Love And S£x

Love And s*x – episode 13

Love and s€×
Episode 13

She said she wasn’t afraid of the dark that she can go but still my mind wasn’t settled and I couldn’t agreed, we had an argument whether she should go or not while I finally won.
She asked me where she was going to sleep and I gave her one of the empty rooms I reasoned that since she had no property just her self there was nothing wrong in she still any room.
I walked Vanessa to a room close to mine just a door 🚪 away, she complained of been tired and said she wanted to take her bath 🛁 so I excused my self.
While she was bathing, I decided to quickly prepare food for you, I went to the kitchen sliced some plantain down, on the gas cooker and fried them.
After frying the plantain, I fried egg with it, I dished out both of our foods in different plates, her own was much than mine she is my guest, I kept her food on a tray and carried it to the room she was staying.
Due to the fact that I was never the type to knock before entering a room, I just bagged in without knocking to find Vanessa unclad, she had some water on her body and she was lookin for something oh towel I forgot to give her.
I stood there oh looking at her like a zombie, I was already getting s€×ually arose her body was really tempting, her b-obs which were standing looking at me dooooh her perfectly shaved p**sy or as I like to call it kittencat and her y**ah damn I felt like ho-ny really ho-ny I wonder how it would feel like if I stick my d*ck into it, the pleasure the fun but still I didn’t know if she would want that.
I just stood there looking at her, my d*ck was begging to be release it was trying to come out of my trouser by force, I notice that she wasn’t aware of my presence yet so I quickly came out if the room, kept the tray of her food by the door and entered my room.
I took a spare towel and went back to her room, I picked up the tray from the side of the room.

Inorded to seem innocent, I knocked  the door 🚪 and she opened halfly, she was wearing her short and a bumshort I wonder why she got it from (maybe she wore it in her clothes 👚 before ahh dor all the girls who use to do this make who Na sorry) she was looking s€×y I was already feeling arose. I gave her the towel and she thanked me, I also gave her her food and she made me eat with her saying that she loved eating with my person and that it makes the food more tasty.
In order to be a good guest I left her and went to get my spoon and went back to her.
I went to her and we started eating the food actually she was eating the food I was just busy eating her body in my mind, at that moment I was so arose I was even scared that if I was to stand up she would see my er-ction my d*ck was trying to force it way out of my trouser, I was so restless and she looked like she didn’t notice it was happy.
Inorder for her not to suspect me I ate a little at if the food, while she ate the rest after we ate she offered to go keep the plate which I agreed I didn’t want her to see my d*ck wgucg as about to boast my trouser.
I wanted for her to be in the front before i stood, I then stood I silently prayed she doesn’t turn back luckily for me she didn’t.
We came out of her room and I quickly excused my self to my room. I left quickly and entered my room I jumped on my bed and waited for my d*ck to came down I brought it out and just rested on my bed like that.
I didn’t know when I slept off but I woke up later when I felt a w-t liquid on my d*ck I thought I had a w-t 💦 dream, I stood up to see the shock and best thing of my life.
I saw Vanessa licking my d*ck giving me a blowjob I was so arose and felt like I would gum any seconds from now.
She kept licking my d*ck but later stopped, she removed her top and her bumshorts and was left unclad, her body seemed so s€×y this was even better than when i saw her uncladness earlier.


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