Love episode 6


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Created and written by Madu Shedrack

“Princess are you sure that you honestly want to do this?”

“To be severe with you am not happy about this, am not happy at all” Amelia mumbled to Diana.

Both of them were seen stepping out of the class with their school bags while Amelia was busy urging her best friend Diana.

It is closing time already so everyone was stepping out of their apartment.

They were all setting off to their various premises.

While Diana and Amelia are heading towards Diana’s automobile.

“Amelia, why are you just so worried about that? that’s actually what will give me joy” Diana replies to Amelia.

“It hasn’t given you joy… Princess!” Amelia responded.

“Oh yes it hasn’t but it will, can’t you see that that’s my choice?”

“To be sincere, since being a lesbian is what will make my heart happy always….”

“Don’t advise me about it again ‘cause am in, I can never…”

“Ever… fell into the world of men again, they are all the same”

“Why are you even so concerned about it?” Diana replied to Amelia.

“Because I care so much about you, even more than those girls who are striving to lure you into the act of lesbian”

“Your happiness is my joyfulness Princess” Amelia keeps insisting.

As a good friend, she is trying her best to stop Diana from getting involved in any act of lesbian.

“Fine, I understand you care about me but please you need to understand me too”

“I have no other choice than getting myself a loving girl that will always put me on a low key, or you wanna be my partner?” Diana requested.

“Horrible! Princess! they are only telling you the sweet part of it, not the other side”

“It is better you be alone than being a lesbian, please don’t do what you will regret later” Amelia continues discouraging her.

“Alright I have heard and understand what you are saying”

“And I have seen that you honestly care about me…”

“But the truth is that that’s my choice so please don’t advice me about that again,” Diana said with a smirk.

“But….” Amelia still wants to utter a word about it again.

“I said it is enough of the advice! I have heard you”

“I said enough please?” Diana squealed and cut her off words in a harsh manner.

They are already close to Diana’s automobile.

She opened the car and wanted to get in silently then she hold back and stare at Amelia who was standing beside her.

“Please can I drop you off? my best friend” Diana whispered in other to calm Amelia down because she understand that she may have used some guilty words that may get her annoyed.

“I was even staring at your new car, wow you bought a new car?”

“It’s really beautiful I must say, I will be happy to be in it….”

“I mean I will be delighted if you ride me home with it,” Amelia said and followed the other side of the car.

She was attempting to open the entrance of the car from that side in other to get in,side the car.

But it seems that she was struggling to open it and still yet she can’t open it.

Diana was only staring at her, watching her as she keeps struggling to open the car.

She tried to open it for some moments then she withdraw back.

“Princess what did you do to the car, the door is not opening”

“Or… was it developing a fault before? cause I don’t really understand it or do you lock it up?”

“And why are you staring at me like that?” Amelia asked Diana when she discovered that Diana was staring at her all this while, while she was struggling to open the car.

“Isn’t it funny? when you try to open a car and it didn’t allow you won’t you realize that it was locked?”

“And I only asked a question, can I drop you off please?”

“And you didn’t give any answer to me, you went to be struggling with my door,” Diana said to her with a smile because she loves to joke always.

“Alright, sorry for attempting to enter your car, keep on making fun of me ‘cause I have none” Amelia sadly said with a tropical voice then walked away.

“Come on girl what did I say wrong? I was only joking”

“Alright I was joking, sorry, sorry, I was kidding… just joking, alright get in let’s go home” Diana grab her in other for her not to walk away.

Diana ins××ts her hand into her pouch and brings out the car key.

There was a little remote hanging with the keys at the band.

Diana operate just a button on it and the car doors unlocked without any personal assistance.

“Wow, that’s perfect and wonderful, I love that” Amelia speaks well of the car before entering the car.

Diana stepped in also, taking the driver’s seat.

And the doors of the car locked back just like as they did before without anyone’s assistance.

She started the car and deliberately reverse it, making the car to face the highway that is leading to their home.

And boom.. she zoomed off with an incredible speed.


The elegant mansion was put in a view as it was smiling at the sun’s rays.

So as the golden gate of the mansion was radiating through the sun also.

In a twinkle of an eye, the gate started opening, till it opens broader.

Before Diana’s car was shown as it drives in gently and parked at the corner.

Then the entrance slowly shut back.

Diana stepped out of the car all alone, Amelia is no longer with her.

It is sure that she has dropped her at her own residence before coming back to her own residence.

She was stepping into the house slowly, moving like someone who is weak or someone who overstressed himself with work.

“Mum! am back from school, I know you missed me!!, Diana is back from school!” she was about to step in,side the house when she shouted this.

Hoping that her mum will run out of the house to come and welcome her but no one showed up, then she slowly walked in,side.

“Mum are you at home? is anybody home!?” Diana squealed but still did not get any response from anyone.

“Mum! mum….!, Okay mummy visited the workshop today I think…”

“Let me kindly change and take a little nap” Diana concluded that her mum is not at home.

Because after calling on her she didn’t answer, not even the maids answered.

It simply means that she has departed to work with the maids.

She kept her pouch on the sofa chair in their parlor.

Walking directly to the bathroom, and take a shower.

After taking her bath, she fastened her towel on her body and then walk upstairs, walking directly to her private cabin.

★Private Cabin★

in,side the room was added in a view and then the door of the room unlocked and Diana stepped in.

Moving directly to the drawer.

She choose some of her tights and wear them, then ascended to the bed.

Relieving tension while operating her mobile phone but she couldn’t figure out when she slept off.


“Stand up! stand up! that’s someone so special calling you”

The beautiful and interesting ringing toon in Diana’s phone began to ring as the phone is also vibrating at the same time.

The phone was properly displayed as it was ringing on top of Diana’s hand.

Diana’s eyeballs were slowly moving till it opens.

And then she lift up the phone to check who was calling her.

It appears to be Jannie which she saved her number as “Sweetheart”

“Hello, sweety!” Diana answered the call with a fluffy voice.

“Hello where are you honey, your voice is sounding so wussy, are you sleeping?” Jannie replied.

“I was at home, and am so bored, I have nothing to do then I concluded on to take a nap” Diana replied.

“Okay, since you have nothing to be doing why not come over to my house?”

“I wish you could visit me, will you show up?” Jannie replied.

“Yes of curse, what will I be doing at home alone”

“Just wait a minute you will see me there in a wink” Diana replied.

“Alright, honey I will be expecting you” Jannie replied and then the call cut off.

“Alright what should I do next?” Diana asked herself, thinking of the next action to take.

Besides, since she had already taken her bath, all she had to do now, is to dress up.

She stands up, strolls to her drawer, and chooses the best cloth of her choice.

She dressed herself up within some minutes since she only deals with simple makeup.

Then picked up her hand pouch on top of the table, and heading outside the house.

When she came out of the house she entered her car and starts it.

Immediately she started it the gate unlocked and she drives out while the entrance shuts back likewise before.


This very elegant duplex was specifically put in a view as it was beautified.

Both the flowers and the solvent are all neat.

Diana’s car was the next element that was specifically placed in a view as it drives and stops in front of the duplex.

“beep! beep! beep!” Diana horns with the car for the first time.

But it seems that no one in,side the building heard her.

“Beep! Beeep! Beeeeeep!!!!” Diana loudly beeped again.

And then someone was seen opening the entrance for her to get in, the person appears to be Jannie.

Diana slowly drives in, and Jannie waves at her “Welcome to my home babe” Jannie said to her before closing back the gate.

After parking the car, Diana then walked out of it while Jannie rushed her and gave her a very special hug as they k×sses each other.

“Wow you look so classic, I love your dress girl, a simple and cost dress”

“But anyways… you are welcome to my home always, let’s go in,” Jannie said with her hand crossed in between Diana’s neck while they were stepping in,side.

“Hope you have something special for me, darling?” Diana asked with a sluggish smile.

“Of curse, I have something wonderful for you sweetie” Jannie replied.

★in,side THE HOUSE★

“Alright make yourself comfortable you are in my residence”

“Do whatever you wish to cause it is also your cottage as well”

“And do you need anything? do you want me to get you anything?” Jannie requested.

“No, am fine… am okay… the drink is okay, I don’t want any other thing” Diana responded as she takes the cup of drink on top of the glass table and take a little sip of it.

“So where would you like us to go? a party?” Jannie asked.

“Just me and you or with Sandra?” Diana inquired to know.

“Yes of curse, before departing we will go and meet Sandra at her residence, first of all”

“Then we will go to the party together together” Jannie explained how it will be.

“Why? I mean why should we meet Sandra before, must she go with us?” Diana disagreed with the idea.

“I don’t understand? you don’t like Sandra?” Jannie asked.

“Does Sandra use to carry you along whenever she wants to enjoy with her partner?” Diana questioned with a calm voice while Jannie waves her head.

“So why must you be the fool in,side, she only knows what is going on between us but you don’t know hers” Diana added.

“You are right, we should go alone then” Jannie concluded.

“No don’t even frighten about that, am not going again”

“I think am alright here, just have myself relaxed here”

“Therefore, I go back to my house” Diana replied.

“Why? Just because I said we should go with Sandra?” Jannie asked.

“No not because of that, I think am exhausted, I just need to take a rest here?” Diana explained.

Jannie str-de and sat close to her in the same chair, while they stare at each other.

“Wants to take a rest?” Jannie consulted while Diana nods and take a sip of the drink in her hand again.

“Alright,” Jannie said as she takes away the cup from Diana and they started k×ssing each other extremely deeply.

While they were k×ssing Diana lay down on top of the chair.

While Jannie climbs on top of her as they continue their k×ss.

….To Be Continue…

Do you still thinks that Diana is taking the wrong decision?

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