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Love And Sex – episode 14

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Love and s£x
Episode 14

Erotic scene
Looking at her [email protected] body which was facing me I was so arosed that I thought I would cvm any minutes from now.
After she removed her clothes, I pounded on her like how a tiger pounds it prey, I held her big b00bs in my hands they were standing looking at me.
I grabbed her b00bs and started massaging it she was loving it as she was m0ans out loud I kept on massaging it.
I removed my hands from her b00bs and used my teeth to tease her b00bs, I started sucking her n!pole and also blowing air into it, she started screaming saying different things like I love you pls don’t stop infact marriage me pls don’t stop.
I now know that a girl can say anything while having s£x.
I sucked her b00bs for like fifteen minutes and then she cvmmed.
After she cvmmed, I left her n!poles and went for her pvssy, it was shaven completely no hair damn I was so turning on.
I was about to fvck her when I remembered the lessons I learnt from some porns I watched.
I bent down and sticker my tongue into her pvssy, her pvssy was moist she was w€t yes best chance to suck her good.
I stick my tongue  into her pvssy and started sucking her, at this rate she was screaming loudly, I hope my gateman does not hear.
I sucked her pvssy for over eighteen minutes still she finally cvmmed again.
Record she has cvm twice while I haven’t cvm at all.
I brought my d!ck and was about to insert it into her pvssy when she stopped me and brought out a condom I wonder where she got it from, she sucked my d!ck and then wrapped the condom over my d!ck  after that she opened her legs widely signaling me the go ahead to enter.
I used my d!ck to tease her cl!t first she was screaming begging me to enter heri knew she was w€t very w€t  but I wanted to tease her a bit but even my d!ck seemed like it would leave me and enter her pvssy on it own it was stretching so badly wanting action but I kept tease her pvssy. I think she

I think she was about to cvm again as her pvssy wall grabbed my d!ck tightly, at this moment she was shaking I was becoming scared because this was the first time I have ever experience this kind of thing.
I was about to pull out but she didn’t allow instead she pushed my d!ck more to her pvssy while she was m0aning saying pls continue pls continue I love you don’t stop, upon hearing that I thrusted more into her pvssy furiously fvcking her pvssy with a high speed.
I was still thrusting into her furiously when she screamed saying ohh am about to cvm, I wanted both of us to cvm at the same time so when she said that I thrusted faster into her my cvm had already build up and by the time she was about to cvm I was ready too.
She screamed saying ohh am cvmming while I also let the cvm I had been holding since, we both cvm at the same time.
I fell on the bed breathing heavily my d!ck was still buried in her pvssy i looked at her she was also breathing heavily and looking at me with a grin in her face so I said
Me:what why are you looking at me like that
Vanessa:nothing I just still shocked that you were about to make me cvm thrice while you just cvm once no guy have ever been able to do that to me
Me: wat say u are joking
Vanessa:seriously no guy your girlfriend must be very lucky
Me:I don’t have a girlfriend am single infact this is my first s£x I have ever had
Vanessa:seriously but how were you able to man over my body like a pro
Me:I guess its all thanks to the porn shows I watch but still am not done with you yet
Vanessa:ohh so you learnt from pornstar OK but wait what do you mean you are not done with me I am, I made her stop talking by kissing  her she responded to it.
The kiss was passionate, with this action my d!ck rose up in her pvssy it was ready for some actions, I held her blobs and started to man over them I was sucking her n!poles and she was m0aning so loudly this time I didn’t care…


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