Love And S£x

Love And s*x – episode 11

Love and s€×
Episode 11

A girl introduced herself to me as Vanessa, she asked me if I could tutor her about biology which I agreed to.
After that I went to the school cafeteria and bought something to eat I remembered that I had not eaten since morning.
I bought my food fried rice and chicken and ate, although the food wasn’t like home made it was still OK, after eating I paid my bills and left for my second class.
I got to my second class very early, the class was met to start by four while am here by one, when I got to the class it was just a student there, it was a boy he had headphone on.
I looked at him and sat down, I brought out my phone and started ordering clothes from jumia, I don’t no wat happened but I just felt the need to shop online.
I finished shopping and my good were planned to arrive on Monday.
After shopping online I checked the time it was two thirty I can’t believe I shopped online for one hour wow I guess I got carried away.
As the class time got closer more student began to some, soon enough the hall was full everywhere was filled with noise as everyone was busy gisting but not all.
The lecturer came to the hall and everywhere was quiet, we had English 🇬🇧 so we had to kept quiet especially since this was a course nobody could afford to fail.
The class was a bit fun the man wasn’t as cold as I expected but he was strict, after the class I packed my books and entered my car.
I wanted to go home but I knew I wouldn’t be able to cook so I had to eat something.
I entered my car and drove to a restaurant by the name demi resuarant the place looked OK.
I parked my car, came down from my car and entered the place.
I found an empty seat 💺 and sat down, I called the waiter who brought the menu he gave me the menu, I looked at the menu to see what I liked.
I ordered for jollof and turkey with pure heaven 😇 wine, the waiter left and few minutes later he was back with my order.

After he served my food, he left.
I ate the food and after everything I call 📲 the waiter who served me for the bills.
After calculating he told me my bill was three thousand (see wetin big boy life don cost Monet wen I go use take do better tin but any how man must to be pay no be say I no get the money 💰) the waiter asked me if I was using ATM 🏧 or cash I told him cash.
I brought out my wallet brought out three thousand new 🆕 notes five five hundred, I gave the waiter and he left.
I stood up from my seat and left, I need to rest the day had been stressful like my mom always say no better place like house to rest and have fun, I really miss them.
I came out of the place entered my car and drove off, I got home by seven to find the surprise of my life,my gateman opened the gate for me and u drove in.
I came down and was about to enter the house when he called me back and told me that some one was looking for me thinking that it may be my new roommate who maybe just came to check his room since he was relocating tomorrow, I told my gateman that if he came that he should let him in, NY gateman said
Gateman:oga na girl ohh and she still day around she day tour veranda, she don the wait for you since in the afternoon I ask her who she be she say she be your classmate so I allowed her entered to wait for you
Me;(wandering who) you said she is still in my veranda waiting for me OK let me go and see her but wait when this type of tin happen again u will first call me
Gateman:OK but oga I no get your number
Me:OK bring your phone make I call 📲 the number for your
(The gateman brought out his phone) oya 070-3*3-**-44(the author’s number) OK u don type am
Gateman: yes sir
Me: OK call am make I hear
Gateman: ok 070-3*3-**-44
Me:no the last digit na seven two no be seven one
Gateman:OK sir I now get it in fact let me flash you now
Me:OK (he calls 📲the number and my phone starts to…


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