Love And S£x

Love And s*x – episode 7

Episode 7

Ade pov
I checked the message and found out that my dad just sent me 175 thousand damn i love my parents they just boast my account by a far i have a total of 900 thousand now damn ( dont be jealous o go and save ur own) i locked my phone and continued driving i was close to jeremy house few minutes later i got there, horned and the gateman opened the gate i drove in.
I parked my car, turned off the engine and came out, flora was already out she was smiling but her had that face of a curious person i guess she was wandering if i still bought the Freda’s.
I came down from my car, went over to my passenger seat un the front where i kept the snacks, i brought it out and immediately flora ran to hug me while taking the tins in my hands.
We went in,side jeremy parents were seating down at the parlour i greeted them and went to jeremy rooms with the tins i bought which flora was carrying, i got to the room opened the door and entered.
jeremy was just seat on his bed looking at his room i could see jis luggages on the floor he was through packing, he looked at me and said
Jer: guy afa u back nice i was even wandering when u would come my fight is 45 minutes from now so in the next 25 minutes we are leaving
Me: nice at least we have 25 minutes tk find where to fix the Freda’s i bought, at that moment flora entered.
Before i could jack, jeremy hugged me tightly smiling and saying
Jer: thanks bro thanks i love u you will be my best friend forever
Me:(whil been hugged tightly) pls can u do something for me
Jer:(still holding me ) waf
Me: pls let go of me you are strangling me pls
Jer:( he let me go while laughing even flora was laughing) of sorry o
Me: guy no p
We opened one of his luggage that still had space to put something luckily for us the box of Freda’s entered, after we kept we kept the Freda’s, flora are saw them and startee jumping around happy, i looked at her and decided to tease her alittle saying
Me: flora.

Jeremy pov
I watched ade tease flora with the snack flora was at the edge of crying before ade gave her the snack it was so hilarious how she was saying a million thank you(you wont blame her for God sake its her favourite snack).
I looked at ade and flora who were just smiling, i smiled am really going to miss both of them alot especially ade we have alot of memories together, damn sometimes i wish my dad wasnt sending me to london but i know it was for the better as his nxt heir i need a qualified education, i miss my girlfriend i cant believe she broke up with me just because am travelling out of the country but in a way i get her but i jusf hope add is able to change her mind for her to wait for me.
I started remembering all the moments me and her had together everything was so perfect.
Ade pov
Me and flora have been playing for over minutes now i forgot that jeremy was here ( no blame me o who na don plah with children before ) i looked at him he was putting on a sad expression, i guess he was thinking about his girlfriend damn i still wonder why she did that, from what i have heard from jeremy he told me that they had made a promise to be with each other always and forever( hashtag the orihinals) but why now why does she want to break up with him now, i just prag i can talk to her before she full conclude in her mind that she is not going to wait for jeremy.
I tapped jeremy and said
Me: guy wats up dont worry i got u covered i promise to make her change her mind
Jer.: guy thanks pls try
Flora was just looking at us she didn’t say anything, few minutes later it was time to go to the airport why why am going to miss jeremy so bad (that feeling when u love ones is loving u) i helped jeremy with his bags, we kept it on the booth of his parents car.
Jeremy drove with his parents while i drove my car, ten minutes later we were at the airport.
I met my parents they, they all greeted  each other (jer parents and mine).


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