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LOVE FROM HIGH SCHOOL episode 28 – 29



EPISODE 28 💃💃💃💃💃🌸

Written by divine purpose 😎😎😉✌️

Leo walked to the ward irene was and sat beside her

He continued to stare at her face and recalled the position he met her and Mj

“What happened? ” he asked himself

Irene opened her eyes and sat up

“Are you okay? ” he asked as Irene touched her head

“Yes, I’m okay, but what happened? ” he asked and Leo moved closer

“I was about to ask you that, what happened? ” he asked and Irene looked at him as if she remembered something

“Where is Mj?” she asked

“He is fine ,i know Mj collapsed because of his disease but what about you? ” ” Leo asked again and she arched her brow

“That’s strange, I can’t remember what happened to me yesterday ” she Said and Leo’s eyes widened

“You can’t remember? ” he asked and Irene nod


Mj opened his eyes and met Ella sitting beside him

He held his chest and sat up

“Are you okay now? ” Ella asked and she nod

“Where is Irene? ” he asked

“She’s okay too, but i can’t understand what happened between you guys yesterday, I saw her being dragged inside a car, did you you find out who it was? ” Ella asked and mj shook his head

“The person Was not trying to kill her ” he said

“What do you mean? ” Ella asked and he stood up from the bed

“I have to see Irene ” he said and walked to her ward

He Was about to enter when he heard Leo’s voice

He slightly opened the door and saw him Holding Irene’s hand

He closed back the door and leaned on it

“Why aren’t you entering? ” Ella asked

“Let’s go back home, I hate the atmosphere in this hospital ” he said and walked away


He drove to his Dad house and entered

“Hi ” Irene mother said but he ignored her

He walked to his dad room and

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saw him dressing him up

” I was about to come to you, I’m glad you are here, my wedding is in two weeks, I….. ”

“I’m against that wedding ” Mj cuts in before his father could complete his statement

“What do you mean? ”

“I said I’m against that marriage, I do

not need a mother”

“But i need a wife ”

“I do not care, If you try to do a wedding, I will stop it by all means ” he said and walked out

He met Irene’s mom at the door and glared at her before walking out


Leo and Irene both walked out of the hospital but Irene kept looking everywhere

“Are you looking for something? ” Leo asked

“Where is Mj? ” she asked

“He left saying he needs something to deal with ”

“Really? ” she asked and Leo nod

Leo looked up and saw Riele leaning at a car a little bit far away from


“I will be back ” he said to Irene and walked to Riele

“Why did you kidnap Irene yesterday and what are you doing here? What exactly are you up to? ” Leo asked and Riele smirked

“You are the criminal here Leo, you know your father was behind Mj’s mom death and you covered it up ” she said and moved closer to him

“That girl, Irene, did you know that her father was the one who was arrested for Mj’s mother’s death instead of you ” he said and Leo’s eyes widened

“What?! ”

“Wait for a few days, I’m going to accomplish my goal, I will reveal everything and break your friendship with Mj. You guys are not meant to be friends anyway ” She said and grinned evilly

Leo stumbled back and looked at Irene with shock

“Her father was arrested for My father’s sin? ” he said as tears gathered in his eyes.

Episode 29

Irene sat in on her bed when she heard a knock on the door of her room

“Come in ” She said and Mj peeked in

“Come out for a while ” he said and closed back the door

Irene sighed and checked her wristwatch

“Where is Leo? He should be back by know” she said and walked out of the room

“Let’s go for some beer together ” Mj said as she walked downstairs

They both walked to a bar and ordered for two bottles of beer

“I don’t drink, why are we suddenly drinking beer? ” Irene asked as Mj drank a cup

“You, do you like me? ” he asked and Irene looked at him

“Pardon? ”

“Stop Acting innocent and answer my question. I like you that’s why I want to stop the wedding i do not want to become your step brother ” he said and Irene sighed

“I like you too but……. I

do not want to cause any trouble, don’t even try to stop the wedding, it can’t between us, you know that too ” Irene said and walked out of the bar and Mj ran to after

He grabbed her hand and pulled her closer to himself

“Why? You like me but you do not want to stop the wedding, why are you so cheap? “he said and Irene scoffed

“Why should I stop the wedding? She’s my mom afterall ” She said and jerked her hand away.

“Then what happened between the both of you? Judging from your words, you love your mom a lot and you want her to be happy ” Mj said and tears gathered in Irene’s eyes
“Do you know that when families hate themselves and separate, it is probably because they are disappointed in each other, but my story wasn’t like that, My dad was accused and arrested for murder, my mom separated because she couldn’t raise me alone…. ” she paused as tears dripped from her eyes

“I woke up one day and couldn’t find my mom, she vanished and left a letter ” she said as more tears dripped from her eyes

Mj was dumbfounded for a while

He just continued to stare at her

“I just want to live a quiet life , I do not want my family story to destroy you and your father’s relationship ” she said and turned to go but Mj stopped her

“I thought people called you a badass because you are one but right now you are not acting like one ” he said and hugged her

“When I like people, it is a big deal ” he said and patted her back.

Leo who was on his way to the bar saw Irene and Mj outside, they were hugging each other and Irene was probably in tears

“Why are you always crying when you are with him? ” he thought to himself and turned back

“Why can’t you shed those tears when you are with me instead ” he said to himself and walked away


Irene and Mj walked back home together in an silence

They were about to enter when Irene stopped

“I have a question to ask? ” She said and Mj arched his brow

“Can I like you? ” She asked as Mj stared at her

“I want to fall in love with you and be open about it, can I do that? ” She asked but Mj just at her with shock


Leo sat on a bench outside

It was a very cold night

He sighed as he recalled what Riele said

“once you and Mj finds about this, I don’t think you would be able to forgive me ” he said and sighed out loud

He recalled when he saw Mj and Irene hugged

” I won’t give up on you” he thought and dialled Irene’s number

“Hello? ” Irene said on the other side of the phone

“It’s me ”

“I know, where are you? Hurry up and come home ” Irene said

“Irene ”

“Hm? ”

“I’m just a street away from Mj’s house, Can you come out for a moment ” he said

“Alright, I will be right there ” Irene said and hanged up

He sighed and wore his jacket

“I should do this even if it’s once ” he said and nod


Irene walked out of the house and walked to where Leo was

“Why aren’t you coming inside? ” She asked and Leo smiled

“I wanted to say something to you ” he said and it suddenly started to rain

“Oh my goodness, I didn’t know it was going to rain ” Irene said and Leo took off his jacket and wore it for her

“Thanks, let’s get somewhere to hide then we can talk ” She said and wanted to leave but Leo grabbed her hand and pulled her by her waist to himself

“What are you doing? ” She asked and tried to release herself but Leo was more stronger

“I told you I like you but why are you always looking at him ” he said and Irene arched her brow

“What do you mean? ”

“Look at you acting innocent again ” he said and Irene tried to release herself again

“It’s raining heavily ” she said

“I like it this way, I want it this way ” he said and placed his lips on hers

Irene’s eyes widened with shock as she didn’t know what to do

She removed her lips and took a step backward

“Leo, I’m sorry but I don’t think….. ” She didn’t complete her statement before Mj appeared from nowhere and punched Leo making him to fall

“Mj ” Irene yelled and he grab her hand

“What do you think you are doing right now? ” Leo asked but he ignored him

“Let’s go ” he said to Irene

“Why did you punch him? ” Irene asked

“You belong to me, don’t you ever see any guy alone again ” he said and Leo smirked and glared at Mj

“What did you just say, she belongs to you? ” he asked and Mj looked at him

“Don’t you ever lay your hands on her again because if you do, I won’t let you get away with it ” he said and dragged irene away with him.

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