Love Lies And Divorce – episode 21


‘Just what?’ Amy w¡dened her eyes, just as Zee was about to speak, the door flung wide open and a happy looking Lola walked in.
‘Lola!’ her two friends gasped.
‘My God, it’s been ages, I miss you so much’ Amy rose and embraced her
‘Wow, somebody looks happy…’ Zee hugged her and rubbed her hair.
‘Thanks to you Zainab, I’m now back on my feet. I’m totally excited.’ Lola poured herself a drink.
‘Wow, it’s nice to see you guys again, I wasn’t expecting you…where’s Edima’? Lola had hoped only Zee would be around but she was surprised to see her other friend Amaka.
‘Oh, Edima called hours ago. She’s fine, you should return her calls or text her back.’ Zainab advised Lola.
‘Yes I would. So what were you two discussing?’ Sitting there right in front of the woman’s husband she was bleeping made her feel weird. How could she do this to Zainab?
‘Zainab thinks Abdul is cheating, can you imagine that?’ Amaka filled her in
Lola didn’t speak, her face went white and her fingers trembled. Had Zainab caught wind of her affair with Abdul? She would be dead.
‘Are you okay Lola’? Zainab wondered why her friend looked so terrified.
‘Oh, I’m fine…it’s just that I had a fever…’ Lola lied and averted her eyes from Zainab’s…she couldn’t do this, she couldn’t be this mean person to such a beautiful soul…
‘So you were saying something before Lola walked in….’ Amy carefully reminded her…
‘Yes, there’s this young lady that came visiting, she said she worked with Abdul at the office and she was extremely pretty. I just got scared. Could he handle that? Working with such a pretty girl?’ She hoped she wasn’t sounding crazy.
‘So you got intimidated by another woman’s beauty and you feel Abdul is sleeping with her. I guess you don’t have real problems Zee…’ Amaka smiled to herself.
‘No, I just know something isn’t right with him’ Zainab insisted
‘Say something Lola. Are you okay’? Amaka faced her
‘You see, I think you got that idea that your husband is unfaithful simply because mine slept with his secretary, don’t you see the dots? Just forget it Zee, it’s all in your head, Abdul would never cheat on you’ Amy was sure of this.
‘Sly cheated on you?’ It was Lola’s turn to be shocked
‘Yes, and his cousin k-ssed me yesterday…’ Amaka cut in
‘Wow, have I been gone that long?’ Lola smiled and reached out for some biscuits. She knew she had made a mistake by sleeping with Abdul. Her friends meant the wh0le world to her and she’d betrayed one of them.
‘Yes, and Edima likes this guy who doesn’t feel the same way…’ Zee added
‘Fill me in girls, I’ve been a lost sheep’ Lola chewed
‘Before then, what has been up with you? You never really talked to me about Femi. Why don’t you tell us about you? We’ve missed you Lola’ Zainab felt her friend was avoiding the subject.
‘I can’t, it’s complicated, I feel stupid.’ Yes, she was stupid for sleeping with Abdul. How on earth would she ever forgive herself?
He’d told her he loved her but was it real? He’d cajoled her to pay Zainab a visit like nothing had happened but who was he kidding? Sitting close to Zainab made her feel very guilty and she knew for sure that she would never return to this house.
‘Go on dear, we can handle anything’ Amaka saw the tears that had welled up in her eyes
‘Femi came up with this crazy idea that he wanted a divorce, he travelled some days ago and returned today claiming he was sorry and he didn’t want no divorce again. I am confused, I don’t know what to do…’ she cried
‘Hey it’ s very simple, don’t cry. Don’t let that bastard ruin you.’ Amaka bit her lip as Zee’s eyes cautioned her.
‘Well, tell him to prove it. If he really wants you to be together, he needs to work hærd for it, okay?’ Zainab ruffled her hair.
‘You think so?’ More tears streamed down her face, tears of regret, tears of pain. How on earth did she get here?
‘I know so…’ Zee hugged her reassuringly.
‘What were you thinking coming over to my house like that?’ Abdul thundered. What game was Farida trying to play with him?
‘Sweetheart, you shouldn’t be this worked up about a little stunt I pulled, I only did that cause I waited all day and didn’t see you and what I had to tell you was quite important, please hear me out Abdul…’ She‘d never seen him this angry.
‘And I had to lie to my wife that you’re my secretary. Why did you do something like that Farida. You know what? I think our relationsh¡p is over. Don’t call me, don’t come to my house ever again, I cannot have a wh-re like you break my marriage!’ He cursed.
‘Wh-re? I’ll pretend I didn’t hear you Abdul’ She felt stung by his cruelty. How could be so mean?
‘I’m serious Farida, don’t call me ever again, it’s over!’ He rose from the bed and was about storming out when her words stilled him.
‘No you cannot end this right now sweety, I am pregnant for you’ Her l-ips quavered as she spoke the words waiting for his reaction.
‘What?’ he turned around and faced her.
‘Yes, my love, I think it’s your baby’ she rubbed her belly gently.
‘No you cannot be, we always used protection and even if it is, you aren’t a baby, you can take care of yourself’ He saw the determination that blazed in her brown eyes and he knew he’d gotten into trouble.
He knew girls like Farida, very manipulative and overly ambitious.
‘You want me to get rid of this baby? I cannot do such a thing! By Allah, I cannot spill blood. How can you even suggest something like that Abdul?’ Fear gripped her heart.
‘You heard me. What were you expecting? That I could marry a lowlife like you? I told you earlier, I cannot marry another wife and you were just for fun. Why did you have to get pregnant? Do you think you can ruin my happiness with Zainab?’ Anger coursed through him, he should’ve seen this coming.
‘I can’t believe this… But you said you loved me, what has changed Abdul?’ She gingerly walked towards him.
He regarded her steadily, he didn’t push her away.
‘Please don’t do this to me, I cannot have an abortion. I want this child to live…’ she begged him softly.
‘You’re really foolish to think I could ever be serious with a woman of your caliber, you’re a wh-re Farida. How many men have you slept with? Surely, I could never take you for a wife. So just go see a doctor and send me the bill.’ he walked gently away from her…
‘Me? A wh-re?’ she bit her l-ips. How could he sound so different?
‘I have to go. Call me when you see the doctor, he ignored her rants.
‘No, I wouldn’t get rid of this baby. Why are you so eager to dump me?’ She lifted her brows, she’d been around men enough to know when they got tired of a woman.
His phone buzzed and he smiled
‘Lola, how sweet of you to call. I became worried you’d lost interest in me’ he ignored Farida’s icy glare completely.
‘We really need to talk Abdul, let’s meet tonight’ Her voice was low and brooding. Something was wrong, he felt it.
‘Okay? Let’s meet up at Blue Mountains Lounge,’ he suggested.

…. To Be Continued.

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