Love And S£x

Love And s*x – Episode 9

Episode 9

Ade pov
During the ride I got to know her alittle, she introduced herself as emily ( which I already knew but pretended like I didn’t just want to seem polite) I also introduced my self we had a little chat before we got to the clearification office.
She showed me the office and wanted to leave, I called her back and gave her five thousand (not that big but she can manage) I gave her and thanked me afterwards she left.
I went into the office I found a middle aged woman there, I greeted her and she answered back she asked me wat i was doing there (see jamb question wetin day they do for the office no be to clarify ) not to seem rude I told her wat I wanted to do she then directed to an office.
I knocked on the door and heard a voice say enter, I entered to find a aged man maybe in his late sixties, he was seating down on my chair in the office pressing something on his computer.
He rised his head and looked at me and said pls mister ade take ur seat, wait how does he kniw my name I was scared but took wandering how he know my name.
Like he read my mind he said your dad had already contacted me last night about u he had even showed me your picture so I was able recignise you fast, after hearing this my mind came down I looked at him he was still pressing his computer.
He suddenly looked ul and said ohh sorry for my manners my name is mr felix, am the hod of your department pls give me your admission later, I gave him wat he wanted and did something and asked me for my passport.
I brought out my wallet took my passport there and gave him, after wat seemed like hours he gave me my admission later my department and my id card he also gave me a map of the school, mt department was circled with blue biri there, I thanked him and left his office.
I got into my car and drove off, with the help of the map i easily located my department, I entered the placeand saw the timetable.
After coping my timetable I really that

Ade pov
I realised that I had a subject in the next 45 minute, I quickly finished copying the timetable and went to my class.
Using the map I was able to get to the class before the teacher started.
I entered the class and looked around like over ninty students were around but the class filles they were still some few seats.
I sat down in one and kept my head down, I opened my phone I saw 3 missed call from mom 6 from jeremy 4 from dad.
I wanted to call them back but since I couldn’t do it in class I decided that wen I got home I would call them.
I logged into my Facebook some of my friends were online I talked to them, they were all in school ( different universities) I also entered my whatapps I saw a message from jeremy he said he just arrived in london and that I should call him that he called me but I didn’t answer my phone.
I was so engrossed in using my phone that I didn’t realise when the teacher entered.
It was a guy about my age that tapped me at my back telling me that the teacher was around I was so grateful (didn’t want to cause a scene where the teacher him self wil be the one to call me damn it would be embarssing) I looked at the board we were having english 102, our teacher was a middle aged woman maybe in her late fourties.
She introduced herself to the class as mrs silver, her teaching was good she was one of those friendly teacher I liked her already (heard that most professors are wicked so am happy dis one isn’t).
Our class finished two hours later, I was packing my books when I felt someone tapping me by my back.
I turned to see the guy that tapped me when the teacher came he said
He: hi my name is prosper wbu
Me: my name is ade
Pros: guy are u going out can I come with u am new here and am looking for an apartment pls do u no any where I can find an available
Me: guy no am also new year
I was about to leave when I remembered that I had an empty two bedroom flat which I was looking for a roomate.
I walked back


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