Love, Lies and Divorce – episode 1



‘I am glad we really found out time to do this… I missed you guys.’ Zainab smiled and set the table for her two friends.
The id-el-kabir celebrations were still ongoing and she’d chosen that special day to celebrate with Amaka and Edima.

‘Uhmmmm….this taste awesomely nice.’ Edima dipped the rice pancakes into the peppery sauce that was offered.
‘It’s called Masa in hausa, you should try the Dambu Nama, flaked meat.’ Zainab instructed and observed that her other friend had been strangely quiet.
‘So where is your husband and the kids?’ Edima wondered why the house was awfully quiet. She’d been friends with Zainab for long and knew what Zainab’s house could be like when her children were around. She had been married for ten years now and the union was blessed with Aisha, Umaima and Abdulkhadir, her three children.

‘Oh about that, Abdul decided to take the kids shopping, you know they’ll return to school after the holidays. But I think he planned to take them to the movies…that man can spoil his children dirty!’ Her eyes gleamed with admiration for the man she had married.
Abdul was the love of her life, her first love and their marriage was the most perfect of her friends’. God had blessed her. She counted herself lucky to be with a man that devoted all his time and attention to her, a man that wasn’t ready to take other wives. Abdul was just the right man for her.

‘Wow! Hearing you talk about your family like this, makes me miss him.’ Edima lowered her eyes and focused on the dish, her appetite suddenly disappeared and she resumed thinking about the man that had broken her heart… How could he?
‘Are you seriously doing this right now?’ Amaka lifted her brow and wondered why Edima would be this emotional, it had been three long years yet she couldn’t get over him.
‘Now, that’s cruel Amaka…have pity on her for once.’ Zainab moved over to where her friend sat… Tears had begun to stream down her cheeks

‘Whatever….’ Amaka shrugged and left for the kitchen. She needed to think, she needed a drink but knowing Zainab and her religious nature, she didn’t expect to find a tinge of alcohol in there so she chose to move outside for some air.

‘Darling it’s okay…I understand how you feel, I know you loved Fred but he is gone. Wherever he is, he would want the best for you, he would want you to be happy….okay?’ She squeezed her shoulders lightly.
‘I don’t know Zee, I just keep thinking about him, I miss him so much…how could death be so cruel?’ She swallowed a sob and took the hankie Zainab offered.
Frederick Bassey her late husband had died three years ago. There was no man for her save for him but that fateful day he got involved in a car crash that ended their six months marriage. She relived the memories of their young marriage… She wished he would come back to life… But there she was, sad and alone.
Her friends had been her pillar and without them, she would have committed suicide a long time ago as she’d become very depressed after her husband’s demise.
‘Stay here, let me talk to Amaka, something isn’t right with her.’ Zainab rubbed her hands on her skirt and walked outside.

‘Hey, what’s wrong with you? Having a bad day?’ Zainab walked towards her other friend.
‘I don’t want to talk about it. Have you heard from Lola?’ They had planned to spend the day together and at Zainab’s place but she still wasn’t here….
‘No, you know her, she is always the late one.’ Zainab replied as her l-ips w¡dened. She loved her friends so much and she was glad they’d come to spend time with her.
‘Sly cheated on me.’ Amaka replied curtly
‘Excuse me?’ The words were alien to her ears.
‘You heard me, the idiot confessed it this morning. He had been shagging his secretary but lied to my face that it just happened once and he is sorry. I don’t know what to believe Zee, I am hurting. I don’t know if I can ever trust him again.’ A tear slipped down her cheeks
‘My god, how could Sylvester do something like that? He seemed so responsible….’ Zainab was stunned.
Sly and Amaka had been married for five years now and they had a child, Odinaka…. They seemed perfect and happy. Why on earth would Sly do such a thing?

‘I don’t know Zee… I am confused. He broke my heart. Do you think I can ever forgive him?’ She looked into her friend’s eyes searching for answers.
Zainab’s marriage was perfect, her husband was faithful and down to earth, he never gave her any problems, so they’d always looked up to her for advice.
‘Yes you will, you just need time dear, you will heal eventually.’ Zainab replied and hugged her friend.
‘Hello girls… Do you think Lola is still gonna make it? It’s getting late.’ Edima had decided to come out and get some air, she was suffocating in,side.
‘uhmmm, let’s see…’ Zainab released her friend from the hug and rubbed her hair thoughtfully.

‘Don’t you get to remove that?’ Edima chewed on the rice pancakes, wondering why her friend had to wear her Hijab all the time.
‘It’s her crown girl, leave Zee alone.’ Amaka chuckled softly
‘Well, it’s my choice…’ Zainab ignored her friend’s teasing, glad they both now were okay.
‘I am sorry I sounded that way Edima, I had no right to sound so rude to you. Forgive me…’ Amaka was remorseful.
‘It’s okay, I totally understand, we all have bad days.’ Edima smiled and warmed up to where Amaka sat.
Just like old times, they laughed and gossiped, only that one person was missing…

To be continued

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