Love Lies And Divorce – episode 24

Something had snapped in Lola. She looked different, although physically she was still the same woman he knew. But he felt the difference and he hoped it could still work out with them both.
‘Sorry, I’m taken’ She walked away briskly.
What game was Femi trying to play?
‘Taken? You’re still my wife Lola and I’ll always be your husband’ He felt jealous, Lola was very attractive and he wondered whom she was going out with.
‘Just get out of this house and return to wherever. I am still waiting for those divorce papers. I don’t need you, I don’t need this marriage; just go Femi! You have nothing more to offer…remember how you called me barren? Maybe you were right…just go and pitch your tent elsewhere…’ she hissed and turned her back on him…
‘no, I want to pitch my tent here…I want only you….forgive me for all I ever said to you, the things I did were unforgivable …but I know your heart still beats for me…and I’m willing to wait but I wouldn’t allow you go have a date with another man while I’m still around…’ he walked slowly towards her…
‘shut up Femi, you don’t have that right, that ended the day you started bringing your wh-res home, now it’s my time to enjoy…you know what? This guy f-cks me so good…better than you ever did…so stay the hell away from me…’ she sneered to his face …
‘wow, I see, I have competition…I would leave you be after you answer one question….’ He was hurt by her words…
‘what question?’ she wondered what went on in his head as a wild grin embraced his face….
‘this question….’ He pulled her closer to him and brought his soft mouth on hers….
She struggled against him, whirling to resist this man she believed herself to hate but she couldn’t get away from him, couldn’t get away from the sweetness that filled her belly…
He deepened the k-ss by launching his tongue on her l-ips and biting them softly, her mo-ns were soft, enticing, wanting and he was ready to give her more….
‘I think I’ve found my answer, you still love me…you still get affected by my charms….’ He pulled away from her without warning and left her shaken and alone…
‘get away from me, you bastard…’ she cursed….
‘Yea, I’ve heard that before. You’re free to go see whoever but make sure you’re breaking up with him this night because next time, I wouldn’t let you go that way.’ His eyes darkened with jealousy as he imagined another man’s hands on Lola’s body.
‘Whatever, loser’ she hissed and banged the door loudly.
‘We’ll see about that.’ he forced the images out of his head, he would follow her and teach the bastard a lesson.
His heart flamed with a new found desire for his wife, k-ssing her had brought back old memories and he wanted more of that. That trip to France had changed his wh0le life.
‘I’m so sorry I am late.’ She stormed into the bar hoping nobody would recognize them here. Femi’s k-ss had unsettled her and plunged her into reminisce… Those sweet old days when their love had seemed so perfect and he’d ruined it, he’d ruined her. How else would she have gotten herself involved with Abdul but for Femi.
He’d neglected her, he’d pushed her away and she had fallen into a ditch.
‘No problem.’ He stretched and k-ssed her soft l-ips. He was already hærd for her, he couldn’t wait to take her to bed.
‘Uhmm, there’s something we should discuss Abdul, I went to see Zainab today’ Lola pressed her hands to her skirt to prevent them from shaking.
‘You don’t sound too happy, what happened’? he snapped his fingers and a waiter came to their table.
‘Oh, I am not hungry, I could have some juice’ she smiled politely
‘Okay, go on, I’m listening….’ Abdul relaxed against the chair
‘Femi is back and he doesn’t want the divorce anymore.’ She started and stopped as humor filled his eyes.
‘Don’t tell me you’re that stupid Lola. So you’re trying to say we should end this because your foolish husband wants you back?’ He chuckled softly.
She was stunned by his use of words, it only unfolded many layers of Abdul she hadn’t known about.
‘Yes, he wants me back. He says he wants our marriage to work and I’ll give him a shot. We cannot see each other again Abdul, it felt so wrong when I visited your wife and looked her in the eyes, that’s what this was all about.’ She waited for him to speak.
‘So you’re dumping me? For a husband who neither cares nor loves you? Whatever! You’ll come running into my arms once again and I’ll still take you back but I wouldn’t let you go just yet,’ he reached for her hands
‘I don’t understand…’ She tried to pull her hands away from the man that looked so kind before.
‘Let’s make love one last time, let me give you something you’ll never forget.’
‘No, I am not interested and this is over between us, goodbye Abdul’ Lola rose to her feet.
‘I’ll tell Zee about us, I’ll tell her you sed-ced me’ He waited for her reaction
‘You dare not, you psycho!’ She stamped her fist on the table and it shook, was he trying to blackmail her into sleeping with him?
‘We shall see Lola….’
His words echoed in her brain and she shivered as she walked towards her car, what had she gotten herself into?
She had to talk to someone, what was she to do? Abdul was serious, she’d seen the determination build up on his face, it would be his word against hers’ and Lola was so sure her husband could do no wrong.
‘I see who the other man is and here we are, actually doing the same thing.’ A familiar baritone voice brought those words to life.
‘Femi!’ she gasped and quickly wiped the tears that had fallen on her cheeks
‘I saw when he k-ssed you… So you have been sleeping with your friend’s husband? I’m a bit disappointed in you Lola, I thought Zee was your friend…’ he was shocked
‘Yes, I slept with my friend’s husband. It’s so easy for you to say, when you pushed me away, it just happened, I was so lonely.’ She sobbed and placed her head on the car, what had she gotten herself into?

…. To Be Continued.

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