Love episode 13

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💎hærd to find💎

💎New Era💎



Created and written by Madu Shedrack


“Okay, but… do you actually get feelings for women?” Luna asked.

“Yeah I love my follow girls a lot, do you?” Jannie asked.

“Yeah, I feel for the both gender” Luna replied.

“Like seriously?” Jannie asked as she steps close to her and both of them start k×ssing each other till they fell on top of the bed.

And Jannie quickly removed Luna’s shirt, she just can’t wait.

To eat Luna’s v-rginia, it has been a long she thirsted it.

So as soon as she pulls off Luna’s clothes she removes her pant also.

And then ins××ts her mouth into her v-rginia and starts s×¢king it.

While Luna was m0×ning, she keep on eating it like a hungry lion.

After some seconds of s×¢king she then bright her mouth forward.

And both of them started k×ssing each other and so Luna got the chance to be at the top too.

She pulled off Jennie’s wears also and started s×¢king her too.

Well, it was just a quick s××, so they were done in not less than 10 minutes.

And then Luna felt so tired as she lay down on top of the bed.

And then bring her hand closer in other for her to check the time with her wristwatch.

And the time was saying 7:00, no minute or seconds was added to it.

“Oh f×¢k am late, am late,” Luna said as she stands up from the bed.

And wear back her clothes and then prepared herself to look good again.

Just like as she was looking before Nixon left her.

“Although she was doing all this for Nixon not to suspect anything about her.

So after she was done wearing her outfit she picked up her handbag.

“Alright see you when the job is done,” Luna said as she started walking out.

“Goodbye,” Jannie said to Luna while she was still lying on the bed looking so tired.

★Diana’s Home★

Diana was still discussing with her loved one under the shelter.

Besides Diana is still yet to reveal the secret to Ciri.

Why Ciri was still hoping for it, although it appears that Ciri is the one stylishly pushing her on to say it.

Because Diana always loses her conscience whenever she tries to say it.

But she will use another thing to cover it up, until this time.

“Umm Ciri, I would like to tell you something, please promise to keep it safe?”

“Okay? do you promise?” Diana asked as Ciri nodded.

“Please trust me more than you expect, any secret from you…”

“Will be safe with me, you can tell me whatever it is” Ciri said to Diana.

“Okay… that’s very nice of you… um mm… I… I think you should meet me later let’s talk about it” Diana said.

“Sorry… but you know that we the maids are always busy”

“So there may not be time for it,” Ciri said to Diana.

“But there is always time with my order… remember…”

“My order gave you this time you are using, you know it not free,” Diana said as she was smiling.

“Yeah I know but can we please make use of the one you have already created”

“I mean what’s it that is bothering you, my princess…?”

“You can tell me whatever it is, I will never let anyone know about it”

“And I will accept whatever it is, as far as it will make you happy,” Ciri said to Diana.

“You will accept?” Diana asked with a smile and was so encouraged by that word.

“Yeah I will, but what’s it?” Ciri asked.

While Diana tried to let it out again, but still she cannot.

Then she has to divert to another thing and used it to cover up.

“Umm just wanted to tell you to also prepare the same meal you made tonight”

“Just prepare it, don’t take it to the Dining room when it is done”

“Bring it to my room, maybe there I will explain,” Diana said as she walks away immediately.

She didn’t wait to receive any reply from Ciri.

“Hmm just say it, why are you stubborn to let it out!”

“Keep postponing my new position, just give me the power already..!”

“Let me control over other maids including Fiona, I will be highly respected by them”

“Just a matter of time, well am still happy with the decision Diana made.

“So she said I should come to her room to serve her food”

“It is really going to be a delicious food which I will be glad to eat too”

“She doesn’t only want to tell me but also wants a practice of it immediately”

“Well that’s good for someone like me” Ciri was battling with her mind all this while.

She was standing up holding an iron rod which was used to make the cave.

However, as soon as she was done with her thinking

She takes another cup of wine and sat back in her chair gently.

★At The Hospital★

Delis and Rehab we’re shown to be sitting at the doctor’s office.

They were waiting for the doctor silently, they are not even talking to each other.

Because the condition at hand is far more bigger than them.

And Rehab’s mum what everything to her, she doesn’t have anything else in life apart from her and Delis of course.

Besides they were waiting for the Doctor at his office.

The Doctor wasn’t around because there are other patients who he need to attend to quickly.

Although it wasn’t up to five minutes when the Doctor stepped in.

“Okay… how may I help you gentle man and gentle lady,” The doctor said as he walks to his sitting position and sat down.

“Am here to discuss about my mother’s case”

“I mean Miss Walters,” Rehab said to the Doctor.

“Oh, your mum has a kidney issue,” The Doctor said to her.

While Rehab was staring at the Doctor with her mouth widely opened.

She didn’t know how to respond to the Doctor, she looks so frustrated.

“Why would my mum has a kidney issue, what happened to her” Rehab said to the Doctor.

“It was caused by high blood pressure” the Doctor answered.

“But why is her blood pressure high? it wasn’t supposed to be high”

“She is fine and healthy… she never complained of anything” Rehab responded to the doctor.

“Well, that’s not my problem, my problem is to take care of patients” the doctor responded.

While Rehab was only shading unstoppable tears all around her face.

And then Delis cleans up her tears “Rehab it is okay?”

“Everything is going to be alright okay…? your tears won’t change anything”

“Please do me a favor and stop crying please,” Delis said as Rehab nods.

“So Doctor please what are we to do about her condition”

“That is the first thing that brought us here,” Delis said to the Doctor.

“Okay you will need to buy a Kidney in other to replace hers”

“And in case you don’t want us to help you look out for kidney”

“You can equally provide someone that will donate for her”

“And then you will have to pay for only her remedy”

“And the place she is staying, which is 50 thousand dollars” the doctor explained to them.

“Okay if you are to plus the kidney, how much is it going to be?” Delis asked.

“That will be 500 thousand dollars” the doctor responded.

“Wat! you can’t be serious” Rehab exclaimed under pressure.

“Yeah, 450 thousand dollars for kidney, and 50 thousand to clear off her bills”

“Just like I said, that’s for both her room and her remedies”

“You can go now, I have other people to attend to,” The Doctor said.

And of course, Rehab and Delis have no other thing to say or do.

All they did is to gently get up from their sits and walk out of the office.


Her mum was still laying on top of the bed when the door of the apartment opened.

And then Rehab and Delis walked in.

“Rehab what did the Doctor say?” Rehab’s mother asked.

“It is okay mum, you don’t have to bother yourself about anything”

“It is my duty to protect you, don’t bother about your condition”

“It is going to be okay very soon, alright, I should call Xena”

“Let me beg her and see if she can come and stay with you”

“So that I can go out with Delis so that both of us can look for what we need to cure you”

Rehab said as she picks up her phone and dial a number.

“Hello Xena, please am in the hospital right now, and I need your help”

“No, it was my mum that is sick not me”

“All I want you to do for me is to come and stay with her at the hospital”

“So that I can go look for money to cure her, please do you have a chance”

“… Forget about that, we will discuss that, can you come over?”

“Am at Ealing Hospital, yeah”

“Alright be quick please,” Rehab said as she cuts off the car.

Although Rehab was pretending to be okay in other to give her mother more confidence.

That’s why she has to clean her eyes and arrange her voice before entering back to her ward.

And that’s also the reason why she couldn’t tell her friend which she called on the phone about her mum’s condition so that her mum won’t be able to hear her.

Because she doesn’t need anything that would frighten her mother again.

However, it wasn’t up to 5mins Rehab’s phone rang again.

She picked it up “Hello are you here, you are outside?”

“Alright come into ward 102, you here? just come in already” Diana said as she cut off the call.

And then the door of the apartment opened and Xena stepped into the ward.

And ran forward to Rehab and they hug each other.

“I have missed you Rehab what really happened?” Xena asked.

“It is a long story please can you stay here till tomorrow please?” Rehab asked.

“What…? no I can’t, why can’t you stay then in the morning I will come over” Xena responded.

“Please Xena…. come here,” Rehab said as she drags Xena out of the ward and closed the door.

So that her mother won’t be able to hear what they are saying.

“Xena my mum has a kidney failure,” Rehab said to Xena.

“What!” Xena reacted out of pressure.

“Yeah, and right now we need five hundred thousand dollars to cure her,” Rehab said.

“What…? five hundred thousand dollars!? and where would you get such an amount of money from?” Xena asked.

“That’s why I said you should stay here tonight, cause I won’t rest this night”

“I have to be running around the whole city looking for help” Rehab replied.

“Okay there is no problem, I will take good care of your mum”

“Go and look for the money, when you are back I will also support you with what I have” Xena responded.

“I know… I know you will help a little… thank you so much, Xena,” Rehab said as she hugs her.

“Come on you have not yet found the full money, so don’t thank me yet”

“Just go, go now pleased,” Xena said and both of them entered back into the ward.

Then Delis and Rehab was the next person that walked out of the ward.

As they started walking away, they were also discussing about the issue.

“Delis…?” Rehab called on Delis.

“Yeah..?” Delis answered.

“Ummm… I… how much was left out of your money?” Rehab asked.

“500 thousand was left, and it was all because of you”

“You unstoppably spent everything we have to fashion,” Delis said to Rehab.

“Oh thank God, and it was God that told me not to request for more again”

“If you have 500 thousand left with you, that means we have no problem right?” Rehab asked.

“Yeah we have no problem, all we gat to do right now is to go home”

“Eat something, and then come back the next morning for the treatment” Delis responded.

“Oh thank you so much!” Rehab said as she hugs Delis.

“It’s okay, let’s go home” Delis responded.

★Delis At Home★

Although they are still on their way home in,side the car.

They are driving home at speed, and they have gotten to a place where they can now sight the Delis building.

But instead, they saw a fire burning at that position.

any part of the house was not seen only fire was burning at that exact position of the house.

Rehab was the first person that noticed it.

“Delis why was a fire burning beside your house?” Rehab asked.

And then Delis sighted forward and saw that his house is on fire!

“You can’t be serious! that’s my house burning on fire!” Delis shouted.

…..To Be Continue…