Love Lies And Divorce – episode 23


She was already sobbing at the other end. When she’d finally gotten over Fred, she’d fallen for someone who was n0t serious about her. She had been a fool.
‘Hey, don’t do that to yourself. If Omale is really meant for you, he’ll come around somehow, okay? Meanwhile something happened to me’ Amaka paused not knowing how to begin.
‘Yes? Have you finally forgiven Sly?’ Edima sounded hopeful.
‘Arhhh why is everybody asking me that?’ She closed her eyes.
‘So what is it’? Edima pressed on
‘I k-ssed Benson, Sly’s cousin’
‘Are you serious? Have you told Sylvester about this?’
‘No, I don’t know, it’s better he doesn’t find out…the thing is after that k-ss with Ben, I expected to feel angry or guilty but I actually enjoyed it’ She pressed her fingertips to her l-ips.
‘Uh uh, I don’t like this one Amy, it’s not good to keep things like this from your husband, why on earth would his cousin k-ss you?’
‘I don’t know, I’m just so confused. Maybe I should talk to him, what do you think’?
‘That’s not a good idea, stay as far as possible from that guy, you should probably hate him right now’
‘Okay, take care’ Amy brought the call to an end as the scent of Sly’s cologne sifted through her brain.
‘Hi…’ she forced a smile as he approached her and she suddenly felt afraid. What if he had listened to her conversation?
Anger clouded his face, she hadn’t been aware that he’d listened to her call.
‘Did you have s€× with my cousin?’ Pain seared his heart, how could Amaka betray him in such a way? And to think she’d been acting so self righteous made it worse.
‘God no Sly, how could you even think of that? I haven’t known him for a week, what happened today was a mistake. I can explain…’ she rushed for words, Sly had heard wrong, she could never do something like that to him.
‘I now understand why you accepted his gift and rejected mine. How could you do this to me Amy. Yet I begged you to forgive me for just one mistake with Doyin and you made me feel like the worst person on earth, now look at this?’ He gestured with his hands.
‘Honey please, it’s not what you think. She felt helpless, what was she to do now?
‘You know what? You were never going to forgive me. I remember you said you’ll cheat on me too but I never expected you to do it with my cousin. Ben of all people? I hate you Ada’ he threw his hands up and left to fetch his briefcase.
She rushed behind him, speaking words of apology but he wouldn’t hear none of it.
‘You’re happy now right? We’re finally even. You cheated, I cheated…’ He packed more clothes into his suit case.
‘Can you hear me out Sly? Please I never cheated on you with Ben. I had no thoughts of cheating on you. I love you very much Sly, I was just hurt by your betrayal but I swear, I didn’t cheat’ she held his hands softly.
‘But you k-ssed him?’ He watched her face intently.
‘He k-ssed me Sly, what are you getting at?’ She was frustrated.
‘You let him k-ss you. God knows what you both do behind my back, I hate you so much! You betrayed me Amaka yet you act like a saint’ he resumed packing more clothes.
‘Why don’t you call him and find out the truth, please…’ she begged.
‘No, I wouldn’t do something as stupid as that. I’m off to the airport, when I get back, we’ll get a divorce’ he straightened and faced her.
Was she telling the truth? His heart raced. Did she really love him? This was the time to test her words.
‘Sly I am sorry, it was only a k-ss, I swear.’ Tears streamed down her face.
‘You call it ‘only’? Just stay here, as for Ben am going to kill him.’
The bar was scanty, many people hadn’t come out to drink….it was a bit strange, Blue mountains lodge was one of the classy hotels in the state…
‘What can we get you sir?’ the waitress wore this plastic smile but he wasn’t in the mood to flirt so he waved her off…
‘I’m waiting for somebody….when she’s here, I’ll call you’ he smiled at her….
He’d gotten home after the meeting with Farida but Zainab had left a note that she’d gone to the market…his heart raced….what if Farida had any plans of exposing their love affair to Zainab?, he would be ruined, she would never trust him again and that meant that their marriage would be over …
‘shit happens…’ he sighed and tapped his hands on the table.
It was getting late and there wasn’t any sign of Lola…had she changed her mind about the date? He wondered what she’d wanted to discuss so urgently…
‘get me a bottle of brandy….and some ice…’ he may damn well make good use of his time while waiting for her
She was hesitant at first, couldn’t she tell him over the phone? That she’d lost interest in him and the relationsh¡p wasn’t working….she couldn’t face Abdul…
And to think she’d betrayed her friend in the wh0le process hurt her more deeply….but she had to do this….she had to end things with him…
‘what the hell is this’? smoke filled her nostrils as she stepped into the living room….. she didn’t know he had returned home….the devil she’d fallen in love with…
‘what the hell are you trying to do? Do you want to raise a fire’? she yelled and coughed loudly…
‘I was trying to fix us dinner, baked chicken and popcorn….i don’t know how the oven became too hot and …I’m sorry I ruined it…’ he presented a tray with a burnt duck….
Though she found the sight of him irritating, though she hated him with her wh0le being, she had to force down the laughter….what was Femi doing? He’d never cooked his entire life…
He wore a chef’s dress and some gloves with a large tray of burnt dog…
Without uttering a word, she rushed and opened the windows…seeing him like that melted all the resolve she had.
‘hey, I am sorry I ruined our dinner….can I take you out…’? Femi pulled off the gloves and stared at his wife, she was still angry no doubt, who wouldn’t be?
‘on a date? Please say something baby…I really wanna make it up to you…’ her silence scared him, something had snapped in Lola…she looked different…though physically she was still the same woman he knew, but he felt the difference…and he hoped it could still work out with them both…
‘sorry I’m taken…’ she walked away briskly.

…. To Be Continued.

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