Love episode 12

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💎hærd to find💎

💎New Era💎



Created and written by Madu Shedrack

“Oh wow that’s very nice of you,” Diana said to Ciri while Ciri nods

“So… That’s why I was tired, and that’s what am trying to explain to Fiona…?” Ciri was still saying.

“Shut the f×¢k up! explain indeed, you…” Fiona was still interrupting her.

“You shut up! how dare you shut anyone up in my present?”

“Go in,side and bring a wine for me and Ciri” Diana yelled at Fiona.

And Fiona ran in,side immediately to get the wine and then Diana faces Ciri once again.

“Please sit down dear,” Diana said to Ciri.

And then Ciri gently sat down pretending to be so naive.

“Umm… Ciri you have done a very nice job, you took your time to learn my type of food”

“You did very well,” Diana said as she sits down beside Ciri.

While Ciri only nods her head without uttering any word.

“Hey you don’t need to be that silent when you are close to me”

“See me as your friend from now on, put the boss aside anytime am with you?” Diana said to Ciri.

“Thank you,” Ciri said to her.

“No you don’t need to thank me, so… do you love wine?” Diana asked.

“Yeah, a little” Ciri answered.

“Oh yeah, just like me, I love it a little also but sometimes I drink it a lot” Diana replied.

And then Fiona ran out of the house with a bottle of wine.

And two cups in,side the carrier, when she reached out she served them properly.

And she did it to Ciri exactly the way she did it to Diana.

Although Diana didn’t understand or found out that they battled with eyes.

Fiona was serving the drink to Ciri but she was never happy about it.

While Ciri was using her eyes to mock and laugh at her.

However, after serving them the drink, she turned to walk away.

“Hold on please?” Diana requested.

“What is that which Ciri was supposed to do again?” Diana asked Fiona.

“She was supposed to be preparing dinner by now”

“And the time is already going, the day is getting dark” Fiona said to Diana.

And was fully expecting Diana to tell Ciri to go and do the work immediately.

Although she was shocked by the response Diana gave her.

“Okay please, I don’t think that she will leave here anytime soon”

“So please go and cook the food before it gets too late?”

“You can cook right? of course, so… go and prepare the meal” Diana ordered Fiona.

While Fiona stares at her and Ciri, although she was staring like she is being so afraid to speak.

“What?” Diana asked Fiona

“But that wasn’t my job, that job is for Ciri” Fiona responded.

“Don’t question my order again please, yeah it is for Ciri”

“I know that it is for her, but I said that you should go and do the job”

“Or can’t you cook? be fast about it, go and make the meals”

“Go right now!” Diana yells at Fiona and Fiona then runs in,side to complete the message she was sent.

And that becomes the moment Ciri wants to become a good person.

She stands up pretending because she knows that Diana won’t let her go.

That’s why she stands up “Please Diana, let me go and do the job”

“I think am done with my rest?” Ciri said to Diana.

“What…? no don’t worry I got you covered, nothing will happen”

“I gave you this free time okay? you have not even taken two sips from your cup?”

“And you want to leave? come on I still have so many things to discuss…”

“With you,” Diana said and then Ciri was hoping that Diana will run directly to request for what she overheard.

Then she will have the chance to create her requests before accepting them.

“Okay if you say so…” Ciri said as she happily sits back.

And then takes her cup and takes a little sip of wine from her cup and then stares directly into Diana’s eyes.

She was trying to use eye contact to make Diana to understand that she is fully in.

But Diana never had it in mind that Ciri is aware of what she had in mind.

So for now, she was never understanding what the stare us all about.

“Umm… Ciri… you look so beautiful?” Diana said to Ciri.

“That’s my mum, a photocopy of her is me” Ciri replied as Diana smiles.

“Oh wow your mum must be very beautiful” Diana replied.

“Yeah, very very beautiful, she is the best in her age group” Ciri replied while Diana nods.

“Umm… so Ciri…?” Diana called her.

“Yes…?” Ciri answered as she was hoping for the real discussion.

All her hope was that Diana is about to release the expected this time around.

Although Diana too was about to say it but she is always held back by something.

Like she doesn’t know what Ciri’s reaction may be, she might get mad at her.

So to know either to get in immediately or to stop.

She has to go indirectly, and then any answer she got from Ciri will tell her to move on or to withdraw.

“Umm… Ciri how do you feel when you are with girls?” Diana asked.

“How do you mean?” Ciri asked trying to pretend like she knows nothing.

While her question almost got Diana hooked.

“Umm I mean… like how do you feel when talking with boys”

“And how you feel when talking with girls, I mean… you understand?” Diana said to Ciri.

While Ciri looked at Diana for a few seconds before saying a word.

“Well I feel free, like girls are so r0mantic when am with them”

“But guys are always boring, I don’t really like being in the midst of boys”

“Unless it was just a few boys and there are girls around also” Ciri explained.

And her explanation gave Diana the full collage to go deeper immediately.

So as she herself was ready because she know that she just motivated Diana.

★Jannie’s Home★

The nice duplex of Jannie was added in a view as a bird flew over the building.

Although Jannie and Luna we’re shown to be sitting at the parlor.

So… it appears that they are done with their club activities.

And then Jannie brought her home to come and clear her off for the plan.

So Jannie was with her phone as she was talking to Luna.

“So… the amount that is to be paid to you is six thousand dollars when the job is done”

“All you have to do is to get to the girl and make her your friend”

“Find a way and have s××, a real s×× with her, make a video of it as evidence”

“Bring the video to us and I personally promise you twenty thousand dollars,” Jannie said to Luna.

“Wow that’s a very huge amount of money, but this is likely to take up to two months,” Luna said.

“Why? I mean why does it have to take up to two months?” Jannie asked.

“Come on girl why are you sounding like it is that easy?”

“Okay… right now I have to meet this girl… make her my friend…”

“And then we have to make a friendsh¡p that she will have to trust me that much?”

“And then the time to convince her for a s×× urge…?”

“Come on that’s more up to four months,” Luna said to Jannie.

“No no no, it wasn’t the way you are taking it okay?”

“This can be done in a day or two… actually I could have done it myself”

“But the person in talk knows me already as her enemy so I can’t,” Jannie said to Luna.

“So… possible can this be done in just a day?” Luna asked and then Jannie gives a dangerous smile.

“It is not that hærd, the only hærd work there is to make her your friend”

“Once she agrees to be your friend then you have no problem”

“You can invite her over for a drink in your house, or hotel”

“Or maybe a hidden place that is not a hotel or your home”

“For me, I suggest a place that is not your home, so…”

“Once she came over, you don’t have to force her into it”

“You don’t even have to discuss about it with her, just make her comfortable”

“Then prepare a drink for her, and there you add a substance to it”

“That after taking it, she will no longer know what she was doing”

“Or maybe she will sleep off, and there you can use her all that you like?”

“Make a video of it and then bring it here as simple as that” Jannie explained.

“Oh my gosh, you are so smart babe,” Luna said to Jannie as she smiles.

“But… But…” Jannie said as Luna brings her ear down once again.

In other to know what Jannie is about to say.

“Please it should be very realistic, so that anyone would believe it”

“And also for your safety, in case she started accusing you of rape”

“Anyone you showed the video would rest on the case”

“In case you used a sleeping peel, make sure that her eyes are not included in the video”

“Make sure that both of you are all naked, on top of the bed?”

“She should be at the top, not you?” Jannie was still explaining but Luna interrupted.

“It is alright babe, you don’t have to worry about this”

“I got it, and I promise that I will do a perfect job for you”

“As far as the payment will be completed when the job is done?” Luna said to Jannie.

“Yeah, in fact…” Jannie said as she opened her handbag

Which she was keeping on top of the nearest little drawer beside her.

“Here is an advance of ten thousand dollars, when the job is done I will pay you off?” Jannie said to Luna.

“Oh my gosh! consider this job done!” Luna said as she collects the money.

And put it in,side her bag which was already fed up with some other money.

“So… am I allowed to know what this girl has done to you?”

“And mostly who is this girl you are talking about?” Luna asked.

“Sorry… pardon me for not showing you the pic before the discussion,” Jannie said as she unlocks her phone.

And then views the picture of the girl in question to Luna.

“Oh my God! is this the girl you are talking about?” Luna reacted.

“Yeah…? do you know her?” Jannie asked.

“Yeah I do” Luna answered.

“So… does that mean that it will be too hærd for you to accomplish?”

“Or maybe that it is no longer possible,” Jannie asked.

“No, I mean that it is more easier right now to get her”

“I know the girl very much but am sure that she doesn’t know about my existence” Luna replied.

“Wow that’s good, so… I will be expecting a good news from you”

“You are really the perfect person for this role,” Jannie said to Luna.

“Yeah I am, but what happened? I mean what has she done?”

“Am I free to know about that?” Luna asked again.

“Yes of course you are free to know about it, this girl is really bothering me”

“She is the one that has been deceiving my girlfriend,” Jannie said.

“Deceiving your girlfriend from what?” Luna asked.

“From loving me, because my girlfriend is her best friend”

“She is always trying to stop her from jumping into a lesbian act”

“So all I want is to get my girlfriend closer to the act” Jannie explained.

“Oh wow, so how is this going to help you do that?” Luna asked.

“That… comes out of your business, just do what I asked you to do?”

“How I would do it belong to me and no one, okay?” Jannie said to Luna.

“Okay, but… do you actually get feelings for women?” Luna asked.

“Yeah I love my follow girls a lot, do you?” Jannie asked.

“Yeah, I feel for the opposite gender” Luna replied.

“Like seriously?” Jannie asked as she steps close to her and both of them start k×ssing each other till they fell on top of the bed.

….To Be Continue…