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Created and written by Madu Shedrack


“Please find another person” Nixon replied as Luna strolled toward him and kisses him right in front of Diana.

After kissing him she stares at Diana badly and drags Nixon away.

Diana’s eyes and heart were so depressed, she felt so vulnerable.

“Almighty! why are things often turning around on me…”

“Why is this happening to me, am just so vulnerable to heart breaks”

“Maybe am not destined to be with any man, I internally feel so lonely, always”

“I thought that this one would be the perfect person for me”

“But now this! but he is a good person, I think the fault always comes from me” Diana was bitterly saying in her mind.

It just looks like Amelia has been hearing everything she has been saying in her intellect.

Amelia started comforting her immediately.

“Umm Princess am so sorry about what just happened”

“Am really sorry about that, and it wasn’t your fault in any way, I…” Amelia was trying to encourage her but Diana interrupted.

“Thank you for the consolation, but I I know am just a nitwit”

“Always fooling myself around, looking for a boy to hang with”

“Everything that happened to me is always my fault”

“And my fault alone, of course, it is” Diana confessed while Amelia tries to speak some words to her but Diana always cut her off statements.

“And today I close my heart for any boy nor man…”

“No man will ever reek the breath of my heart not to talk of breaking it! It is a vow!” Diana vowed without releasing any tears she turned around, striding back to her classroom.

“Princess is not really your fault, can’t you understand that?”

“I don’t think that you have done anything nasty, it’s just a matter of time…”

“You will meet the right person, trust me everything is going to be alright” Amelia keep encouraging her while they were walking back to the class compartment.


Diana and Amelia were sitting all alone at the nook of the class.

They were conversing about something important between themselves.

Two beautiful girls with fashionable hairstyles and stylish dresses stepped into the class, looking for Diana.

Well, Diana sighted them first and recognized them but she couldn’t call on them.

She couldn’t gather the strength to whisper to them.

Since she is in a competently seen position, they will still catch a glimpse of her.

So she didn’t bother worrying her soul.

Amelia too doesn’t even know who they are, her mind isn’t even going on those girls.

She did not even make an attempt on calling them.

She continued rehearsing for Diana not realizing that Diana’s mind is not with her.

Until one of them spotted her first, the one in the red dress sighted her first.

which is the one called “Sandra” by name.

“Jannie!” Sandra called on her colleague to ask her if this girl at this corner is Princess.

Because it has really been a long time since she has seen her.

Not that she wouldn’t know her but not really recognize her.

Although Jannie did not actually hear the call from Sandra.

“No this is not princess, if this was she, she will at least wave at me” Sandra changed her mind.

And was about to face another side when she caught Diana smiling at her.

She smiled back too and realized that this is the girl they are looking for.

“Sandra!! Look at her, over there! look at Princess at the corner there” she screamed while pointing at Diana.

“Princess, who are they? why are they pointing at you?” Amelia asked with panic when she saw some girls she didn’t even know before pointing at Diana.

“They are my friends, my old friends from this school, best friends” Diana responded to Amelia.

“Okay..” Amelia responded and then Jannie and Sandra ran to Diana.

“Oh my God! look at this little gal!! come on give me a hug” Jannie shouted as both of them hugs Diana with a smiling face.

“I said it! I was just staring at this face, I said this face looks like familiar…”

“But I… come on Princess your face has Changed”

“Incredibly you are becoming more beautiful every day,” Sandra said to Diana after hugging her.

“Yeah, the Little girl is now an adult!” Diana slowly said while all of them chuckles.

“Oho! Adult indeed!” Jannie mumbled while she blinks a special eye at Diana and they laughed.

“So… Sandra when did you arrive back in town?”

“And you did not even give me a call to come and chill with you, is that fair?” Diana mumbled to Sandra.

“Oh come on am so sorry, and I guarantee you that it would never transpire again”

“Just that I have so many things running through my head”

“So that’s just the reason I didn’t remember to call you, but am so sorry” Sandra apologizes.

“Fuck you girl, what do you think you have on your head?”

“Do you have any child you are putting up with care?” Diana mocks Sandra while the others laugh including Sandra herself.

“But to be serious, my sweetheart is always disturbing me”

“She wouldn’t allow me to rest, she was the reason I returned back to the city”

“She is always like, I want to spend this night with you”

“I was supposed to see you today, this this and that, so…?” Sandra said and Diana was catching some actions through her word.

“Wait a minute, are you talking about your girlfriend? and are you a lesbian?” Amelia interjected with a question.

“Of course, am talking about my girlfriend, and being a lesbian is a favorable thing for any lady who is ready for a relationship” Sandra proudly answered back to Amelia.

“Horrible!” Amelia shouted and then Diana quickly cut off the issue in other for them not to take the issue too lengthy.

“Umm Jannie are you guys back to the School? or you are looking for someone,” Diana asked.

“Yeah, we are back to the base! and we are looking for you”

“You know we can’t do without you” Jannie responded.

“And by the way, Princess why didn’t you whisper to us when you saw us?”

“Why? Because… I saw the way you were only staring at us”

“Staring at us as if we are new to you? or are we new to you?” Janie asked with a crucial look on her face.

“Yeah, you are right Jannie, princess please tell us, are you alright? or you are angry with us” Sandra added.

“Am okay of course, and nothing made me not to whisper to you guys”

“Am well okay and sound and am not angry with anyone, not to talk of my best friends of curse”

“So don’t worry about anything” Princess replied to them with a fake smile.

“Okay, since you said you are alright, I wouldn’t bother myself that much”

“And what about your so called boyfriend, Delis? where is him”

“He was supposed to be with you right?” Sandra said as if she knew what is going on with Diana.

“Kudos to you Sandra, you nailed it, Princess always carries him, wherever she goes”

“Always talking about him 24/7, I wonder why he is not here with her today”

“Soo… Princess where is he” Jannie asked with a smile, hoping for a negative answer.

“Come on, you guys should take it easy on her, that’s not fair..” Amelia interfered

While Diana’s mind was bleeding thinking that her friends had found out that she has break up with Delis in a sad way that almost steers her to her death.

“Did I say anything wrong, did we say anything wrong?”

“I was only making fun of her just like she used to make fun of us also”

“And truly she used to be with Delis always, and as a good friend”

“We are considering asking her about him since today is the only day we are seeing her alone without Delis,” Jannie said while Sandra nods.

“Please where is Delis?” Sandra asked Amelia in a low and calm voice.

“Delis is not in school, he did not come to school today” Amelia answered.

“Oh I knew that there is something that made Princess not to be with him”

“But Princess is that while you are angry? because he didn’t show up?”

“That shouldn’t be a problem, I was thinking that you guys broke up or something else”

“And that’s why you are not pleased with what we said”

“But come on, since it is just because he did not come to school today you should chuckle with us, isn’t it?” Sandra said while Diana’s mind calmed down.

“Alright am sorry, I mean.. we are sorry about what we said”

“So are we forgiven now please?” Jannie pleads on behalf of both of them.

But Diana did not interject to them, Sandra walks close to her and sat beside her.

“Are we forgiven or we should keep on apologizing, hmm?” Sandra whispered to her in her ear.

Yet Diana did not still mind her, she kept on keeping silent at them.

It even looks like something was running through her marbles.

“Are you eternally gonna keep silent at us? Okay, let’s think of what will make her happy” Jannie suggested.

“I think I know one already, don’t you think am smart?”

“Invariably smarter than anything on earth,” Sandra said with a smile.

“Thumbs up to you! of curse I know what you can do, smart girl go on,” Jannie said while she gives Sandra a thumb up with her two hands.

“So what’s the point?” Jannie inquired.

“Just watch me make her smile unlimitedly” Sandra replied and then withstand Diana.

“Princess where is your sweetheart? your one above all, your…” Sandra mumbled to Dana.

“Stop talking about him!!!, I don’t want that please!” Diana shouted at her.

“Hahaha, I warned you, Sandra, I warned you that you are not smart but you wouldn’t listen” Jennie makes fun of Sandra.

“Be reasonable for once, please? can’t you see that princess is not okay!?”

“Princess, why are you furious? you haven’t explained to us why you have been angry?” Sandra said with a pitiful mind.

“Sorry about that, but Princess, I just find out that you are not satisfied whenever the name or anything that concerns Delis is mentioned?”

“What really happened between both of you?” Jennie kindly asked.

“Ummm, alright guys please forget about that, and please pardon me for keeping silent at you guys”

“It is just because am imagining something special” Diana finally uttered a word.

“And what were you thinking about, could you share it with us, we might assist?” Amelia said while Jannie and Sandra nods their head.

“I have gotten myself now and I have realized that everything you guys said was true…”

“Before I believed it wasn’t valid but now I find out that it is really the best,” Diana said.

“I don’t understand you, Princess, what are you talking about? what did we announce?” Amelia who was the only person that did not understand what she is saying replied to her.

“Umm Princess I don’t understand too? what are you talking about?” Jannie is deluded like she doesn’t know what she is saying.

“Men are always scum, you guys are right about that, I recently find out it was true,” Diana said.

While Amelia is still looking so confused

“Princess I don’t still understand what you are talking about” Amelia confusedly asserted to Diana.

“You will just calm down” Diana whispered to her and then stride close to Jennie and torched her cheek softly with her right hand.

“To you Jannie, am so sorry for not listening to you”

“I have realized that it was my worst error ever, now I have accepted to be your girlfriend”

“You have always wanted me, and here I am soliciting to be your partner”

“So will you ever forgive this stubborn girl and accept me back?” Diana pleaded as she hold her ears.

“What? you can’t be serious about this, Princess?”

“You finally want to permit them to lure you into this act?”

“Princes you are not a lesbian and will never be!!” Amelia yelled at Diana immediately after she heard what she said.

…….To Be Continue…..

What’s Diana trying to do?

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