Love And S£x

Love And s*x – Episode 3

Love and s€×
Episode 3

Ade pov
I found jeremy on the side of his bed, his eyes were red like he was crying ( he is fair like me so it is once you will notice) i walked to where he was and sat down with him, he looked so depressed if someone had told me that dis was the person I was talking to few minutes ago but here i was witnessing it for myself.
I just sat down waiting for him to say something, he didn’t say anything so i asked
Me: jeremy wat happened why is ur eyes red were u crying
Jeremy:why why why would she do dis to me why
Me: wait who are u talking is it clara ( his girlfriend )
Jeremy: yeah its her she just call me saying that its over that she cant wait for me why y would she said that doesn’t she love me why wat did i do to deserve dis i gave her my heart
Me: jer wait calm dowm maybe she is just scared that when you get there you will forget about her and then she will be foolishly waiting for u here
Jeremy: no i think she is cheating on me because i have already give ur assurance that i would marry her in the future can u believe her my family heirloom ( his family generational diamond ring )
Me: wair u did wat guy y would u dat u no wen ur dad finds out u are a goner
Jeremy : i gave her to signify my love for her but i dont get why she doesn’t wat to be in a relationsh¡p with me she even sent the heirloom back i just received it
Me : guy its ok dont worry just go get dressed we are going to hang out dont worry u will forget the pain very soon promise
Jeremy : i dont want to go
Me : do i look like am giving u a choice come on stand up go bave bath, u aint going to screw our last chance to hangout before u travel because of clara dont worry i will talk to her.
He stood up and went to the bathroom, he came out five minutes later i looked at him and said u spend time in the bathroom like a girl he laughed
That is a good sign good laugh
He went to his wardrobe picked his clothes which were a black jean like mine with a Adidas shoe and also with that

Ade pov
He picked the shirt that spelt miss you just like my own ( if u can remember i told u i bought two and i gave one to him )
He looked at his mirror and sprayed his perfume after that he looked at him and gasped
Jeremy : ade y are u wearing that shirt when did u change from wat u wore at first
I looked at him i wanted to laugh but was just holding it back, i knew it was not his fault he didn’t notice i wore the shirt at first, he was in a very bad situation so i dont blame him.
I looked at him and said
Me: i wore it since i guess you were too occupied but bro no problem lets just go its not a crime for both of us to wear the same shirt besides it was my original idea before
Jeremy: ok bro
We left to the cinema, he was in no condition to drive so he didn’t take his car, we went there in my car.
Few minutes later we parked at the cinema, it was boldly written there i Paid ticket for a movie the movie name was aladdin it just came out, jeremy bought pop corns while i bought soft drinks and we went in to the cinema hall.
The movie lasted for two hours it was so interesting, i looked at jeremy he was smiling i was so happy at least his mood has brighten up.
After we left the cinema we went to a game center the place newly opened, we had been planning on how to go there and we were so happy we got the chance to go at least before jeremy leaves.
We got to the place i parked at the car park and we went in,side the place wen we entered, we gasped at the beauty of the place the interior design of the place was magnificento extremely beautiful, this place may just be the most beautiful place i have ever been to.
We went to the place where the games were they were so many different games to choice from there was car racing games combat games fighting games even a small basket ball court but wat really got my attention was that they had VE (visual experience) games i lookd at jeremy his face was falling back to the dull way he was at home so i.


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