Love Lies And Divorce – episode 20

She had to go see Zainab and talk to the other girls, she still contemplated whether she would tell them about the divorce.
Just as she stepped out of the bathroom, she found him sitting at the edge of her bed and she jerked back in shock.
‘Good day dear wife, surprised to see me?’ Femi turned and faced her with a wide grin on his face.
‘What are you doing here? You’re supposed to be gone for a week plus. Don’t tell me your mistress has dumped you already?’ She sneered at him, how come she’d been so blind? All these years, she’d been married to a devil and she was just realizing it.
‘Wow, someone is still angry with me. Come on Lola….’ He could feel indignation in her voice.
This wasn’t the time, what was he doing right here?
‘Where are the divorce papers?’ She waited for his response.
‘Lola….’ He rose quietly and walked towards her. He’d travelled to France on a business trip and somehow reflected on his life.
Lola was the most beautiful person anybody could ever meet, she was such a sweet and angelic woman and he had been willing to throw all that away.
He thought about the times they’d spent together, the moments they’d shared and he knew getting a divorce would be the greatest mistake of his life
He couldn’t do it. Yes, they couldn’t have children but the primary purpose of getting married apart from procreation was being happy. That was it. He wanted to be happy and the only person that knew him that much, knew when he was angry, sad or depressed was Lola. What had gotten into him?
She wasn’t speaking to him, she was passive to his charms. She was hærd to read, he knew he’d hurt her and it would take a long time for her to heal which was worth waiting for but he was absolutely never going back to his old life.
‘Get your filthy hands off me, you fool.’ She pushed him away as the weight of her anger crashed on her wh0le being, she despised him.
‘Baby, please just hear me out…’ he wouldn’t let her go, he’d been a fool…hurting a good woman like that.
‘What do you have to say Femi? Is your girlfriend pregnant for you? What do you want? Just bring me the damn divorce papers and let me sign and end my misery.’ she folded her arms waiting for him to speak up.
‘I don’t want the divorce no more Lola, I have been a fool, I don’t know why I became this egocentric person. I am sorry for all the things I did to you. Please forgive me and take me back. I swear never to hurt you again…’ He went on his knees.
‘F-ck! What’s this Femi? Is this some joke to humiliate me further? What are you talking about’? she bit her lip and gazed out the window like the answers to this lay there.
‘I know I messed up big time, allowing my relatives talk you down, bringing women home. I was just being stupid but I promise to do anything for you. Please baby…’ he held unto her hand.
‘Femi, I am quite sure that woman you travelled with has jilted you. Now get out of my room, I don’t have time for this. I’ll be heading out, I want to see those papers by evening else I would be the one filing for divorce and you know what that means. I could win everything,’ she gestured with her hands.
‘No, Lola, you can’t do that to me. I regret my actions deeply but believe in me, I am changed.’ He wondered what had changed in her.
‘I don’t have time for this, just get out…’ she opened the door and beckoned on him to move out.
‘I love you Lola, please don’t lose faith in me.’ he walked out dejectedly.
‘No this cannot be happening, this isn’t real’ she sobbed. What was going on here? Why was Femi acting all nice?
And to think that she’d done the very same thing she was judging him for, made her feel sick. She wasn’t a saint too, she was sleeping with her friend’s husband.
‘So you’re saying he k-ssed you on the l-ips’? Zainab arched her brow as Amy narrated her story.
‘Yes Zee, right here…’ She pressed her fingers to her l-ips, getting more confused by the hour.
‘So how did you feel when he k-ssed you…’? Zainab dropped the tray of biscuits and focused on her friend.
‘I don’t know Zee, I felt this connection. I actually liked it and I can’t get it out of my mind….’ Amy replied exasperatedly
What had she gotten herself into?
‘Hey, it’s okay, don’t be too hærd on yourself…remember what you and Sly are going through? Maybe this was an outlet for your anger…don’t you think’?Zee rubbed her shoulders affectionately.
‘I don’t know Zee, why should I enjoy another man’s k-ss’? she closed her eyes briefly…
‘Now that’s the problem, I think you should forgive Sly and mend things with him before a big crack opens in your marriage, something you’ll never be able to fix…’ Zee poured them some juice.
‘Whoa wait, you think I could actually sleep with another man, is that what you’re saying’? Amaka’s eyes went wild.
‘Don’t be offended but these things happen, you are still holding a grudge against your husband, that need to revenge is still buried in,side you and if you don’t solve this problem, you’re going to listen to that need, you’ll satisfy it and you’ll be miserable.’ Zee held out a glass to her.
‘I can never sleep with another man, I’m wired differently. It’s just that Ben is hot and he is a flirt, he was the one that k-ssed me and not the other way round.’ Amy tried to defend herself.
‘So what? What’s your point? I have a feeling you are attracted to this guy but you know me, I don’t support what’s bad. Call Sly right now and fix a date with him. Go out and talk about your feelings, forgive him and move on…you’re even lucky this man confessed to cheating…you’re being immature to me. Just accept this, deal with this and move on or you get a divorce.’ Zee blurted out in irritation.
They’d been talking about this issue for weeks now, why couldn’t Amy get over it?
‘Whoa slow down, are you okay’? Zainab had never been this harsh with words…something wasn’t going on well with her…
‘I’m sorry I sounded that way. I’m just in a bad place’ she sighed and faced the wall. No, her friends couldn’t see her like this, she was the perfect one, with the perfect home and the perfect husband.
‘Maybe you are right, maybe I am immature. It just hurts so much.’ Amy allowed Zee’s words to sink in…
‘Okay…I’m glad you finally get the point.’ Zee took a seat
‘So what’s wrong with you, talk to me’ Amaka was curious
‘I don’t know if this sounds weird but deep down I feel I and Abdul have drifted apart, like we’ve lost each other. I don’t seem to understand him anymore and I feel he is cheating on me as crazy as that sounds.’ She rolled her eyes, maybe she was being paranoid but she just had this hunch.
‘Wow, you’re right, It’s really crazy. Abdul is the perfect man, he would never cheat on you in a million years. If he wanted to, he would’ve gotten another wife already. Wait, where is this coming from? Do you have evidence?’ Amaka shook her head.
‘Not really, it’s just…’ Zainab hesitated.
‘Just what?’ Amy w¡dened her eyes, just as Zee was about to speak, the door flung wide open and a happy looking Lola walked in.

…. To Be Continued.

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