Love episode 2 – 3


💎Hard to find💎

Season 1

Episode 2

Created and written by MADU SHADRACH


Diana was still starring at that car that stopped in Delis compound and it looks suspicious to her

Like she has seen a such car before but she can’t point out the exact place she met that car before.

Besides she was trying to pretend like she didn’t say it but she can’t because of the lady that steps out of the car and walked inside Delis’s house.

“Oh my gosh am just so confused here, could that be his sister?”

“Or….? I should just go and check who she could be?”

“I don’t think that she is any member of his family,” Diana thinks because she is trying to sort herself out without making any mistakes.

“I think this would be his sister because he told me that his sis is with his mum, maybe she is back” Diana continues thinking

“But if that is his sister, why then did she not return with the mother”

“Maybe she came back to look for help, so I may give a help”

“I just think that I have to go in there right now to find out who she might be”

“And perhaps I have seen this exact car before but am not just sure of that”

“I just hope am making the right decision, but… am going in there” Diana concluded

So she started Walking close to the house with gentleness and selflessness.


Meanwhile, Delis and his true girlfriend were enjoying their selves on the bed

The girlfriend was m0×ning loudly that anyone who mistakenly infiltrate the house could hear her

They were still on that bed having s×× when Diana entered but they still haven’t noticed her

“What’s that sound?” Diana asked herself as she was hearing the m0×n

“Oh, God! Delis tell me it is not true” Diana said as she hastily run to the bedroom

But as she was running to the bedroom she mistakenly kicked the chair

And her toe was badly injured but she didn’t mind.

So she quickly ran to the door and opened the door with force.

The eye of Delis and his girlfriend flashed immediately like that of a flashlight, their eye met Diana standing at the door

They were so shocked that they can’t even shake or react in any way

Delis was only starring directly into Diana’s eye

“How long has he been doing this to me?” Diana said in her heart

And Diana is a soft hearted person, her heart doesn’t need something ridiculous, she thought Delis is a safe person for her.

At this moment her heart is already down, and tears may shower up if she tries to say many words

So she stands inert, she wouldn’t want to stress herself uttering any word to them

She was only starring at both of them

Delis’s Girlfriend slowly came down on top of Delis and wore her pants back

“Ummm, please dear, it… It’s not what you think” Delis’s girlfriend said to Diana

“Am I the one you are speaking to?” Diana leisurely replied

While Delis gal nods

“What’s your name?” Diana asked

“Am Rehab” Rehab replied to Diana

“Okay, Rehab, so it’s not what I think, Do you know what am thinking?”

“I was thinking that you were teaching him to be a soldier! On top of the bed”

“I hope it is exactly what am thinking about? since you want to tell me what am seeing?” Diana replied to Rehab

“Babe? You are injured, what happened to your toe?, please am very sorry about that okay” Rehab said

As she tries going close to her out of pity

“Don’t come close to me! don’t ever try to near me!”

“Well thank you am well okay, thank you for caring about me”

“Thank you for sleeping with my man! I promise I will have to be your friend no matter what”

“Even if you always try to hurt me several times but you really gat me this time around,” Diana said as her eyes is already bawling.

“And look at you Delis, after saving your life, aren’t you the one that told me that…”

“Rehab here is your sister? so you are sleeping with your sister” Diana referred to Delis with a weeping eye.

“I peaked you from dirty Delis, you forgot how you are before I met you?”

“You live in a very dirty place, I pay the rent of this house you are living,” Diana said.

“But you always lie for me! You cheat on me?, it is fine I don’t want anything else from you”

“All I need from you now is the five hundred thousand I sent to you minutes ago,” Diana said to Delis as she managed to hold herself.

“Fine, let me have your account number” Delis boldly replied.

“What? Delis…? that all you have to say?” Diana said to him as she was so degraded by that word.

“I don’t understand. What else do you want me to say?” Delis replied as he gives a mockery smile.

“Delis you? you are like this? so this is the real you? I never knew that you are a bloodsucker!”

“But I swear to you, you will pay for this, you must surely pay for what you have done to me”

“You will never go scot-free,” Diana said to him with a quavering voice.

“Um, Diana it… It’s okay, please stop crying, am so sorry!” Rehab said to Diana and tries to hold her.

“Don’t touch me you bitch!” Diana yelled at her.

And Rehab realized that she is very angry at this moment like never before because she have never been seen yelling at someone before.

“Can you please give me your account details so I can send your money back to you!” Delis arrogantly replied.

“You will regret ever knowing me I promise you that, you really think you can use me and dump me,” Diana said as she walks out of them with anger

Rehab was waiting till Diana left the house for both of them

“Delis why did you react in that manner to her?” Rehab asked out of pity for Diana

“And you are trying to be a nice person huh?” Delis asked

“I didn’t mean so, but you should have at least put her on a low-key” Rehab complains

“So you wouldn’t want to hurt her? But you planned evil against her?” Delis asked

“I never knew she is the one you have the set-up on” Rehab answered

“Like seriously? But you met her here” Delis said as he was confused

“Yeah I saw her here but how am I supposed to know that she is the one you have plans for” Rehab replied

“That girl has been so good to me, she is my old school friend but I don’t really know why I don’t like her” Rehab added

“Common it, okay babe, all we need now is to enjoy our money”

“We have collected enough from her, so let’s enjoy,” Delis said as he walks close to Rehab and k×ss her on her forehead.

“I think you are absolutely right! So how do we start?” Rehab asked.

“Relocation!, we have to leave this house she rented for us, let’s find somewhere better” Delis implied

“And I think that should be an amazing hotel” Rehab said.


Meanwhile, Diana was shivering in tears while driving home

As her mind was flashing back, remembering what Delis said to her

And tears were rushing down from her eye

due to the uncomfortablility, she is at that moment she mistakenly kicked her hallux toe on the body of the car, which is the one she has an injury on.

“Aah oh My gosh! What’s all this Almighty” she shouted as she tilted down holding her legs not knowing a car is coming right in front of her with a high-speed


💎Hard to find💎

💎New Era💎

Episode 3


Created and written by Madu Shadrach

Diana was regardless holding her legs as she was still in so much pain.

She was flapping her head from side to side and her marbles keep reflecting on what recently happened between her and Delis

Meanwhile, the car arriving close to hers has been beeping loudly but it appears like her ear is blocked.

The cars are already smashing into each other when she slowly brings up her head.

And she was not seen her way clearly because tears have already suppressed her eye.

Not up to a second her eyes get cleared up and she saw the car was already too close to hers.

“Oh my God!” Diana screamed because it is already too late to reverse.

Although she fasten the steering, tried to prevent a crash between the two cars.

which made her smash into the gutter and it made a hefty noise as the car was shown to be scraped all over its surface.

The reflectors of the car were all having a clack on them.

Everything was imposed in slow motion, as the car that was supposed to crash with her moved front a little bit and a cute young man ran out of it.

And ran to open the already clashed car, Diana is already bleeding out of her nose.

He carried her into his car and then pick up her phone and with her hand pouch

“Please stay with me! You are going to be okay” the young chap said to her.

And then starts the car, then moves out with force taking her direct to the nearest infirmary.


The large hospital was added in a view, showing the whole broad skyscraper of its beauty.

The beautiful flowers were smiling over the sun.

And the glass of the building was all glinting through the daylight radiates.

Many nurses were diverting from one place to another.

Some with manuscripts in their hands while some were shown to be in a hurry.

Then a broad entrance was set in view as it opens slowly then a car rushed into the compound and quickly moves directly to the car park and instantly halts the car.

The barriers of the car opened and then the young chap stepped out of the car.

“Someone please help!” He shouted as some of the Nurse over there ran to him and assist him in transmitting Diana inside for remedy.

Meanwhile, as they were moving her inside the young chap kept going after them as he was already gasping heavily.

Till get to a place where they are to put Diana in her ward, the boy tries to walk into the ward with them.

“Please gentleman, you amass to wait for us here please” one of the Nurse decreed with a sluggish voice.

“Okay!” The young man managed to utter as his eye is already swerving to red

While the nurse gets back into the ward to join others in therapy.

The young chap keeps walking around as he was flushing his hair backward, he was not in any way comfortable.

“Sir, can you please relax and mellow yourself down?”

“Everything is going to be alright” a lady sitting by his side whispered to him.

“Don’t bother about me, Am okay like this just let me…” He replied with a fluffy voice.

“Alright, it’s okay” the lady replied.

While he continues walking around that place

He was waiting for decent news that Diana is okay basically for up to 1hr now.

But yet he still didn’t bother to find somewhere to sit and rest a little bit.

He keeps standing for more moments when the entrance of the ward was unlocked and a nurse walks out of it.

“Your colleague is okay, you can see her now” the nurse notified him.

“Thank you!” He replied to her with an appreciation face replenished with smiles and then bypassed her walking into the ward.

“Excuse me?” The Nurse altered to him again.

“Yes?” He answered.

“Is that your girlfriend or your sibling?” She asked him.

“Maybe sibling” He promptly answered with a smile.

Without even waiting for a reply from her he skipped her and walk in.

And then saw Diana with tears in her eye and he quickly rushed to her.

“Hey hey, it’s okay, did they mistreat you? come on it is okay”

“It is all going to be alright” He whispered to Diana.

“You redeemed my life, thank you so abundant, I appreciate that” Diana replied to him.

“Come on it is all my fort, I was supposed to hold back for you to drive over, and am sorry about that” he apologizes.

“Not your fort at all, it’s mine! I was so foolish and ashamed of myself right now” Diana whispered as tears embark to flush out of her eye.

“Common it’s okay, Why are you weeping about how the disaster that happened?”

“Or the damage it caused to you? you should be cheerful that you are alive” he responded to Diana as he cleans up her tears with his hand.

“Am not weeping for the accident, but am weeping for my weak life” Diana replied to him.

“What do you mean?” He implored because he is just so confused about what Diana is saying.

“He… After all, I have done for him, I made him rich but he dumped me for another girl” Diana managed to let out.

“You mean your partner right?” He asked.

“Yes! I never knew he is a gold digger!” Diana replied with a cracking voice.

“Am truly sorry about that, you have to be careful from now on”

“Failure is the opportunity to begin more intelligently”

“You have to be sure about any guy you are dealing with?” He said to her

“You are really a delightful soul, thank you so much” Diana replied

“Oh thank you, but it’s okay, stop weeping again okay?” He said as he clean up her tears also

“Ummm, so what’s your name, do you have a name?” The young chap asked.

“Incredible? Do I have a name? Okay, no I don’t bear any name” Diana replied as both of them smiled.

“Come on tell me your name, I made a mistake by adding that to your question,” he said to her.

“Alright am Diana” Diana eventually spoke out

“Wow, that’s a cool phrase, I love it and I will give it to my first child” Nixon responded back with a fluffy smile

“Like seriously? You don’t mean it so what’s your own name?” Diana asked.

“Am Nixon” Nixon replied.

“That’s a cool name, alright… Umm, where is my phone, please my phone is in that car I…” Diana still saying words

“Your phone is right here with me, wait a minute” Nixon replied as he ran outdoors to pick up her pouch

While Diana was waiting for him…..

After some moments spent outside, Nixon still came in without the hand pouch.

“Where is it?” Diana asked

“Please, believe me, I kept it out there, just that am not comfortable enough to remember It”

“So it wasn’t there now, but I will still track the phone,” Nixon said with his two hands crumpled.

“It’s okay Nixon, don’t bother about that, since the phone is not vacant”

“I believe you will have to take me to my residence please”

“I was supposed to call my parents with that phone”

“So they would have to come and pick me up” Diana replied with a passive voice.

“Okay, I will take you to your residence, but you… if you don’t mind…”

“You can make a benefit of my phone to get to your parents?” Nixon requested.

“You know it’s a new number so I don’t remember it off head please” Diana insisted.

“Alright let’s go, but wait for a jiffy” Nixon replied and left the department.

After some minutes he came in “okay can we depart now?” Nixon requested

“Where did you go to?” Diana asked.

“I went to pay for your bills, but please the Dr ordered that you are involved in a serious disaster so it is not yet time for you to go home” Nixon answered.

“Seriously, you did…? About the Doctor’s affidavits, don’t fret I have a private Dr at home” Diana asserted.

“Alright hold me well,” Nixon said as Diana grabbed him and he takes her gently to his automobile

“You know the way, right?” Nixon asked with a smirk

“Yes, from this duration, I mean straight from here” Diana responded while nodding her heads

“Okay!” Nixon said as he started the car and slowly reversed and face the gateway, and therefore boom! He moved


A large elegant mansion was added to the view, the mansion proves that Diana is from a rich family.

The flowers were beautified, and the surface reflects sun rays, but the day is already getting dark.

So the surface is now reflecting the lights on the walls of the house.

And some lanterns are still flickering out of the surface.

The mansion was just like a paradise, therefore a car was shown as it drives in and halts outside the entrance.

“f×¢k I lost my remote!” Diana’s voice was heard out of the car before they were added into a view.

“Wow!, you live here?” Nixon implored.

“Yeah, this is my home you like it?” Diana asked.

“No, I don’t like it, but I love it instead!” Nixon cheers with chuckles.

“Alright beep, so they can open the gate” Diana replied.

Beep! Beep! Beep! The tone of the car sounded.

While the gateman came out from the other side “who is that?” He asked.

“It’s me Diana, open the f×¢king gate!” Diana shouted.

And immediately the gate unlocks without anyone pushing it, while Nixon drives in.

When they get in, her mum who is already waiting for her to come home was already at the entrance waiting for them.

“Please help me! She has an accident” was the first voice her mum heard and then she rapidly ran to help Nixon carry Diana out gently.

As they deliberately take her to the parlor “please what happened to her?” Mum asked as she was breathing heavily.

“She was involved in a serious accident with me! But I quickly rushed her to the hospital, ……..” Nixon still saying some words.

“And you should be thankful to him, even though am the cause of the casualty…”

“He still did not hesitate to take me to the hospital”

“In the process of rushing me to the hospital, he lost his money… ”

“The Five hundred thousand in his car on that he still pays my clinic bills of two hundred thousand” Diana interjected.

“Oh thank you my darling, you have really done a good job for me and my family”

“Thank you so much, you merit a prize, give me your account number” Mum requested as Nixon quickly provides his account details.

“Wow, I can’t believe this! It one million, it a million!”

“Thank you so much, Diana, thank you, mama”

“Am very grateful about this” Nixon joyfully screamed

“You deserve more dear” Diana retorted with smiles

“Please I need to go now” Nixon asserted to them

“Why not stay for dinner?” Diana requested

“No no no, please am already running delayed to home”

“People are waiting for me so I have to go now, maybe another time” Nixon promised

Diana was about to utter something but she was quickly cut shot by her mum.

“You can go my dear” Mum approved and Nixon ran out.

“Diana are you hungry? Should I get some food for you?” Mum asked “yes” Diana replied immediately

Meanwhile, Nixon was placed in a view as he infiltrated his car and drove off


The wonderful duplex was put in a view as Nixon’s car arrives and halts in front of it.

Nixon came out of it “f×¢k, today is so lucky, I expended hundred in her bills and then got one million” Nixon asserted to himself with happiness and then step inside the house joyfully.

“Honey!” Nixon was calling on someone’s name and he saw Diana’s handbag inside his compartment, he was so horrified about that.

And then a lady came out of the compartment folding her hands

“Babe? Who is the owner of that pouch?” Nixon asked.

“Isn’t it for that girl you are cheating on me with?” Babe said to him

“Come on! I was only saving her life, wait did you steal it?” Nixon asked

“Of curse I did!” She said and then carry the handbag and walk inside

…..To be Continued…

Diana just dey spend her papa money😶😶😶😶😶😶

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