Love And S£x

Love And s*x – episode 8

Episode 8

Ade pov
And mine ) my parents wished ade a safe Journey, since ade l
Flight was not yet time we had a little time with him.
Few minutes later his Flight was called, he left to enter the plane but before that we shared a hug the hug was full of brotherly love cause that is wat we are we are brothers in disguise.
After his plane took off, i looked around i saw my parents and jeremy parents talking they were on putting om a sad face infact we were all putting on a sad face.
Jeremy girlfriend( or should i say ex) pov
I looked at him leave why why does it have to be me why do people i love keep leaving me first my dad and my mom and now the man of my heart at least the only difference is that he is not died but still he is away, i saw him hugging ade they have been besties for a long time.
I could see tears on both of theirs eyes as they shared that hug damn i wish i was the one hugging him i wish i was the one closed to him but i just couldn’t take it am tired of people i love to kept leaving me so i broke uo with him i no we had made a lot of promisea together but still i could bear been away from him.
I looked at ade he was looking at my direction, i quickly hid my face so he would see me pls nobody should blame but here is my reason i broke up with jeremy, i broke up with because i could not take the risk the risk of waiting for a person for years at the end they leave me am not should i can bear the pain so i decided to do the only tin my mind told me end our relationsh¡p i no it was stupid but still it was safe because if he falls in love with another girl there while am waiting for him here am not sure i will survive such heartbreak.
I quickly ran out of the airport, entered my car and drove off i kept on crying as i was driving
Ade pov
After everything i left for lagos aroud 2pm i got to unilag by 6pm it was an exhausting drive of four hours, i used my car luckily for me i was able to find my apartment

ade pov
I entered my apartment it was a two bedroom flar very big, i think am going to get a roomie because i cant leave here alone.
i picked one of the room upstairs and packed everything there, i was too tired to unpack my tins so i just left them there.
i slept alittle, i woke up later feeling very hungry, the worms in my stomach were making room.
since i could cook a proper food now i decided to cook indomie,i opened one of the bag i bought i took the indomie carton i bought i went to the kitchen.
My dad had already furnished the house so everything was available,i turned on the gas and cooked three super pack indomie ( dont blame me o hungry no be man friend ) after eating, i cleared my plates and went to unpack some of my things.
By 10 i was through, i had my bath and slept off.
i was woken by my alarm which was ringing loudly, i turned the clock off i was wanted to sleep again but i couldn’t i had to do my clearification today and my class was starting today .
i checked the time it was 6 luckily i still had time to prepare for school,i got up from bed took my bath dressed up and left i couldn’t have breakfast.
my gateman man opened my gate and i drove off ( guys make who na no jealous ohh just one of the advantage of having rich parents) i drove into the school compound everywhere was rowdy as students were trumping in, i drove up closed to a two girls i stopped my car and asked them
me: hello ladies pls can you show me the clearification office, one of the girl just looked at me and started smiling sed-ctively she said
she: yeah i could even show you the place because i dont no how to explain it
she was talking when the other girl said
the girl: emily see you later and with that she left she didn’t even alter a word to me.
Her friend emily the one who promised to show me the clearification office said ok,
emily entered my car and we drove off she kept directing me on where to go .


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