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Created and written by Madu Shedrack

“Princess to be sincere I will never be happy with you”

“If you finally did this to yourself,” Amelia said.

“Then just get ready to be angry with me because…”

“It is already happening, let’s have our meal in peace please” Diana replied.

★Delis Home★

Rehab was in the kitchen preparing the food they are going to eat.

When Delis stepped into the kitchen.

“Hey baby” Delis said to Rehab.

“Darling you came to help me out?” Rehab asked.

“No I didn’t come to do that, I came to tell you something” Delis replied.

“Go on sweetheart” Rehab replied.

“Was your mum sicking before?” Delis asked.

“No why do you ask?” Rehab asked.

“She just called and said that she is in the hospital” Delis replied.

While the words from Delis look like a joke to Rehab.

She doesn’t get it, why should her mother contact Delis instead of her.

If her mother is sick she should be the one she will call not her boyfriend.

“I don’t really get it, you mean my mother called you?” Rehab asked.

“Yeah, your mum called me just a few seconds ago, telling me…” Delis was still explaining but Rehab interrupted.

“And why should my mum do that… why would she call you before letting me know?”

“Are you the one that is supposed to let me know about my own situation?” Rehab said.

“She said that she called you but your line was switched off”

“Then she decided to call me because she know that you must have been here with me” Delis explained.

“Which phone is switched off,” Rehab said as she strolled to the top of the cupboard where she kept her phone.

“My phone is not switched….” Rehab was still saying but suddenly stopped.

Because she just discovered that her phone is truly switched off.

“So…. yes! what did you say that she said to you again?” Rehab asked.

“She said she is at the hospital” Delis replied.

“Oh my God! you can’t be serious! you can’t be serious!”

“What happened to her,” Rehab asked looking so furious.

“I don’t know… when we get to the hospital we would know” Delis replied as Rehab was already breathing heavily.

“But you need to calm down first okay?” Delis said.

“Can we go to the hospital already! stop telling me to calm down!” Rehab shouted at him.

As she was already running out of the house and then Delis ran after her.

And they left the house hurriedly like that without turning off their food in the fire.

★Nixon’s At The Party★

Nixon and Luna are already done with their shopping, all their goods are inside the car.

And they are just out here, chilling and having fun all around.

It was a very big party, many girls were dancing around so as some men.

But Luna and Nixon were just on a low key, they were sipping their drinks slowly as they were discussing.

“Hmm, today’s party is really boom!” Luna said.

“Yeah, very very hot, well… it was supposed to be so”

“Because there are so many new faces here” Nixon replied.

“What…? you know everyone here?” Luna reacted.

“No, not really, not what I meant please, I mean there are…”

“So many different types of people here” Nixon replied.

“Yeah, there are really so many different kinds of people today”

“But it is all fun today, anyways thank you for everything”

“You are always being too nice to me, and that’s why I love you so much,” Luna said.

“You are always welcome babe,” Nixon said as they kissed each other.

And then Nixon’s phone began to ring, Although he was never expecting any call from anyone.

But he still thinks that it may be someone that he knows.

But when he sat back in his seat and brought out his phone.

He discovered that it wasn’t even someone that he saved his or her number.

But the number looks so familiar as he stares at it.

And how it appears right now, he was suspecting not to answer the call in Luna’s presence.

Besides, Luna discovered how he was staring at the phone and she decided to ask.

“Are you okay…?” Luna asked.

“Yeah am okay, just… give me one minute of spare” Nixon replied.

As he picked up the phone and followed the corner to answer his call.

While Luna was sitting all alone as the party was going on.

And then a beautiful looking pink Honda car was added to the view.

It drives slowly and parked at the corner of the party.

The doors of the car opened and then Sandra and Jannie with Sandra’s girlfriend known as “Aria” stepped out of the car.

When they all stepped out of the car, they started walking down to the party.

And they dressed so charmingly that every man they passes stared at them.

Their girlfriends too will be trying to make them concentrate on them.

However, when they stepped into the club they found a seat and sat down.

While Sandra moves to the selling position in other to buy some drinks for them.

“Hey, give me three bottles of wine, how much?” Sandra asked the seller.

“250 dollars ma,” the seller said to her.

“Okay here us your mo…” Sandra was still saying but someone interrupted.

“Leave it for me, you can order for any other thing you want”

“All bills on me,” the voice said and Sandra turned to look at him.

And it appears to be a very young handsome man.

So cut and charming, with blue eyes and pink lips, but all this beauty is not her concern.

Yes, she was never attracted to any man no matter handsome he looks.

“Thank you but am not broke…!” Diana said as she hand over her money to the seller.

And the kindly walk back to her seat without looking or uttering any word to the guy again.

Not quite long the seller brought the wines with cups for them at their table.

And arranged it for them, meanwhile, Jannie looks like he wasn’t there with them.

“Jannie are you alright?” Sandra said to Jannie.

“Yeah am here, why do you ask?” Jannie responded.

“Because you look like you are not here with us, you…”

“Looks like you have been taking away from here”

“I mean your mind,” Aria said as she was already opening the wine while Sandra was holding to her words.

“Yeah, my mind was a little bit attracted to that girl over there”

“I have been staring at her all this while” Jannie replied as she was pointing at Luna.

And then Sandra and Aria look directly in the direction of her finger.

And they saw Luna looking so pretty “Wow she really looks good”

“Come on go after her if you like,” Sandra said to Jannie.

“Actually I like her but, I don’t feel like going after her I still love Diana” Jannie replied as she opens her own bottle of wine.

And then takes a cup and pours some wine into the cup and takes a sip of it.

“You love Diana you love Diana, and can’t you see that she doesn’t love you?” Sandra said to Jannie.

“I don’t like joking with her please, so… avoid that for me”

“I love her a lot and she loves me too” Jannie replied.

“Love you a lot and she denied you a sex urge?” Sandra said.

“You can’t be serious!” Aria reacted because that word sounds somehow to her.

Because she really knows how she has been giving it to Sandra day and night.

“Sandra you don’t understand what happened there”

“She didn’t deny me of anything, she got an immediate call”

“Which she needs to attend to immediately, so what are you saying” Jannie responded.

“But you said that Amelia her friend is the one that called and take her away?”

“And besides… I thought that you need that you want to get rid of Amelia?” Sandra asked.

“Yeah, I want to get rid of her because she is always stopping me from taking what’s mine in peace” Jannie answered.

“And you don’t think that the girl you are crushing on wouldn’t be important?” Sandra said.

“How do you mean?” Jannie asked.

“She has an important role to play while trying to get rid of Amelia”

“Anyways that’s not the problem, just go to her and make her your friend”

“Go to her be fast about it! go!” Sandra said and the Jannie stand up immediately and heads directly to Luna


Nixon was still at the corner battling with the caller.

He looks like he wasn’t okay at all, he was seriously talking to someone.

“Listen to me Larissa, I said that I don’t want you, stay away from me”

“I hate you! do me a favor and stay away from me okay?”

“Stop trying to force yourself on me, I don’t live you”

“And I will never love you, go and look for another person please,” Nixon said on the phone.

“Nixon please, you are the only one my heart desired for”

“I love you and I really want to be with you, stop rejecting me” the voice replied back to him.

“You are rejected already, your name is rejection, never ever call this number again”

“I have told you that I don’t love you like you need to get out of my house now!”

“Get out of there, what…? you will what?” Nixon was trying to get what she replied.

But she cut off the call and then Nixon looked at his phone and saw that call has been terminated.

“Shit! we gonna go home now” Nixon whispered to himself and then ran to meet up with Luna.

….To Be Continue…

Do you think that Rehab and her mother’s sickness is real?

And Who do you think it is the girl that was calling Nixon?

Any pity for them?

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