Love Lies And Divorce – episode 11 & 12



Lola had changed. Usually when Femi hurt her, she would spill her guts to them all but this time was different, like she was hiding something.
‘She hasn’t returned my calls either. Maybe we should go over to her place after this.’ Edima checked through her phone.
‘I think she deserves privacy. God knows what that fool of a husband has done this time. Maybe we should send thugs after him.’ Amaka was quite pissed.
‘Hey, slow down,’ Zee rubbed her hand.
‘You know Zee, sometimes I envy you. Your relationship with Abdul is quite amazing. You are both perfect for each other. I wish I could have that…’ She shook her head slightly.
‘Honey, but Sly is perfect for you. That guy is the best cook ever!’ Edima wondered why her friend sounded so hopeless.
‘I wish he was….’ Amaka exchanged glares with Zainab, Edima didn’t know of Sly’s latest escapade.
‘What? Why are you two looking at each other? Is my make-up funny?’ Edima wondered.
‘No, sorry we couldn’t tell you the other day… Sylvester cheated on Amaka with his secretary.’ Zainab explained quietly.
‘True that!’ Amaka pecked her baby softly as Edima’s eyes widened with surprise.
‘No, oh God Amy! I am so sorry. How could he do this to you?’ She pulled off her glasses and focused on her friend.
‘No don’t do that, don’t pity me. I am doing fine by myself, I’ll pull through this but I’ll make his life a living hell.’ Amy pulled her guards up.
‘Are you sure about that? ‘ Edima asked.
‘Yes, guess what I told him? We would only have s£x with condoms and we won’t speak to each other except it’s really necessary.’ Amaka told her friends about her plan.
‘Wow! That’s a bit….’ Zainab tried to find the right words for her friend’s ridiculous idea.
‘INTENSE’ Edima supplied, what was Amaka thinking?
‘Wait, he was the one who cheated on me? Hello? Remember? I need your support on this.’ How could her friends betray her?
‘Honey, I am going to be honest with you… You’re lucky Sly even confessed to cheating, most men don’t do it. Instead when they feel guilty, they buy you gifts or start acting nice. I think you deserve to be mad, to cry and feel hurt but you have to do everything in moderation.’ Zainab spoke coolly but lay emphasis on each word.
‘Zee is right Amaka, giving him the cold shoulder when he wants to make love to you or ignoring him wouldn’t help you, you’ll only hurt yourself. I think you should try and forgive Sly. That guy is a good one, I think his secretary seduced him. He is hardly the type to commit adultery. Why don’t you speak to him? Or see a therapist? If you ignore him for too long, he may find his way back into the arms of another woman. Most men cheat Amy, this one confessed so give him a chance.’ Edima advised.
‘I can’t believe you guys are my friends! What makes you think Sly isn’t lying? Was I at the office with him? What if his affair with Doyin has been going on for a long time and maybe she is trying to blackmail him and he came running to me. I don’t get why you should support me.’ She was frustrated…
‘Amy, you don’t get this do you? The day you signed up for marriage, the day you took those vows before the priest and the congregation, you had accepted anything Sly would bring to the table. You really need to forgive him. Whatever you do, remember your son.’ Zainab insisted, inwardly praising God for her husband who had no reason to cheat on her during their years of marriage.
‘You think it’s that easy?’ she snorted at her two friends.
‘Eventually you have to forgive him, he is your husband.’ Edima cut in
‘Be careful Amy, don’t let your revengeful heart destroy what you and Sly had together, it was really beautiful. Maybe you should go on a vacation, that could help you know?’ Zainab suggested.
‘You make all this sound easy. Has Abdul cheated on you before? I don’t think either of you understands what I am going through. I wish Lola were here, she would be by my side…’ Amy was still bent on going ahead with her plans.
‘No, why would he cheat on me? I give him everything he wants. I am thinking of wearing those lingeries he bought me…’ Zainab winked, she was so proud of her man.
‘You sound really naughty, I know you’re just saying that.’ Edima burst out laughing.
‘That is coming from a woman who wears hijab in front of her female friends.’ Amy couldn’t hold back the laughter.
‘Am I that outdated?’ Zee smiled, happy that the mood had lightened. If only Lola were here.
‘Not outdated, ancient is the word!’ Edima almost choked on her drink.
‘So what did you have to tell us?’ Amaka quickly checked her phone which buzzed loudly.
‘Uhmmm, I met this guy…’ she started, a bit unsure.
‘I’mma drink to that!’ Amaka yelled and gestured for a glass.
‘Let’s hear her out honey.’ Zee relaxed on her chair.
‘Okay, I had this lecture to deliver at a seminar, then this guy kept smiling at me during the lecture. He reminded me of Fred. Then as I was about leaving, he came along and asked for my number,’ she fiddled with her fingers.
‘And?’ they both chorused.
‘And… I think I did something very stupid’ Edima had never felt this way about any man for a very long time.
‘Please don’t tell me you yelled at him. Is he cute?’ Amaka was every bit the curious cat.
‘I told him to back off that I am married.’ She stuttered.
‘Oh my God! Are you serious? You told this guy you were married?’ Zainab shook her head in disbelief.
‘What were you thinking Edima? From the way you sound, it’s like you like him already.’ Amaka was a bit disappointed.
‘Yes, I made a grave mistake, now I’ll never see him again…’ she closed her eyes for a moment.
‘Hey, look at me, if you two are meant to be, he will find you. Our hearts never lie. Do you know anything about him? What does he do? Maybe we could find him on internet…’ Zainab asked.
‘No, but I think he told me his name is Omale, that’s all I remember.’ Edima was frightened by the possibility of never seeing him again.
‘Uhmm…ladies, I think I have to go. Sly just texted me about the arrival of his cousin Ben.’ Amaka sighed.
‘So what do I do? Tell me?’ Edima tapped her fingers nervously on the table.
‘Pray. Tomorrow is Sunday, Pray. I’ll include you in my prayers dear…’ Zainab smiled warmly at Edima.
‘You’re always so religious. Well Edima, as I said earlier, if your hearts are for each other, you shall meet again.’ Amaka kissed her cheek and waved them goodbye.
‘Alright, I guess I should go too. I’ll check on Lola later.’ Edima hugged Zee and hurried out.
‘Sweet friends…’ Zainab smiled happily. It was one thing to have friends, it was another to sustain that friendship over the years.
‘Is that you Aisha? Umaima I thought I told you to watch after your sister’ Zainab wondered which of her kids was knocking on the door which was obviously opened.
‘Peace be unto this house…’ a female voice spoke.
‘Good afternoon, can I help you?’ Zainab turned to see a very elegant young woman.
She was short and light skinned, she didn’t wear a hijab but tied a turban on her head and a scarf over her shoulders.
She wore dangling earrings that fell to her shoulders and her fingers and forearms were decorated with black henna. She was a very beautiful girl.
Her lips were painted red and very attractive to look out, her nose was er£ct and proud and her eyes possessed a confidence Zainab couldn’t understand and she saw her younger self in this girl that stood before her.
‘I am looking for Mallam Amjad Abdul,’ she moistened her lips while her eyes scanned the whole parlor expectantly.
‘Oh, my husband, who are you please?’ Zainab was surprised at herself for sounding so possessive.
‘I am his secretary. A client came complaining about our service so I thought I should let him know. My name is Farida’ she explained.
‘Oh, I see. He never told me he had a secretary. Abdul isn’t around.’ She felt uneasy looking at this girl.
‘Okay Madam, have a nice day. May Allah’s countenance shine upon you and your household.’ Farida bowed and walked out briskly.
‘Amin’ Zainab replied and rushed to the window to stare after the girl.
For the first time since her marriage to Abdul, she was terrified.


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‘Okay Madam, have a nice day. May Allah’s countenance shine upon you and your household.’ Farida bowed and walked out briskly.
‘Amin’ Zainab replied and rushed to the window to stare after the girl.
For the first time since her marriage to Abdul, she was terrified.
‘So how is Germany?’ That was the first time he’d spoken to his cousin since he picked him from the airport.
Ben had been on call talking to some lady. Yes, from the way he’d sounded, Sly knew his cousin was talking to a woman.
‘Been fine bro and how has married life been with you?’ Ben paused and looked around the house as he dropped his luggage.
‘Why should you ask me that?’ Sly returned, a bit fierce. He’d not gotten over the fact that Ben had missed his wedding.
‘Man, I am sorry, Okay? I promise to make it up to you. I was very busy at the time of the wedding. I am sorry I didn’t get to meet your wife but I’ll still meet her right?’ Ben was apologetic.
‘Sure, let me fetch you a drink.’ Sly packed his luggage and headed to the cellar first.
‘So long a time…’ Ben whispered to himself and walked closer to where the pictures hung gracefully adding to the lovely theme of the parlor.
The painting of a nude woman holding a child to her bre@sts attracted him. He loved paintings a lot, it reminded him of Bruce Onabrakpeya’s work ‘Negritude’
Then his eyes strayed so her smiling face; her eyes were golden and they danced with laughter. They were clouded by a canopy of long, thick and dark lashes. He wondered if they were natural? She sat on a rocky terrain and threw one slender but shapely leg to the air. She was a sight to behold. Her long neck was graceful, it reminded him of the Ostriches he’d seen on his way back to Nigeria.
Who was she? He brushed the picture slightly, she was perfect and highly photogenic as her caramel complexion twinkled.
‘That’s Amaka….’ Sly smiled proudly as he returned with a bottle of white wine.
‘Amaka?’ Ben raised his brows.
‘My wife, mother of my son Odinaka.’ He supplied.
‘Oh! She’s absolutely stunning’. Ben was unsettled by the beauty of the woman in the photograph and he wondered if she were this beautiful in person…the picture woudn’t flee his memory but he made strong effort not to fix his eyes on it. He hated staring at people’s wives talk more his cousin’s.
‘So tell me about your love life, when are you getting married Ben?’ Sly poured the drinks.
‘I don’t have a girlfriend presently but I do have a very interesting s£x life. Do you wanna hear it?’ he winked at Sly who wrinkled his nose in disgust.
‘Please don’t tell me you’re gay.’ Sly paused and stared at his cousin who was clearly amused at his line of thought.
‘Don’t make me laugh man, do I look gay to you?’ Sly chuckled softly.
‘I don’t know, you know white culture has a way of influencing Africans who reside there so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.’ he swallowed his drink hurriedly.
‘I can never be gay. I don’t have a girlfriend Sly. I am too busy to keep one. Who knows? I may find myself a wife before I return to Germany.’ he gulped his drink.
‘That my friend, would be your greatest accomplishment.’ Sly raised a glass in toast.
‘I have money, I am satisfied… That is my greatest accomplishment.’ Ben rebutted his cousin’s statement.
‘No, you need a woman by your side. A tall, beautiful, shapely, hardworking, intelligent, very good in bed.’ Sly paused as Amaka walked in with their child.
‘I guess you were describing your wife…’ Ben’s eyes brightened as Amaka walked towards them and instantly, he knew he would never be the same.
She wore a mini skirt that showed off her s£xy legs and the tank top she wore revealed her tommy slightly…how could a mother of one be this hot?
He quickly poured himself more drink to adjust to the situation as she drew closer to where he sat.
‘Welcome….’ Amaka forced a smile. She had to pretend before this stranger. Definitely, that was Sly’s cousin, Benson, or whatever his name was.
She scanned him briefly and noticed the slight resemblance he shared with Sly but he was lightskinned with a mass of black hair and low cut beards.
His eyes were soft and dreamy, Sylvester’s cousin looked very much a Casanova, the likes of Ramsey Noah and Majid Michel.
‘Hey darling, come over here.’ Sly was a bit excited by her expression. Had Amaka forgiven him? He would find out later.
‘This is Benson, my cousin I told you about. He would be staying with us for a while.’ Sly took her waist with his free hand.
‘Hello Benson, I am Amaka, pleased to meet you.’ she offered a hand which he took too quickly.
Their hands bonded for some moments, her heart fluttered at the softness of his touch and she imagined being with a masseuse. She quickly withdrew her hand as a strange sensation crept up her neck. Why was she acting like a school girl?
‘Call me Ben.’ He focused on her eyes, she was more beautiful in person. Amaka was a goddess.
‘I have to go check the baby’ she cleared her throat and excused herself.
‘No problem.’ Sly kissed his baby and dropped his glass.
‘I am sorry to say this but I already made reservations at a hotel’ Benson lied. He couldn’t stay in that house.
‘Are you kidding me? Sometimes I wonder if I have offended you in any way’ Sly picked the glass again.
‘No, don’t say that. Remember I told you I have a very interesting s£x life?’ Benson swallowed nervously, he had to leave that place, he couldn’t face her again. She was like an inferno and infernos consumed their victim.
‘What is your s£x life about really?’ Sly lifted a brow in curiosity.
‘I do threesomes…’ that was another lie.
‘What? That’s crazy.’ Sly shrugged, he wasn’t surprised, his cousin had always had a rough edge since their youthful days.
‘Not surprised? So you see my cousin, I really have to go but I’ll come here frequently. I need to bond with little Odinaka you know?’ he winked.
‘Why don’t you stay the night and leave tomorrow? I don’t remember chasing you…’ Sly suggested.
‘My intention isn’t to make you feel bad so Okay, I shall stay the weekend… Is that cool?’ He threw his hands up in the air.
‘Better, cousin… Now let me show you some pictures.’ Sly was quite excited his cousin had decided to spend the weekend.
‘No problem, go ahead…’ Ben swallowed the drink and prayed he would withstand seeing her pictures.

…. To Be Continued.

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