Love Lies And Divorce – episode 10


Abdul had dropped her and zoomed off for his appointment, she was glued to the s₱0t where she stood.
This used to be her home before the fights began, before her husband’s relatives began visiting and emphasizing her inability to give Femi a child.
This used to be her sacred abode, before Femi desecrated it by bringing his mistresses home. But she couldn’t judge him no more, she was no longer a saint herself.
She swallowed the regret that rose in her belly; she had just k-ssed Abdul not long ago without feeling guilty about it. She liked it, she liked him… How callous had she become?
Zainab was everything she never had – her friend, her mother, her confidante and she had betrayed her.
What if Abdul was right? What if they both shared an attraction that needed to be explored?
She sighed and prayed to God for answers as pain filled her heart, if only things had turned out differently, maybe she would never had slept with Abdul.
Her heart sank as she glanced round the home. Once upon a time, it radiated peace, love, joy and comfort but presently, it was filled with gloom and depression for her.
Suddenly she felt weak at the realization that she would be a divorcee or she was a divorcee. Without a care in the world, she dropped her bag on the table and sat on the floor.

She was deeply hurt and no one could take this pain away, nobody could understand what she felt. Femi no longer loved her, it was clear from his actions, he seized every opportunity to hurt her, to make her feel unworthy and valueless to him. He rejected her love outrightly. It was over for her, over for them both.
Her tears was her final acceptance.
Naturi walked in and almost tripped on the small sized wooden stool that graced the parlor… Who was the lady? And why was she crying?
‘Baby, where are you? I hope you haven’t gotten lost, I have a big house…’ Femi’s voice reverberated from in,side.
Lola was still oblivious to what went on around her, she was stuck in her own world, a world filled with pain and depression.
‘I think we have a problem here….’ Naturi eyed Femi suspiciously. Hadn’t he gotten rid of his wife as he’d told her earlier?
‘Yes, do you mind waiting in,side for me?’ he clicked his tongue as he watched his wife who was completely unaware of his presence.
This made him feel more guilty, seeing her look so desolate and pale made him feel worse. He knew Lola didn’t deserve any of this but he couldn’t help it, he needed to end their marriage.
‘Lola….’ He called softly.
‘Femi…’ She jerked a bit, surprised to see him.

‘I don’t know if my apologies could do anything to placate this pain you feel in,side. I am really sorry Lola but you know we were both unhappy, with time you’ll see the truth.’ he dropped down beside her.
She wiped her face with the back of her palms, too tired to cry. What was the point? Her tears wouldn’t make Femi change his mind.
‘Who is she? Is that your new wife…?’ she sniffled as her eyes met with the young woman in a white towel who stood far away from them.
‘No….’ Femi snapped and stared daggers at Naturi, what on earth was she still doing there? He’d told her to wait in the room, she was just going to complicate things for him.
‘You are really heartless Femi! I have been blinded by love these years. You hurt me real bad and it pleases you to hurt me more,’ tears welled up in her eyes.
He had brought another woman hours after he’d told her about the divorce? He was such a devil…and it broke her heart that he wasn’t sorry.
Abdul was right, their marriage had been an unhealthy co-habitation.
‘Lola, I am really sorry, it’s just…’ he tried to explain but the lift of her finger forced him to shut up.
‘I need the divorce papers today. Let’s get it over with. You’re free to do anything you want, I don’t care anymore.’ She wiped her face and rose to her feet.

‘Lola….’ He called her back, wondering why she sounded so determined. He was supposed to be happy, he was supposed to celebrate the fact that she had finally accepted his idea of them getting divorce but he felt numb.
‘Get me those papers before nightfall or I’ll get them myself; and you know what that means, you could lose a lot of money.’ She was suddenly filled with confidence.
She had lost herself while trying to please an unlovable man as Femi. She had dined with Lucifer all these year but right there as she stared at him, all her desires for him fled. He wasn’t worth it. She was writing a new chapter In her adult life and a new man would grace those pages.
‘Get out of my way b*tch!’ she pushed Naturi aside and stormed into the room.
‘Who do I have here!’ Zainab hugged Amaka as she walked in carrying her baby in her arms. Edima had arrived earlier and had treated herself to a cup of cold Zobo drink.
‘Welcome baby mama, you look hot in that dress.’ Edima complimented her friend.
‘Hey don’t call me that, at least I am still married to his father.’ Amaka winked and hugged Edima lovingly.
‘Where’s Lola…?’ she finally asked as she settled into a seat beside Edima.
‘Still the same question I asked Zee’ Edima gulped more of the drink.
‘Girls, a lot has been going on with Lola. Sometimes I get confused… She has refused to let me in but I know for sure, she is in a very bad place. We need to pray for her….’ Zainab offered weakly. Lola had changed. Usually when Femi hurt her, she would spill her guts to them all but this time was different, like she was hiding something.

…. To Be Continued.

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