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Created and written by Madu Shedrack

“Alright,” Jannie said as she takes away the cup from Diana and they started kissing each other extremely deeply.

While they were kissing Diana lay down on top of the chair.

While Jannie climbs on top of her as they continue their kiss.

Jannie stand up and removed her top and continue kissing Diana again.

Besides they were eating each other’s lips like a hungry lions.

And Jannie was about to lose Diana’s top when Diana’s phone started ringing.

She tried to stand up to go and take it but Jannie pushed her back.

And she fell back on top of the Chair, and Jannie continue removing her shirt.

She was done opening her button it was just to pull it off from her body.

When her phone started ringing for the second time.

“One minute please, give me one minute” Diana whispered to Jannie.

When she get to her phone, it was Amelia, and she don’t joke with her.

Amelia is the only friend she always takes to be too important to her.

So without wasting time she picked up the call immediately.

“Hello, Amelia,” Diana said to her.

“Hello Princess where are you, I came to visit you at home?” Amelia responded.

“What…? and you didn’t inform me before coming?” Diana responded to her.

“Yeah, I didn’t inform you because I don’t want you to know”

“Can I see you now please?” Amelia said to Diana.

“Listen to me Amelia am not at home, you should go…”

“Maybe come back some other time?” Diana responded.

“It is something urgent I need to see you now, I mean right now!”

“Please… Princess” Amelia replied.

“Umm….” Diana thoughts of what to say as she stares at Jannie.

“Okay… Alright… I will be back within a few minutes from now” Diana replied and cut off the call.

“But…” Jannie wanted to say something.

“Am very sorry baby, please bear with me, this has to happen another time”

“For now I have to run home, am very sorry,” Diana said to Jannie.

And then button up her shirt back and went direct to Jannie.

And kissed her on her forehead and then pick up her phone and her handbag.

And run out of the room immediately, just as she was leaving Jannie’s phone started ringing.

She picked it up “Hello Sandra, am on my way coming,” Jannie said.

“Did she come?” Sandra asked.

“Yes she did” Jannie replied.

“Wow, did you… you understand” Sandra replied in a coded way.

“No we didn’t have anything, but I almost got her, just a little bit”

“But that her stupid friend called Amelia destroyed the whole plan”

“I need to get rid of that girl” Jannie replied to Sandra.

“Yeah we should plan it, we can’t get Diana if we don’t pass through her”

“Come over first of all let’s chill and drink together”

“And then… plan on what to do to that girl” Sandra replied.

“Yeah, you are right, am on my way” Jannie replied.


Delis and his real gal are still parading around the city because they still have some cash left with them.

And all the cash they are spending is all Diana’s money.

Well, Diana is like a multimillionaire because she is a daughter of a billionaire.

She has forgotten all the money she gave to them because she feels like it is just a change.

They stole her money wasn’t her problem, her problem was breaking her heart.

Besides Delis and Rehab are still spending the money.

They came to an expensive boutique wearing uniforms.

Using the same dressing code, Rehab was busy pointing out so many things.

And Delis was buying it for her the way she wants it.

Till got to a place where she saw a diamond ring.

And she was about to point it again but Delis interrupted.

“Rehab… enough please, do you want us to squander all the money here?”

“Come on you have bought enough so let’s leave here please,” Delis said to Rehab.

“Don’t worry sweetheart I got your back, just get me the ring”

“That’s not even where I want to end, come on you have the money”

“I still have so many things to order for, so what are you saying?”

“I still need like four different types of original shoes”

“What I bought is clothes, just clothes, you shouldn’t be complaining”

“You should know that am yet to buy shoes, even…” Rehab was still saying when Delis replied angrily.

“Shut the fuck! up! you called it just clothes like you don’t know how much it costs” Delis said to her.

“Delis… you are shouting at me?” Rehab said to Delis.

“No, no baby am so sorry but come on… we shouldn’t spend all that we have”

“Come on let’s go with the one we have bought already,” Delis said to Rehab with a calmed voice.

“Delis I want this ring! I want the ring! it won’t finish all your money”

“Kindly get me the ring please” Rehab replied.

“No… No… let’s go we have bought enough” Delis replied to her.

“Delis! this is what I want, I want this diamond ring more than any other thing”

“So if you won’t give it to me, forget about the rest”

“You know what I mean…? I mean that I will not accept….”

“These things that you have bought already, then you will have to take them to yourself” Rehab replied with a none smiling face.

“Am doing this because I love you… hope you know that” Delis said as Rehab smiles with a smirk.

“That’s why I love you too” Rehab replied and then Delis ordered the ring for her.

The seller brought the ring for her and she packaged it into her bag.

“So are we cool now? can we go home now?” Delis said to her.

“Oh yeah baby… hold on, it is still remaining one more thing please”

“I will be happy if you will provide it for me, the shoes” Rehab responded to Delis.

“Okay, they should get you one so we can get going,” Delis said.

“No… No… No… what I said that I want is four, and they should be in different colors”

“Umm please come here” Rehab called on the seller while Delis was just staring at her looking so weak.

Immediately she called on the Seller the seller ran forward.

“Yes madam?” The seller answered when he got close.

“Do you have sneakers? sneakers for women?” Rehab asked.

“Yeah, I have, do you want it?” The seller asked.

“Yes I need four of them for my dress and I want one in orange, one in blue”

“One should be white and lastly black color, go and get it for me be fast” Rehab ordered.

And the seller ran inside quickly to get the shoes and then Rehab looked at Delis’s face.

Then he recognized that Delis is not happy, besides she has it in mind that he will be angry.

But she still acted like she is not aware “Delis are you okay?”

“Or you are not happy all because I ordered for a shoe?” Rehab said to Delis.

“No am not angry at all, anything for you baby” Delis faked his condition with a fake smile.

“Am sorry baby if I hurt you, I promise after today”

“I won’t ask you for anything again,” Rehab said to Delis looking so innocent.

“No no don’t be and don’t stop, whenever you are in need of anything”

“Feel free to let me know about it okay?” Delis responded as Rehab smiled.

“Here are the Sneakers” They stepped in their midst with the ordered goods.

“Thank you, give it to my boyfriend,” Rehab said as the seller hand it over to Delis.

And Delis added it to the other loads she was carrying before.

While she was just with a little load, while they were walking out.

Delis did the clearance at the payee’s office and then they left the boutique.


Nixon was busy with his book, his school exercise books marking out some certain words.

Although he was at the parlor, sitting on the sofa chair in the parlor.

And was really busy with his book and don’t really need a distraction.

“Nixon…! where are you?” Luna’s voice sounded from the inner room.

“Over here!” Nixon replied and not up to a second.

Luna stepped inside the parlor, “Nixon… you are reading?” Luna said to him.

“Yeah… not really reading, just pointing out some things here”

“Why not come and assists me” Nixon responded to her.

“Join you? umm… Nixon, I just think that you need to suspend that…”

“I mean… Just suspend it please” Luna said to Nixon.

“Why?” Nixon asked.

“You promised to take me out today, have you forgotten?” Luna responded.

“Yes…? I remember but Luna… why are you trying so hard”

“I mean why do you want me to take you out again”

“Even after giving you a share of two hundred thousand?” Nixon replied.

“So…? You still have the sum of eight hundred thousand with you!”

“So why are you hesitating to take me out? okay….”

“I got it, you don’t want to take me out? fine…” Luna said as she tries to walk away.

“Calm down baby, alright I will take you out, and I promise to spend…”

“Enough money on you,” Nixon said to her as she ran backward and hugs him.

“That’s why I love you, sweetheart!” Luba said as she bestowed him a deep kiss.

“Alright just wait a minute let me finish this work I will take you out”

“I think you should go and be taking your bath for now,” Nixon said to her.

“Okay darling, I should go and start preparing myself….”

“With a very nice outfit that you will love,” Luna said as she kissed him again on his forehead.

“And be fast with your work,” Luna said as she walks away.

And then Nixon continues with his work.

…..To Be Continue…


What could they be planning against our own Amelia

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