Love And S£x

Love and s*x – final episode

Love and s€×
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After ade s€× with vanessa he became famous already d girls, by d stage of been in 200l he was known as a certified player he was known to have slept with all most all the girls in his departament and some outside his departament, he had a record of sleeping with all most all the girls in his departament expect one girl by the name sandra, ade had tried so many times to befriend her but it never worked, she was different in a good way and he knew that.
ade got a chance to befriend her after he saved her from a group of bullies, it happened out d school library ade was just coming back from his friend house and saw vanessa been intimidate by some gang of boys.
He parked his car and went to help her, luckily he known of the guys he quickly talked to that one and bribed him with a little money and they left her.
Ever since they both becane friends and slowly they turned to best friends she would visit ade at home some times especially when he was sick, she also made friends with ade’s roomate.
At the beginning of 400l ade was already a converted playboy and had falling inlove with sandra, he built up courage and asked herout and she said yes they started dating.
Sandra got to know about jeremy she help him with his gf issue and they were back together.
After graduation and service two years later ade and sandra got married with their parents consent it was truely beautiful.
Ade did a little investigation about his first love and found out that she was already married he was hapoy at least he was not d only one that broke d promise they had both married.
Jeremy also finished schooling and got married to his gf four months after ades wedding.

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THE END (thanks for reading despite the blunders)

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