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💎hærd to find💎

💎New Era💎



Created and written by Madu Shedrack

★Amelia’s Home★

The full building was added in a view as it looks so silent.

Only the sounds of the birds that peep at night were sounding.

So as the lights of the house were shining so bright.

And then Amelia was added in a view and she was shown to be laying on top of the chair in the parlor.

And was having an abnormal sleep, and that’s to show that Luna really got her trapped.

Within a minute Luna step out of the dining after enjoying the food Amelia prepared for her.

“Oh wow, here she is, you think you are smart, am smarter there,” Amelia said with a very low voice.

She then carried Amelia up and crossed her hand over her neck.

“Which way is the way to her room, come on I must not stay in her room”

“I should just take her into any room, so which way should I head?”

“Right or left? I think I should head right not left” Luna concluded.

And then took Amelia to the room that was at the left.

Besides when she get to the room she opened the door of the room and stepped in.

“Wow this place looks so beautiful,” She said to herself.

And then she kindly take Amelia to bed and went back and lock the door.

After locking the door she came back and started pulling off Amelia’s clothes.

After pulling off her clothes Amelia was left with underwears only.

But Luna did not end there, she went on and pull off her undies.

And left her nude, and at the same time, she pull off her clothes and left herself nude also.

She then picks up her phone and turns on the video.

And also timed it when to start and when to stip.

And she actually times it to start in 10 secs, so she quickly climbed on top of Amelia and started k×ssing her.

While the phone started recording everything that was happening.

★Earlier Next morning★


Delis was still sleeping like someone who has worked for over a year without rest.

Although it is not up to a minute and he worked up and discovered that the day has broken.

So he stood up and yawned as he stretched his bone.

And then he heard a noise in the house, she listened well.

And then he started hearing the discussion of the people that came into the house.

“I think someone entered this house daddy” A little child’s voice sounded.

“Why did you say so sweetheart” the Dad replied.

“Because someone ate the biscuit and juice that you specially bought for me yesterday”

“And I kept it so that I can eat it this morning, but now I can’t find it again”

“Instead of founding it, I found the paper instead, daddy did you eat it?” the little boy’s voice responded to his dad.

And then Delis realized that the owners of the house is here.

So he wouldn’t want to hear their discussion again.

But instead of that, he started looking for a way to escape.

But as it appears there is no way to escape apart from using the Window.

And what choice does he have? he has absolutely no choice.

So he quickly climbed on top of the window and jumped out of the house.

And as soon as he landed on the ground he started running away.

But when he has gone a little bit far away, he discovered that he left his…

Cloth which contains his money at that house, he quickly turned around.

And ran back to the house, and when he got to stare out of the window.

He saw the little cute boy with his shirt, although the dad was not in,side that room.

The boy was busy staring at the shirt because he know that his dad doesn’t use to wear such cloth.

And then he heard a whisper coming from the window side.

“Hey! Little cute boy” The whisper sounded in his ear.

And then he stares directly at the window and saw a guy he don’t know and he was only staring at Delis.

“Hey, where is your dad?” Delis asked and the little boy pointed in,side for him.

Which means that his father is in,side another room.

“Okay, please can you give me that cloth in your hand”

“The cloth in your hand is mine not for your dad” Delis whispered to him.

And then the boy stares at him and stares at the cloth too.

And then step closer to the window and hand over the cloth to him.

“Thank you so much dear, here,” Delis said as he put his hand in,side the pocket of the cloth.

And bring out some dollar notes and hand them over to the boy.

“Use it and buy more than one biscuit okay?” Delis said to the boy.

And the little boy nods as he collected the money and then Delis ran away.

So that he won’t get caught by the boy’s father, so while going on his way.

He saw a vacant room to rent and he entered in,side the building.

He spoke with the owner of the house the necessary things were done within 20mins.

He rented the room immediately without a waste of time.

Then he also went to the market and bought some house equipment that he needed.

After everything, he was left with two thousand dollars.

He used it all to buy foodstuffs and after that, he was so hungry.

He just prepares food from the foodstuffs that he bought.

And then he ate and regained his strength, then he went outside the house.

There was a molded chair in the garden of the house.

He entered there and started thinking of what to do next.

Many things started running through his brain, it is true that he has foodstuffs for now.

But what if the food gets finished what will happen then?

After all the discussion, he can now point out that what he needs now is a job.

He needs any kind of job that would be bringing an income to him.

So he was still there thinking of what to do and where to get a job when someone talked to him.

“Hi bro” The voice sounded and he quickly turned and looked at his side.

In other for him to know the person that has the voice.

And then he saw a handsome young man of his age standing alongside him.

“Hey?” Delis said in a low voice because he don’t know the guy.

And he said that in a way that looks like a question.

“Alright… am Liam, am your next door neighbor…” the guy said as he brought his hand forward for a handshake.

“Am Delis, nice meeting you” Delis replied as he brings his hand forward too.

And then both of them shook each other “So… you are new in this compound”

“You are the new guy right?” Liam asked.

“Yes am the new guy, I just packed in today” Delis responded.

“Well you are welcome, am happy that I now have a guy like you at this compound,” Liam said to him.

“How do you mean? there are no other young guys at this compound except us?” Delis asked.

“Yeah, we have ladies, fathers, and mothers, that’s what we have here” Liam replied.

While Delis smiled instead “so you were never happy about that?” Delis asked.

“Yeah, or am I supposed to be?” Liam answered as he smiled too.

“Besides what are you doing out here alone, you didn’t go to work?” Liam asked.

“Am actually new here you know, so I am looking for work that is close to this place”

“So that I will start working close to home, without wasting…”

“Too much on transports, so… what about you?” Delis asked.

“Me…? actually I work, but today is a free day for us, but I still went to work”

“Because I don’t have anyone to cope with and I don’t want to be home alone” Liam responded.

“Oh wow that’s very nice of you” Delis replied.

“Yeah but if you don’t mind, I don’t know if you can do the kind of job I do”

“Because they are actually looking for a worker now so that I can take you there

“And you will apply for it?” Liam said to Delis and it sound like a bell in his ear.

But wanted to react with joyfulness but he said know.

He should just apply some dignity to himself so he holds back.

“So what kind of job is this that you are talking about?” Delis asked.

“It is a waiter’s job, your job is to serve food to the customers”

“And at the end, you will get paid,” Liam said and Delis caught that word from him immediately.

“You mean Daily?” Delis asked.

“No, your salary is paid to you monthly” Liam answered.

“Okay, that’s not that good, but it’s actually a good pay after all” Delis replied.

“Yeah, although payments gets increased based on the way you carry out your job very well”

“So are you interested?” Liam asked.

“Yes I am, can we go now…?” Delis asked.

“Yes of course, if you wish to” Liam answered.

And Delis was about to consider leaving it took tomorrow.

But he thought of what if someone come and take the vacant.

So there is no need to wait he had to go there now and apply for the job.

After all, Almighty has finally answered his prayer, it is time to live a simple life.

“Okay let’s go,” Delis said as he gets up from his seat”

And then both of them walk away and head straight to the hotel.

★At The Hotel★

When they get to the hotel, Delis discovered that the hostel is not that far from their house.

It is something that he can use leg to trek If he wants.

He also discovered that the hotel is not that big, it was just a roadside hotel.

But actually a classic roadside hotel, it wasn’t that too local.

It is a classic hotel because it has its own building.

So Delis looked at the top of the building and the name of the hotel was written there.

“Mrs. Jen Hotel” Delis read the name aloud and the way Liam would hear him.

“Yes, that’s the name of the hotel, let’s go in please” Liam requested.

And they stepped into the hostel and meet up with the owner.

The owner was a lady, a married lady but not yet with a child.

Maybe she is in her early marriage “Hey Liam you came back?”

“Did you come to assist me again?” Mrs. Jen said to Liam.

“Not really, but I came with a friend that wants to apply for the position of the waiter”

“Delis, meet Mrs. Jen, the owner of the hotel,” Lian said to Delis.

“Hi, good morning madam” Delis said to Mrs. Jen.

“Good morning, so… you two know each other?” Mrs. Jen asked.

“Yes, actually, he is a very good friend of mine” Liam replied to Mrs. Jen.

“Oh wow, in that case, congratulations to you Delis, you have the job,” Mrs. Jen said.

And then Delis rejoices with happiness “Just like that?”

“Oh thank you so much am very very grateful, and I promise to do my best” Delis replied joyfully.

“It is okay, your salary is supposed to be four thousand dollars”

“But I will be paying you five instead for now” Mrs. Jen promised.

“Oh thank you so much ma, I am so grateful” Delis replied while Liam was just smiling.

“Thank you so much ma, I really appreciate it,” Liam said to Mrs. Jen.

“Am doing this because of your friend Liam, so thank him more”

“Liam you guys can go now, tell him the rules, and then both of you come back to work tomorrow,” Mrs. Jen said to Liam

“Okay,” Liam said as they walk out of the hotel and started walking home as they were discussing.

“Liam, you mean that woman accepted me like that because of you?” Delis said.

“Yes, that’s because am too special for her, if you understand you understand” Liam replied.

….To Be Continued…

One word for Amelia