Love episode 11

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💎hærd to find💎

💎New Era💎



Created and written by Madu Shedrack

“Okay continue please,” Rehab said to the nurse.

“Your mum has kidney issues, so she is in a little safe condition now”

“And that’s for a limited time, you can see her now of curse”

“So anything else you want to know”

“Go and talk with the Dr at his office,” the nurse said to them while Rehab was in her worst condition ever.

As she was just staring at the nurse as she stood still.

It was all like a story to her, she doesn’t even know what to reply or say.

She was left in tears, as she turns to stare at Delis.

“Baby…” Delis wanted to call on her but she moved.

Ran into her mother’s ward with speed and then Delis also ran in after her.

When they get in,side they discovered that her mother was lying on top of the bed.

“Mum what was wrong with you, what happened to you?” Rehab asked as she runs close to her mother.

While her mother torches her face all around as she was breathing like someone who is about to die.

“Talk to me mother” Rehab said to her mum.

“It is a long story” Rehab’s mother replied which make Delis to stare at them.

Like Why would she say that it is a long story, instead to explain what really happened to her?

And it was her own daughter that was asking her the question.

That reply from her sounds somehow and Delis was about understanding something fishy.

But his mind still calmed down again when Rehab’s mother started speaking again.

“I couldn’t speak, I mean… I don’t have the power to start that long story”

“I think you should go and meet the Doctor and know what he is talking about” Rehab’s mother finally explains while she couldn’t speak.

And then Delis’s mind calms down immediately as he was only staring at them.

And then Rehab stands up from where she bent just to talk with her mum.

She stand up and walk directly to Delis while she was already shading tears.

“Delis please let’s go see the Dr,” Rehab said to Delis.

“Okay, let’s be quick” Delis responded as they started running to the doctor’s office immediately.

But while they were running away Rehab turned back and looked at her mum.

“Mum we will be back soon, just don’t stress yourself much okay,” Rehab said as her mother nodded.

And then both of them ran to the doctor’s office in other to find out the requirements needed for her mum’s remedy.


Ciri was shown to be relaxing herself under the little cave made by the side of the house.

Well, it was well built but purposely made for Diana’s father to be taking his rest when he is back to home.

Although he often stays there when he was around.

But he has not been around all this while that’s while Ciri, not only Ciri.

But that’s why anyone in the compound can make use of it.

Anyone in,side the compound can take his rest at that place.

But it should be that you have done all your house chores.

Most especially the maids, all their house tasks must be completed.

Before talking of to go and rest in,side that place, although Diana’s mother

And Diana herself has no problem, they are not harsh to their maids.

And that’s the reason why the maids always have the mind to do whatever they like.

So right now Ciri was in,side the cave having a rest without even doing any of her chores.

She was so relaxed like as if she is the owner of the house or simply Diana’s dad.

“Ciri what are you doing here, are you done preparing the food,” a voice said to Ciri.

And Ciri turned back just to discover that it was Fiona which is the mistress of all the maids.

She is highly respected in,side the house because authority is given to her directly from Diana’s mother.

And she controls all the work that is to be done by the maids.

That’s mostly her work and that’s when she came to know why…

Ciri did not cook when she was supposed to cook.

“Ummm nothing” Ciri replied while she was still sitting down.

And she was not supposed to be sitting down while talking with Fiona about this kind of situation.

“Ciri is something wrong with you, are you alright?”

“Am asking you why you refuse to cook and instead of you running in and do your job”

“You are here sitting down while talking back at me,” Fiona said to Ciri with a deadly look on her face.

While Ciri stand up and smiles at her, while the sudden change was all making Fiona mad.

She sees Ciri as someone who has gone nuts or is probably mad.

“You mean… I shouldn’t have replied to you or what? make me understand?”

“You asked me a question and I simply answered you”

“I told you that nothing made me not to cook, so…” Ciri was still explaining but Fiona interrupted.

“That’s not an excuse, what was that supposed to mean?” Fiona asked.

“Okay that’s not an excuse…? okay, am tired of cooking”

“You know I just prepared some snacks for Diana and her friend”

“So am so exhausted right now, I just need to rest” Ciri replied.

“You must be out of your senses Ciri, there is time to rest”

“Which is obviously not now, so kindly get back to the kitchen and get to work,” Fiona said to Ciri.

They were still dragging some words with each other when Diana and Amelia stepped out of the house.

And then they lowered their voice and pretended as if nothing happened.

Although Diana was escorting her friend Amelia to outside.

And she really noticed what was going on between Ciri and Fiona.

But she pretended like she did not see it because she don’t want to waste any time.

She just wants to escort Amelia back home.


Amelia and Diana have passed the gate and were at the front of their entrance.

“Amelia you should go from here, am so tired, I just want to get back in,side”

“And have myself relaxed,” Diana said to Amelia why Amelia was staring at her somehow.

“What…?” Diana asked Amelia with a smile because she is aware that what she said was bad.

“What do you mean what? come on Amelia you know that the day is dark”

“I can’t walk home alone please can’t you drop me at my cottage”

“And you will return immediately please” Amelia pleaded with Diana.

“Come on Amelia am feeling weak, do be serious I can’t follow you home please” Diana replied.

“Like seriously? Princess!? you want me to walk home alone!?

“In this type of lonely street?” Amelia said to Diana.

While both of them chuckled with a heavy laugh just like friends use to be when things appeared like this.

“Come on Amelia the street is protected, nothing will happen to you okay?” Diana said Amelia did like as if she was angered.

She tried to walk away angrily and Diana dragged her back.

“Oh my God! Amelia please, why are you getting mad at me?”

“To be sincere with you I have been running around since today”

“Just as you can see I was busy with someone out there before you called”

“And I have to run back to home quickly,” Diana said to Amelia.

“You are busy with what? why don’t you say it in full”

“You are busy with your lesbian friends, isn’t it?” Amelia responded.

“Whatever, but let’s forget about that, that’s not the issue at hand”

“But can you ride? you can ride, of course, this is the car key…” Diana said as she puts her hand in,side her pocket and bring out the key.

And then handed it over to Amelia while Amelia was just staring at her.

“What…? you want to tell me you do not longer know how to drive?”

“Come on I personally thought you,” Diana said to Amelia.

“So… Princess you finally made up your mind not to escort me?” Amelia said looking sad.

“It wasn’t the way you are taking it, come on, you need to understand me please” Diana responded.

“It is fine!” Amelia said as she collected the key from her.

“So… where is the car?” Amelia asked.

“It is in,side, we are talking about my car of course” Diana responded.

And then they stepped back to in,side and Diana was still noticing…

That the quarrel between Ciri and Fiona has not yet ended.

But just like always, she ignored them and acted like she didn’t see them.

While Amelia used the key handed over to her by Diana to unlock the car.

But before entering the car she hugged Diana one more time.

And Diana k×ssed her on her forehead.

“I will miss you, even though the break is just for a few hours,” Amelia said to Diana.

“I will miss you the most baby” Diana said to Amelia.

And then Amelia gently immigrate to the car and slowly reversed.

The gate opened for her and she drive out while the gate was closing back.

And Diana was waving at her as she was going far till the gate shut down.

And as soon as the gate blocked the vision between her and Amelia.

She turned immediately to stare at Fiona and Ciri.

While Fiona was just so happy that Diana saw them.

Because she was hoping that Diana will punish Ciri for her disobedience.

Or probably sack her and send her packing.

“Wow, Diana is coming, so that you can explain yourself well,” Fiona said to Ciri.

While Ciri laughs at her instead.

“Am no longer at your level please, you gat to respect me from now on”

“Am telling you these because I don’t want you to lose your job”

“Obey…” Ciri was still saying when Diana stepped in.

And then she shut up immediately and started acting so innocent.

“What’s going on here, what’s wrong with both of you?”

“Are you out of your senses? why do you have to be disgracing yourselves in my visitor’s face?” Diana shouted at them.

“Am so sorry, it won’t repeat itself again” Ciri replied with an innocent face.

While Diana stares at Fiona “So tell me what’s going on here?” Diana asked.

“It was Ciri?” Fiona said.

“Yes…? what about Ciri?” Diana asked.

“She has refused to do her job, she was here having a rest…”

“When it is not time to rest, and I was telling her to get back to work”

“But she is even ready to fight with me?” Fiona explained expecting a heavy reaction from Diana.

But Diana did not actually react in the kind of way she was expecting.

Diana only gently turns to Ciri “Come on Ciri what’s wrong?”

“If you know you still have chores left for you, you should go and complete them,” Diana said to Ciri with a low and r0mantic voice.

“I could have continued my job but am very weak and tired”

“The snacks you ate few minutes ago weren’t prepared by your mum”

“Sorry I lied, I followed your mother’s footsteps to prepare that food for you?”

“And right now…?” Ciri was still explaining when Diana interrupted.

“You can’t be serious? Do you mean you made that? come on I doubt that?”

“That food tastes exactly like my mum’s cook” Diana replied with a smile.

“Yeah I have stood with your mum for more than a weak to learn her skills”

“Because I believe that her food is the only food you like” Ciri responded?

“Oh wow that’s very nice of you,” Diana said to Ciri while Ciri nods

“So… That’s why I was tired, and that’s what am trying to explain to Fiona…?” Ciri was still saying.

“Shut the f×¢k up! explain indeed, you…” Fiona was still interrupting her.

“You shut up! how dare you shut anyone up in my present?”

“Go in,side and bring a wine for me and Ciri” Diana yelled at Fiona.

And Fiona ran in,side immediately to get the wine and then Diana faces Ciri once again.

…..To Be Continue…