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Created and written by Madu Shedrack

“I think you should go and be taking your bath for now,” Nixon said to her.

“Okay darling, I should go and start preparing myself….”

“With a very nice outfit that you will love,” Luna said as she k×ssed him again on his forehead.

“And be fast with your work,” Luna said as she walks away.

And then Nixon continues with his work, not quite long Luna went in,side.

She came out dressing in a very expensive way, she looks so expensive in her appearance.

“Wow! your appearance looks so good” Nixon appreciates her dressing.

“I told you that I will dress in a way that I will hungry you too much” Luna responded.

“You are hungering me already sweetheart….” Nixon responded.

“So I hope you will spend more money on me as we go out”

“Remember you said it yourself, I look so expensive…”

“So… I don’t know if you will make me to truly look the expensive?”

“Will you…?” Luna asked.

“Trust me, baby, I will wreck my account, just for you”

“You know I can do anything for you right?” Nixon asked.

“Oh yes I know, and that’s why you are always the best boyfriend ever” Luna responded.

And then steps close to him and started rubbing and r0mancing his chest.

“So baby, like how much are you going to spend on me tonight,” Luna asked.

“Don’t worry, action will tell it all” Nixon replied as he gets a quick k×ss.

And then ran in,side to dress up, after a quick dress up.

He ran out and then took Luna alongside him as both of them walks out of the house.

They made use of Nixon’s little car, they use it to drive to their enjoyment palace.

★Diana’s Home★

The full large mansion is always placed in a view.

Showing its beauty and its glittering gold designs on it.

Besides Princess was sitting at the entrance, she just found somewhere comfortable and sat while waiting for Diana.

Not quite long and Diana’s car arrives, and as soon as it arrives.

The car halted at the entrance and the Diana stepped out of the car.

“Princess I have been waiting for you for a long now..?” Amelia said as she ran forward to her and hug her.

But Diana seems not to be happy, like something is really bothering her.

She was supposed to smile back at Amelia, but she didn’t.

“Are you okay?” Amelia asked Diana.

“No am not… am not really okay until you tell me why you are standing here”

“Did somebody die…!?” Diana said to Amelia.

“Come on Princess, what are you saying? of course no one died?”

“I just came to share some words with you,” Amelia said to Diana.

“So… my mum is not yet back?” Diana asked.

“I think she is back” Amelia responded.

“Did she see you here?” Diana asked.

“No, she didn’t, they are already back before my arrival I think” Amelia responded.

“Then why should you be standing here, what the f×¢k…”

“How would they let you stay outside and wait for me…?” Diana reacted angrily.

“Calm down please Princess, how did you… expect me to get in” Amelia pleaded.

“Didn’t you knock at the gate?” Diana asked.

“Of course I do but…” Amelia was still trying to explain but Diana interrupted.

“You do…? and the f×¢king gate man did not know that you are my friend?”

“He has to keep you waiting outside!? this must be a joke”

“Get in,side the car let’s go in first” Diana ordered as Amelia popped into the car.

And without knocking on the door or calling on anyone to come and open it the door opened by itself.

And it is a sure thing that Diana used the gate remote to open it.

Well as soon as the gate opens w¡der the way a car can get in.

Diana drove into the compound and then the gate closed back.

And then Diana parked her car at the side and stepped out of the car.

As she walks directly to the Gateman’s cottage.

Although he was sitting at the front and as soon as Diana came close.

“You are welcome Diana,” The gateman said to her.

“So you are the one that left my friend outside the gate”

“Are you not supposed to be aware that she is my best friend!” Diana yelled at him.

“Am sorry but… but… it was your mother’s order not to allow strangers in for today” the gateman replied.

“And Amelia is a stranger? okay did my mum know that Amelia was standing out there?” Diana asked.

“No she is not aware” Gateman replied.

“I knew it! my mum will never permit her to stay outside the gate”

“Just to wait for me on any reason, so never ever you…”

“Repeat what just happened okay!?” Diana ordered.

“Okay, I have heard and I will keep all that you said ma,” the gateman said to her.

“Come on Princess it is okay, can we go in now please”

“Am feeling so tired and exhausted right now” Amelia said to Diana.

“It’s Alright dear, am very sorry, let’s go in” Diana responded.

★At The Parlor★

Diana and Amelia were sitting at the parlor having some fun discussion.

And they are also watching a very interesting movie.

And their discussion is directly referring to what’s going on in the movie.

They are still in their favorable moment when one of the maid’s steps into the parlor.

“Diana and sis Amelia breakfast is ready!” the maid said to them and turned to leave.

“Hold on Ciri” Diana called the maid by her name Ciri.

And then Ciri stopped and slowly steps forward a little bit.

“Who made the food, you…? any other worker? or my mum?” Diana asked.

“Well, it was specially prepared by…. your mum, and it is your favorite” Ciri answered.

“Oh wow, Amelia we should head to the dining immediately”

“I can’t wait!” Diana said out of amazement and was about to run to the Dining Room.

“Hold on,” Amelia said to her and she kindly waited as she steps backward.

“What…?” Diana said to her.

“That girl that steps into this place works here?” Amelia asked.

“Yeah, any problem with that?” Diana asked.

“No, not really… she looks so pretty I must say” Amelia replied.

While Diana smirked and tried to walk away again but she stopped and turned to stare at Amelia.

“What?” Amelia asked.

“Amelia tell me something, you are attracted to girls?” Diana asked.

“How do you mean?” Amelia asked.

“Hmm… tell me that you are not loving that girl and you declared her beauty?”

“Tell me the truth, are you into the act of lesbian?”

“Like are you ever attracted to it” Diana whispered in a low voice.

“Horrible, Princes!! am so disappointed in you, how would you…”

“Even think such! it is a crime to testify about someone’s beauty?” Amelia asked.

“Alright sorry… am sorry, can we go to the dining please,” Diana said as she walks away

And then the princess keeps up after her.

★At The Dinning★

The dining room was added in a view, and the table and the chairs are made of white materials.

Making the dining room so bright, the delicious food was on top of the table.

The door of the dining opened and Diana stepped into the room.

So as Amelia was arriving in after her, they sat on the chairs.

And dish out their food by their selves and Amelia takes one spoon of the food.

“Wow! wow! you can’t be serious, you mean your mother made this food?” Amelia asked.

“Trust my mum, she cooks very well, I love to eat her food than…”

“That of all these maids, sometimes I feel like she should… but anyway it doesn’t matter” Diana replied.

“So you meant that you just came to visit me?” Diana asked.

“Yeah, I just feel bored at home and decided to visit you” Amelia replied.

“Amelia you have made me to lose a lot!” Diana said to Amelia.

“What did you lose?” Amelia asked.

“I was at my girlfriend’s place, we were enjoying ourselves”

“And you just called to distract us, what’s wrong with you” Diana responded.

“Princess! you can’t be serious like you went on with lesbian life?” Amelia reacted.

“What do you expect me…? besides I can’t move on with another person”

“You are my best friend and you know how much I love you”

“Please be my partner” Diana pleaded to Amelia.

“Stop it! just stop! am not ready and will never be ready…”

“To go into that act just stop it I don’t like it” Amelia responded.

“Amelia please…” Diana tries to beg her but Amelia interrupted.

“Stop it Princess stop!” Amelia shouted at her.

“Alright fine, you don’t want to be my partner it is alright”

“Besides I don’t even like those of my friends because you don’t like them”

“So I will be moving on with the one you pointed out what I haven’t noticed for long now”

“I will be moving on with her, I mean Ciri, she looked so beautiful”

“And I was just realizing it!” Diana responded and then the Ciri intalk have been hidden in the corner.

And she heard everything they said, so she just followed the hidden way and walk away.

Without letting anyone know that she came, she even take back the bottle of water which she was supposed to serve them.

“Princess you are going insane, you need to stop all this,” Amelia said to Diana.

“Why should I stop, I can’t stop, I need something that would make me happy”

“Something that will make my heart to keep smiling always”

“Not apologizing every time for any little mistake”

“Getting heartbreaks from here and there, so please allow me” Diana responded.

“Princess to be sincere I will never be happy with you”

“If you finally did this to yourself,” Amelia said.

“Then just get ready to be angry with me because…”

“It is already happening, let’s have our meal in peace please” Diana replied.

….To Be Continue…

So what’s Ciri going to do?

Report Diana to her mum or be in love with her?

Remember that Diana is rich and loving her will equally make you rich

•Whats your advice to Amelia, should she keep trying on to stop Diana?

Or don’t you think that it is the right Amelia have to stay away or Diana will finally lure her into the act one day.

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