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LOVE FROM HIGH SCHOOL episode 19 – 20

LOVE FROM HIGH SCHOOL episode 19 – 20



Episode 19 💃💃💃💃🌸

Written by divine purpose 🤓🤓✌️🌻

Mj sat on the floor in his room

He ran his finger through his hair and wanted to take a cigarette when Ella ran inside and collected the cigarette from him

“I knew you were going to do this ” she said

“Give it back ” Mj said and wanted to collect

it but Ella through it out

“I’m alone again ” He said and Ella sighed

“You, you are not alone, you have Irene and Leo” Ella said and he scoffed

“They are no more here”

“That’s because you sent them out ” Ella said and arched her brow

“By the way, how did the news got out?” she asked and he shook his head

“I don’t know, the only person who knows about it was Irene ” he said and Ella scoffed

“It’s definitely not Irene, there is only one person who loves playing silly games ” she said and Mj looked at her

“Who? ” he asked and Ella smiled

“I will be back ” she said and ran out

She took a cab to Riele’s house and she met her outside, about to enter

“What’s a long time friend doing here? ” Riele asked and grinned
“I have something to ask you ” Ella said glaring at her

“How did you know about Mj’s Heart disease? ” she asked and Riele smiled

“What do you mean? ”

“stop pretending as if you know nothing! ” Ella yelled at her and Riele’s smiling face suddenly changed to an evil grin

“I know you were the one who told the reporters about it, why? I thought you loved him” Ella said

“I did that because I love Mj, i want him to quit being an actor, I want him to be my boyfriend not an actor” she said and Ella found herself laughing

“Are you stupid or dumb? You could have told Mj directly, you shouldn’t have gone to the extent of revealing his secrets and ruining his reputation!! ” Ella yelled at her again

“So what? ”

“What are you going to do about it? Because of you Mj can’t move freely, he can’t go anywhere, the entertainment company he works for are going bankrupt, how are you going to take responsibility for this ” Ella said and Riele smirked

“Responsibility my foot. Stay out of this Ella ”

” I won’t until you stop your silly games ”

“I’m Riele, I never give up until i achieve what I want, don’t try to stop me ” Riele said and wanted to enter the house but she stopped again

“That Irene of a girl, I have my eyes on her, who do she think she is to get close with my Mj”

“don’t even think about harming that girl, she is my friend ”

” This is getting more fun, I will play this

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game till the end ” she said and walked inside the house and Ella clenched her fist

“She is really crazy ” Ella cursed under her breath


Leo and Irene both walked to Leo’s house

Leo pressed the password but he noticed it has been changed

“What’s going on? ” he asked and pressed it again but it kept saying wrong password

“What are you doing here? ” he heard his father’s voice behind him

“Did you change the password? ” he asked and his father nod

“Why? ”

” I changed it for security reasons of course, by the way, what are you doing here? ” his

father asked and looked at Irene who bowed

“Can you let us in then we will talk later ” he said and his father opened the door

He led Irene to his room and walked back to his father

“Why are you here? I told you to stay with Mj” his father said

“He sent us out ”

“He didn’t send you out, you left yourself ”

“Dad!! ”

“Is it too hard for you! ” is father yelled at him

“Yes, it is too hard, I can’t stand it anymore, dad you never cared about me, the only person you care about is Mj ” Leo said as tears gathered in his eyes

“I asked for a favor as your father, Mj needs someone beside him right now ” his father said and Leo scoffed

“You are talking about him again ”

“He is your friend! ”

“I hate the fact that he is my friend! ” Leo yelled at his father

“Enough Leo ”

“Why are you doing this to me? I’m a human too, I need someone to care and love me too but why? Why is it only Mj you care about Why?! ” Leo yelled, this time, tears dripped from his eyes

“Let’s not talk about it again ” his father said and Leo smirked

“Are you feeling sorry for him? ” he asked and his father looked at him
“Don’t say a word again”

“Are you feeling sorry because you killed his mother !!” he said and his father slapped him

“I told you not to say another word ” his father said and they heard the sound of a shattered glass

They looked beside them and saw Irene starring at them with a shivering hand

Episode 20 💃💃💃💃🌸

Written by divine purpose 🤓🤓🌻

Leo looked at Irene and sighed

“Dang it! ” he said and walked out while Irene followed him

“Leo ” Irene called but

he felt too ashamed to look back

“Leo” Irene called again and grab his hand

“Is everything your father said true? ” she asked but Leo stared at the ground

“It’s all true” he said and looked at her

“it’s all true so please keep it a secret from Mj” He said and Slowly removed Irene’s hand from his

“It’s hard to believe no matter how hard I try? How did your father end up being the one who killed Mj’s mother” Irene asked and Leo looked away

“Go back to Mj’s house, I will stay ” he said and walked back inside

“What exactly is going on? ” Irene asked and clenched her fist

Her phone started ringing and it was a call from her mom

She wanted to ignore it but she decided to pick up the call

“Irene, Let’s talk ” her mother said and hanged up

She took a cab to Mj’s house and saw her mother sitting on a bench outside

On seeing her, her mother stood up

“Have you been well ” her mother said and wanted to touch her but she moved away

“I’m busy, make it quick” Irene said and sat down

“I’m sorry Irene for abandoning you ” her mother said and Irene glared at her

“My father was imprisoned, I do not even know the police station he is, but you refused to take me there, where is my father? ” Irene asked and her mother sighed

“About your father, can you forget about him for a while ” her mother said and she smirked

“I can’t forget about my father, the only person i want out of my life is you, you are not my mother and I’m not your daughter, forget about me and stop calling my number ” Irene said and stood up
“I’m getting married in two months ” her mother said and Irene scoffed

“Do whatever you want, we are not related ” she said and dragged her box back inside the house

Ella opened the door before she even thought about ringing the door bell

“I’m glad you came back, where is Leo? ” Ella asked but she noticed Irene was in tears

“Are you okay? ” Ella asked


Mj sat on his bed and took his medicine when his phone started ringing

It was a call from His CEO

“hello? ” he said as he picked up

“Mj, i think we found a solution to everything, the reporters what to have an interview with you by 10:00 Am tomorrow, you have to go on your knees and apologize to everyone ” the CEO said and Mj found himself tearing up again

“I didn’t do anything, why do I have to apologize? ” he asked and the CEO sighed

“Mj, without you Our entertainment industry is going Bankrupt, so to avoid that, we have to restore your reputation”the Ceo said and tears dripped from his eyes

“Apologizing to people on my knees? Is that a way to restore my reputation!! ” he yelled

“Mj, you have to do it, please, you have to swallow your pride and do it ”

“NO!! ” he yelled and threw the phone away

He stood up and punched his mirror and his hand started to bleed

The noise made Ella and Irene run inside

“What are you doing here? I told you to leave” he yelled at Irene
“What is wrong with you? ” Ella said as his heart started aching again

He groaned in pain and wanted to fall but Irene held him and he lost consciousness

“He is always acting weird ” Ella said as they laid him on the bed and covered him with the duvet

“He is going through a lot lately ” Irene said and stared at him

“I will be back” Ella said and walked outside

Irene was about to leave too when Mj suddenly grab her hand
She looked at him but he was still asleep

“Don’t go, mom ” he said

There were tears dripping from the corner of his eyes and Irene wiped them with her fingers

“Did you miss your mother so much for you to call out her name when sleeping?” she asked and he held her hand more tightly

“Mom, you won’t leave right? ” Mj said still asleep

Ella was about to enter when she saw them, she stopped and leaned on the wall

“I shouldn’t go in at such a r©mantic moment ” she smiled and went back

The next day…………….

Mj drove to the company and there were so many reporters waiting for him

“I’m sorry Mj this is the only thing you can do to help ” the ceo said and he faced the camera

“Is it true that you are the cause of actress Breanne’s death? ” one reporter asked

“Do you really have an heart disease? ” Another one asked

“Did your heart disease started because you smoke and drink a lot? ” Another one asked and he sighed

“What do you have to Say to all these rumors about you? ” Another reporter asked

“I’m going to apologize to all my fans ” he said and they all suddenly became quiet

“What? Is he admitting that all those rumors are true? ” a reporter said and mj blinked back his tears

“I’m going to apologize to all my fans and everyone who cares about me ” he said and was about to go on his knees when Irene ran inside

“Stop! ” Irene said and everyone turned to her

“What? Who is she? ”

“Who are you? ” a reporter asked and she smiled

“Me? I’m someone who has come to prove Mj’s innocence ” she said and everyone started to murmur

Mj stared at her and she stared back at him

“This time, i will stay by your side ” she thought to herself and smiled at him

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