the place na
Me: ok na
We left the class, prosper was walking away I guess to where they enter public transport ( he didn’t no I have a car )
I called the guy back telling him I have a car he seemed shocked and was doubting.
I didnt say anythinv I just opened my car and told him to enter while we drove to my apartment.
My apartment wasnt far from the school so after a ten minutes drive we arrived at house, I horned and my gateman opened my car I drove in.
After packing my car we came down prosper kept looking everywhere I didn’t say anything.
I showed my place and we concluded on the price he would be paying 4 month (30 thousand) hashtag that one go come be my money ohh.
After everything we agreed that he would pack into the flat on wednesday just two day am from now.
Aftet that day I retired to the kitchen, my stomach was playing an instrumentam telling me that they were hungry I realise that I had not eaten since morning.
I was too tired to cook so I decided to prepare indomie, after five minutes I was through I washed my plates and went yo sleep.
I jumped to my bed, I felt weak but not like before (hashtag who knew school is this stressful) I started to recall everything for the day about that the girl who help me to the clarification office I was really grateful to her, I thought about prosper I observed thag his parents were rich but not as rich as mine.
His dad is a manager at a bank while his mom

I woke up the next morning with a headache but it wasn’t that serious.
I had my bath brushed my teeth, got dressed and drove out to school.
Today I had two subject one is starting by 8 30 while the other one will be around 4.
I got to the lecture hall for my first subjects when I got there only some people were there, I guess I was too early but who cares.
I sat down in the middle row, since I had nothing to do I just started using my phone but this time my heads were up.
I logged into my whatapps Jeremy was online, we both chated for a while I asked him if he had started school he said yes but that it wasn’t yet time for his subject for that day, he asked me about his gf us I had been able to talk to her.
I couldn’t lie to him so I told him the truth that I had not been to talk to her but I promised to talk to her this week.
He seemed satisfied with my answer because he just let it go, we talked about random stuff until the leacturer came, I told Jeremy about my lecturer and went offline.
Today’s lecture was biology one of my favorite subject, the class was tutored by a man whose seem to be in his sixties.
He introduced him self as Mr joshua, he seemed friendly and strict at the same time.
The class was awesome, the man kept asking questions about some if the topics I learnt in senior school, I was shocked nobody was able to ans some of the questions, at first I didn’t want to show my self but when the man threated to never enter our class again for the rest of the term I had to step in.
He asked some more questions and I answered them, he kept asking more and I kept answering them.
The man was please with the class so he didn’t carry out his threat all thanks to me.
After the man round up his topic for the day and left, different students gathered me and started thanking me for what i did mostly girls, through that way I was able to make some new friends.
A girl.


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