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Episode 1

Created and written by Madu Shedrack


It is a beautiful morning

A beautiful mansion with some parts made of gold was added to a view

And then getting to the inside, a pretty young girl was shown to be laying on top of the bed having a soft sleep

And a knock was heard from the door making a sound “kpo kpo kpo”

“Pls come in!” The pretty girl said without even opening her eye

The knocker then opens the door and appears to be wearing a white cloth designed with red

Which is what the housemaids in that compound wear, which means it is their uniform

The pretty girl who was laying on the bed then turns and face the maid.

As she then rises up from the bed waiting for the maid’s reply.

“What…?” The pretty girl said to the maid.

“Ummm, princess Diana, your mum made this coffee and ask me to serve it to you,” The maid said to her

“Oh that’s so thoughtful of her, but go and tell my mum that I don’t need this” Diana replied gently and lay back on the bed.

“Ummm, princess… I said this very one is made by your mum”

“How would you want her to react hearing that you rejected what she personally made for you?”The maid said to Diana.

“Go refund it! I don’t need it!” Diana shouted at her

“Sorry, pardon my manners,” the maid said and then went away with the coffee


The kitchen is looking very clean and nice, looking very shiny

the kitchen utensils were well arranged

Diana’s mother which is the Queen was inside the kitchen preparing some foods

She actually asked the maids not to border about any food that is going to be cooked for today.

She was just happy, and besides she is a woman, she just feels like cooking for today.

Besides, that’s how she normally cooks any day it would come to her mind.

So the Queen was in there preparing the breakfast and the maid she sent to serve her daughter Coffee returned back with the cup of coffee

“Fiona why did you return the coffee, or… she just drank it immediately?” the Queen asked with a smile.

“Actually she didn’t drink it” Fiona replied.

“Why or… Is Diana not in her room?” the Queen asked

“She said she doesn’t need it” Fiona replied

“She really said that? okay… Come and look after this foodies let me go and hand it over to her by myself”

“And see if she would also reject it” she replied and then take the coffee from the maid as she heads straight to Diana’s room.


Diana is already awakened, she was no longer feeling sleepy.

She was just with her phone operating it, and she looks like she was so confused looking at the phone.

She heard a knock and then her name also, called by her mother.

“Yes mum, please come in” she approved as she quickly keeps her phone down

Her mum opened the door and came in with the same coffee she rejected

“Diana, why did you reject the coffee I made for you?” Her mum asked

“Mum why give me coffee instead of the money I asked for?”

“You want to make me happy? am fine with it but you should give me what I want first”

“I can get myself coffee but I can’t get myself that money” Diana answered as she frowned her face

“But I told you that I will give you the money today?” Her mother replied with smiles

“Really?, oh I think I should have the coffee now, but I need to brush first!” Diana said with happiness

“But what are you doing with such an amount of money?” Her mum asked.

“Oh, you have got rid of my happiness, I don’t need the coffee anymore,” Diana said as she sat back on her bed.

“No darling, you know you always request for a huge amount of money…….” Her mum is still saying some words.

“Just five hundred thousand?” Diana cut her off words.

“What? You mean…..” Her mum tries to say a word again but Diana still caught her off words.

“That’s fine! if you don’t want to give me that money, then just leave me alone” Diana said looking sad.

“Fine, before you leave the house today, I will transfer the money into your account” Her mum promised her

“Oh thank you mother, you are always the best in the world!” Diana said with happiness as she hugs her mum.

“I think I should bathe right now, am leaving the house now,” Diana said as she is already running into the bathroom with happiness.

“Diana am making something for us to eat, where are you going?”

“That would make you not to take anything before leaving the house?”

“Remember that this is the food your mum is cooking and it was your favorite,” The Queen said to her

“Yeah and you know your food is always the sweetest among all the cooks we have in this house”

“But I need to get to this place so quick… like I was already supposed to be there by now”

“But… Don’t worry mum I will eat it when am back and I will be back very very soon”

Diana promised and then entered the bathroom to take her bath

While her mum left the room with smiles

★Minutes latter★

Diana was shown walking out of the house in a very good dress, she looks classic and more beautiful

And it looks like her mum has already given her the money she is asking for

She entered the car that is matched with her dress, which is the blue one

And then backed up the car door and starts it, while the gate automatically opens and she drives out of the mansion to the highway.

And then increase the speed of the car

As the car was moving she picked up her phone and dialed a number saved with “Fiancee”

It could not even make the sound of a ring, the call has already been picked

“Hello Delis, am coming with the money I promised you”

“Your problems are solved now, don’t worry, nothing will happen to your mum anymore”

“Don’t worry don’t… even say anything because am on my way”

“And I will be arriving very soon,” Diana said as she cut off the call

Then concentrates on her journey by driving the car accordingly



Her blue car droves into the compound and parks at the corner

She opened the car and came out as she was calling her boyfriend

“Babe! Am here…!” She shouted with a gentle voice as she knocks on the door

The door opens and she saw Delis so she jumped up on top of him and hug him as she rounds her leg on his waist

While Delis carried her inside as they were k×ssing deeply

While he was carrying her direct to the bed

So when they got to the bed, he keeps her gently and already joining her when his phone begins to ring

He peaked it and went to the corner to say some certain words and then return

“It… It.. my mother, the sickness is getting worst, the Dr called me now”

“Telling me that…….” He was still raising a complaint but Diana interjected

“Fine, give me your account number, Don’t worry I have your account number on my phone”

Diana said and in a minute Delis received an alert.

“Wow! Thank you so much! You have saved my life” Delis said as he hugs Diana who was sitting on the bed.

“It’s okay, all you need to do now, is to run to the hospital and make a payment so they can start treatment immediately,” Diana said.

“Don’t worry my sister is there, she will pay for it, she will transfer the money to them” Delis replied.

“Ummmm… And how would she know that I have sent you the money”

“And besides did she have access to your account?” Diana asked looking so furious.

“No she has no access to my account, but am transferring the money to her immediately”

Delis said as he press some certain things on her phone.

“I have sent it, but I should also call her” Delis replied as he went aside and make some funny calls again and returned back.

Diana was trying to say something, but he used a k×ss to stop her

As he pushed her to the bed and then pull off her top as he continues k×ssing her

He then pulls off her trouser and removed his own too and slightly remove her underwear.

And began to make love with her.


Diana was shown to be wearing back her clothes and ready to go back home

“Baby let’s have more, am not satisfied” Delis requested.

“No, another day please, I promised my mum that am going to come back home very soon”

“So I will satisfy you as you want it but another day”

She said as she k×ssed him and then came out of the house and entered back to her car

While delis watch him from the window till she drives out

Meanwhile, she have not driven a little bit long when she saw a dress that she love by the roadside.

So she came out of the car and entered the shop in other to get the cloth.

She was still in that shop when a white car drove passes her and stops at the Delis compound.

And a lady came out of it and entered into the house

Diana wondered who the lady is and decided to go back and find out.

Meanwhile, when the lady enters the house, she found Delis naked and smiles at him

“Baby the plan has perfectly worked out,” Delis said to her.

“Like seriously? I told you, don’t worry let me start from where that foolish gal stopped” she said as she steps close to him.

“But you should know that you came too early, what if she notices you?” Delis asked her.

“She didn’t notice me, and don’t forget you will give me my own share of the money?” She said with a smile as she started k×ssing him.

And both of them fell into a deep k×ss.

And the lady climbs on top of him as she started removing her clothes.

“Let’s go in… let’s go inside the room” Delis was whispering to her.

……to be continued…

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