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Love And Sex – episode 1

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Love and s£x
Episode 1

Ade is a boy who just completed eighteen, he is the only child of his parents who are rich he just got admission into the unversity of lagos unilag he is preparing to leave he has already secured an apartment for him self he is seen in the living room playing ps4 alone few minutes later a man in his late sixties walks in that ade father the man seats down close to his son
Ade pov
I walk playing football in my ps4 when my dad walked in he was just looking at me and smiling.
I paused the game and looked at him dad what y are u looking at me dat way he said nothing but kept on smiling the smile was so how weird i asked him again dad wats the matter he looked at me and said; nothing it just day i remembered that in the next two days u would be here then i can play game when i get back from work with having to argue with you we both started laughing i looked at him and said dad sorry to burst your bubble but am taking it with me to school my dad stopped laughing and said; no its not fair you cant take it i will tell ur momand with that he made a childish face i laughed
Short note about my family
My dad is a very funny and friendly person who loves to joke around alot he owns a business firm that is doing very fine he likes to play with me and sometimes behave like a baby it really funny when he does d face so we are very close while for my mom we re also close in fact i am very close to both of them my mom has a designer fashion Shop it really popular the name of the place is vero fashion house
Continuation from last place my dad left and went to call my mom he dragged me mom calmly to where i was and said; hon did u no that ur son is taking our ps4 my mom said yea hon wats d problemy dad replied no i would allow wat about if i want to play with that we started laughing my dad was behavinv really childish but we were used to it


After the arguement with my dad which my mom suppoted me, we came in conclusion that i would take the ps4 to school (hurray) while my dad will get a new one, my dad didnt agree at first saying that wat about the games in the memory of this one is was playing but when i promised him that i would transfer some of the games for him so he can play it in the new ps4 he was going to get he agreed.
We had a little fun as family as my dad kept on cracking jokes from time to time, mom and i laughed so hard that we were afraid that if we kept on laughing we could our lungs out, so we had to beg like literally beg dad before he stopped after that mom and dad left to their room they didn’t go to work today it was Saturday.
I continued the game is was playing before they came, i played for a while and left for my room, i entered my room and jumped on my bed i looked at my room its a big room which has two wardrobe and one shoe ranch at a corner while at other corner you will find a door to my bathroom, the room is painted green it was my favourite colour, i looked at my room i was surely going to miss it it contained alot of my memories, memories od special and sad events like when i got my first kiss from my crush celine but the kiss was caught short but my dad who had brought snacks i can still remember how he teased me about the kiss for days, i remembered how I cried when i found out that celine had travelled two weeks after we kissed i stayed in my rooms and cried for days , i remembered my first sleep over i hosted with my friend wait speaking of friends i have not called jeremy todag we are met tk be hanging out todat because afte today i may not see him for a year or so because he is travelling to school in London and he is leaving tomorrow.
I quickly reached for my phone unplugged it from the charger type best friend on my contact and his number showed i called him after two rings he picked up and said
Jeremy: elias where are you, i hope


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