Love Enhancer

Love enhancer episode 9 -10

(Kelly’s Dairy)
EPISODE 9 & 10
Written by Author Nath
Heading: Twist of Prophecy
“He knew what he meant, he’s still coming to take you down.”

No fewer than two seconds the female voice sounded in,side the lonely room thereby drawing Kelly’s attention from the window to know who made the statement, horribly, he saw no one but a teddy bear on his bed. He didn’t want to believe that the Teddy had developed active mouth as he wished earlier that day. No, it’s impossible. So he left the window quietly, yet a cranky noise from his feet didn’t let him concentrate in order to ascertain what was strangely happening in,side his room. He opened his door and said, “Hello, Dad, are you back?”

There was no response, this increased the young boy’s perturbation, curiosity and enthusiasm to really comprehend the exact s₱0t the statement was made from. Tirelessly, he returned to the bed where the teddy sat oppsode him, staring at his eyes as if it could see with them. Even Kelly was beginning to believe that those eyes had become active, so he waved his hands across the Teddy’s face. “Hello, Teddy?” he said yet no response. He exhaled and turned his back on it with hands placed on his wa-ist like an exhausted athlete. “I guess I’m hallucinating.” he murmured. The voice sounded from behind for the second time. Swiftly, he turned like one being pitched on the buttocks, ready to wrestle with an invisible being. He forwardly positioned his hands, w¡dened his legs to firmly grab the texture of the floor like a kungfu student about to fight his master. A hopeless fight that can’t be won.

“Who said that?!” he asked unabashedly.

“Though it might have been of her power to re-prophesy but she wasn’t opportuned to witness the twist of prophesy. I must follow you to the beginning of the end. I must witness the journey of the paramours to the house of Elves. I am Eleli,”

Now, Kelly discovered the source of the voice which was directly coming from the teddy bear regardless the fact that its mouth remained static. Bemused, he sluggishly disfigured his fighting posture without knowing what to say coz he couldn’t believe his eyes and ears respectively. Though that wasn’t the first strange thing he had witnessed after getting hold of the dairy, which, of course, didn’t cause for alarm or trigger fright in his heart. So he calmly asked, “Eleli, from where?”

“Calm down KJ, I’m on your side. Your unlimited questions have limited answers which I can help you with in my own capacity. I thought the name house of Elves would have given you a glimpse of who I am.”

“Well, it doesn’t ring a bell.”

“Really, you must be living under the rock without internet access or at least, library.”

“Hey, get the hell out of my teddy!” Kelly waved his hands periodically in the air. “I don’t wanna know who you are again or the so called house of Elves.” He began to walk out but suddenly turned, “By the way, what do you mean by your first statement which is he’s still coming to take me down?”

“How can I tell you the meaning when you don’t want to know who I am and why or even tell you about house of Elves, or, at least, tell you about my second statement which are the twist of prophecy, beginning of the end, journey of the paramours, etc..”

“I don’t want to know about them! I already have a lot in my head about how to save my friends. I don’t wanna add more to it. If you don’t want to tell me about the first statement, fine!” He lowered his voice when making the next utterance and also heading towards the door. “After all, I already know what it means; going down simply means I’m gonna die.” He clutched the door knob.

Eleli also lowered her voice through the teddy. “What if I tell you that it isn’t what it means?” Kelly turned dramatically as Eleli continued. “If you can’t comprehend the meaning of some simple statements, you’d leave me no choice but to doubt your competency of the secret dairy in your possession. Oh.. gush.. how…”

Kelly became offended by her words, so he left the door back to her angrily. “What else can be the meaning of going down with someone in such a situation I found myself at the train station if not dying with the person?” he interrupted.

“You must as well say that walking down the aisle with someone also means dying with the person.”

“Well you called it ‘walking down!”

“What’s the difference between ‘walking down’ and ‘going down’? Are both not talking about movement which is motion?”

Kelly bent his head down to assimilate the comparison which he found meaningful but tried at the same time to get the actual meaning of the first statement through Eleli’s comparison. He raised his head up, shook it haphazardly as if to reset his brain cells. However, Eleli had been quiet, waiting to know if he could come up with the actual meaning. Just as she anticipated, Kelly spoke up saying, “Literally, when one goes down, he becomes static, hence he wouldn’t move which is opposite of motion. That gives us the meaning of the first statement which is he’s coming to pinned me down at a place so that I won’t be able to save my friends.”

“Terrific!” Eleli exclaimed. “You’ve cleared my doubt. The time of pinning you down will satisfactorily signify the fulfilment of the dairy, hence the selection of the paramours for the journey to the house of Elves.”

“I don’t get it. Who are the paramours?!”

“I thought you said you don’t want to hear about the substantiation of my second statement.”

“Well, I want to hear it now. Does it mean that I’m not doing what I’m doing beacuse of Mason’s irresponsibility rather for this journey you talk about? Eh?”

Eleli went silent.

“Talk to me! Why me!? Who are the paramours and what is their mission?!” Kelly yelled, grabbing the teddy from the bed in a way he stared into its eyes like a mad man. He squized the doll to inflict pain only to realize that it was not an org-nism to show irritability. He flung the teddy on the floor and began to breath heavily. Obviously, he was confused and exhausted, making him to sluggishly sat on the edge of the bed with two hands placed on his foreheads.
Kelly left to school the next day without hearing from Eleli. The young boy thought he had gotten all the answers he needed without knowing that the end of his Inquisition was the beginning of his nightmare. Nevertheless, he stood in,side an empty hall with his drama mates except Victor whom they were all waiting for to join them in order to rehearse with Miss Alagia, their literature teacher. One could see Kelly standing at a corner with Lucas. The two boys held a window protector with their hands while they discussed silently.

However, Olivia and Erica could be found at another corner of the hall, chatting with one hundred percent feminine gesture and charisma. Kelly occasionally glanced at them.

Lucas cleared his throat. “Talking about your statement yesterday…”

“I told you not to ask me how I know.” Kelly interrupted him.

“That’s not possible, you need to tell me! I know Innocentia cannot disclose such thing to you. So, I’m really optimistic to know how you came about with your theory.” Lucas persisted.

Kelly glanced at Erica before looking at his buddy. “It’s not a theory, Lucas. It’s a fact!”

“Well, facts don’t just fall down from the sky.”

“Exactly, it first pass through observation, hypothesis, experiment…”

Lucas w¡dened his eyes, taking off his hand from the protector. “So you’ve been monitoring me!” he yelled in a away his voice reflected on the walls of the hall thereby producing an echo. The two girls glanced at them from their own corner.

“Yes, but scientifically.” Kelly smiled at his own words.

“Lies, you monitored me spiritually.” Lucas looked around and lowered his voice. “Well, it was really cool. It happens two months ago. I really enjoyed her cut-yard, you know. Mehn she’s the sweetest thing you will ever tasted. Don’t misunderstand me, I love her…”

“Wait.” Kelly also disengaged his hand from the window protector. “Did you just say two months ago?”

“Yeah, my place. My parents weren’t around. Do you have a problem with that?” Lucas gazed at him intensively.

Kelly didn’t reply. He obnoxiously began to think. “If the s€×ual act occurred this long, how come the curse is manifesting now? How am I even sure that Alice’s curse to Mason is the thing manifesting now regarding Eleli’s own story about House of Elves which she has refused to elaborate. Anyways, if the s€× had happened this long, that’s to say, probably, other names on the dairy had s€×ually committed, just remaining for the females to meet their dooms.”

Miss Alagia’s presence into the hall interrupted his thought and everybody. She is a young single lady, flashy and eye-catching. She wore a black skirt, and a white shirt which she tocked in. She was dark in complexion. “Where is Victor?” she asked.

“Lucas turned to Olivia. “Go get your half, young girls before I kick your cut-yard. No, I’m not gonna kick it rather share it with my friend coz there’s love in sharing!”

Olivia disdained him.

“Let me go get him.” Kelly volunteered.

He met Victor in,side his classroom reading a book. The boy looked serious as his mouth soliloquized the contents of the book. Kelly preferred not to distract him immediately rather stood beside him to know what had really taken Victor’s attention. He caughed. “What are you reading, Victor?” He asked him.

The boy exhaled and looked up. “It’s about the Elves. Very interesting!” he replied.

Kelly became amazed. “Elves like house of Elves?” he queried curiously.

Victor stood up. “Yes! How do you know? It’s titled ‘Prophecy’ It’s about the restoration of a princess’ life by the paramours who must journey to the house of Elves to get the ornament of her life restoration. Believe me, house of Elves is equivalent to hell.” He began to walk out with Kelly as he continued. “This is my second time of reading this book.”

“How did it end then?” Kelly was still inquisitive..

Victor stopped and looked at him. “That’s the problem. That’s where the suspense is coz it ended at the prophecy which is to say that the princess is still waiting for her hero to come save her and eventually marries her. It’s a fiction but it looks so real!” he began to walk again.

Though it might be a fiction to Victor but had become a reality to Kelly….
Kelly didn’t wait for school to dismissed. He rushed home, opened his room and banged the door behind him, breathing hastily. He looked at teddy on the bed. “You just have to talk to me now coz I have a glimpse of your second statement.”

Eleli chuckled. “The paramours are you and the next girl whom you’ll be pinned not to move to go save her. If at the end of saving the lives of these girls on the dairy and you don’t ‘go down’ for a particular girl, the dairy will leave you.”

“That means Mason’s priestess was wrong.” Kelly wanted to know.

“No, though it might have been of her power to re-prophesy but wasn’t opportuned to witness the twist of prophecy. Mason is just lucky that Alice’s curse twisted with the prophecy.”

“But why me?”

“”Who’s talking about you?” she asked.

“What then are you talking about?”

“I’m talking about who you are, not you in particular.” Eleli said the same words the strange woman said to Kelly the first day. The boy became obnoxiously devastated…..

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