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Love Lies And Divorce – episode 27

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‘Oh, I’ll be waiting…’ Zee wouldn’t tear her eyes of the girl as Abdul walked out.
As if sensing someone had been watching her, she turned and met Zee’s penetrating gaze and she froze.
‘It’s been such a long time honey, I’m glad you’re fine. I hope that crazy Femi isn’t home?’ Edima was happy to see her friend who blossomed like a morning rose.
‘Shhhhh, he’s around…’ Lola whispered to her.
‘Yes, they reconciled, you’ve been missing out Edima.’ Amaka glanced round the whole place, Sly hadn’t returned her calls and she was dying slowly, she’d decided to drop the baby at the daycare centre.
She would’ve called Ben and told him about the problem but Zee had advised her not to. The tables had turned, she was now the one begging for mercy.
‘Wow, I’m so happy for you,’ Edima bubbled with excitement.
‘Why can’t the dude come out and acknowledge us?’ Amy still hated his guts.
‘hey slow down….what’s eating you up, he would be out soon….’Lola wondered why Amaka had to be the angry one…
‘Sly found out I kissed Ben and he’s mad at me. He left the house last night. I’ve tried reaching him, I just hope he didn’t leave for the conference angry’ she explained.
‘Oh my God, how did he find out?’ Edima’s eyes widened with shock.
‘He listened to our call’ Amaka replied.
‘Well that’s not a problem right? You told him Ben kissed you and not the other way round?’ Lola wondered how her friend would feel after hearing about her affair with Abdul.
‘I did but that infuriated him the more. He thinks I slept with Ben. I don’t know what to do. Tell me guys, what do you think? Zee says I should stay off the Ben completely and focus on Sly.’
‘Let me get you something to drink’ Lola left the duo.
‘Are you sure everything is okay down here? Has Femi changed for real?’ Edima whispered as Lola walked away.
‘I think so…. We’re talking about me right now, I need your help.’
‘So do I, I can’t get Omale off my mind. What if June was lying? I just feel she only did that to scare me off.’ Edima shrugged
‘And why would she do that?’ Amaka asked.
‘That’s what I don’t know, I probably would never know…’ Edima’s voice was sad.
‘Who is Omale?’ Lola returned with a jug filled with lemonade.
‘Edima’s boyfriend,’ Amaka winked.
‘Wow, when did she get herself one?’ Lola chuckled softly knowing Amaka and her teasing ways.
‘You guys should tell me what to do about him, I really like this guy. I’ve been searching for him on the internet but I haven’t seen much except for his hospital.’
‘He owns a hospital?’ Lola was impressed.
‘Yes, he is an optical surgeon,’ she smiled.
‘Then pay him a visit. If you know where the hospital is, why beat round the bush?’ Amaka suggested.
‘Are you serious? You want me to look desperate?’ Edima spilled her drink in shock.
‘I think Amy is right, this is the computer age, what’s the point of dying in silence? If you really like this guy as you claim, then go for it’ Lola added
‘Wait, I gave him my number, why didn’t he call back?’ She asked them.
‘Things get complicated. If this June lady picked your call and warned you to back off, then it’s obvious she must have done something to your number.’ Amaka rubbed her face thoughtfully.
‘Who is June again’? Lola was a bit lost.
‘You ask too many questions, just pay him a visit and speak to him in person, that would help before you develop a heart disease all for a guy.’ Amaka tongued her.
‘Can we go together? Please? I’m just so scared’ Edima requested.
‘Follow you on your man hunt? That’s absurd. I could only do that if you tell me what to do with Sly’ Amaka paused as she noticed Lola’s absent mindedness.
‘Hey, what’s eating you up?’ she patted her arm slowly.
‘Yea I noticed that too….’ Edima concurred, what if Lola was still fighting with Femi?
‘uhmmm, I’m fine…’ She stuttered, all her courage had fled. How could she tell them the truth?
‘No, you are not fine, what is it Lola? I thought you told us you’ve reconciled with Femi’? Amy faced her curiously.
‘Let’s talk about Sly,’ Lola took a deep breath.
‘No, something is wrong with you and you have been acting up.’ Edima shook her head in disagreement
‘Okay, this is difficult for me. What I am about to tell you may end our friendship forever’ She swallowed the pain that clogged her throat as heat crept up her neck and she found herself jittery before the two women.
‘This is serious…’ Amy dropped her glass and focused on Lola.
‘I slept with Abdul.’ She forced the words out.
‘Excuse me?’ Edima was the first to speak after few minutes of silence.
‘Big joke, not funny’ Amy resumed her drinking, that sounded untrue.
‘The night I slept over at Zainab’s, we slept together. I am so sorry. I don’t know if you guys could ever forgive me for betraying Zee like this,’ tears streamed down her face.
‘Oh my God, she’s serious!’ Amaka’s nostrils flared in confusion. Abdul? no, he was the most perfect man on earth.
‘Oh no Lola! How could you, knowing very well he was your friend’s husband?’ Edima was disappointed.
‘Why did you do it?’ She continued
‘I don’t know, I was in a real bad state that night, I had the worst fight with Femi and he told me he was going to divorce me. I felt so lonely and depressed and it just happened with Abdul.’ More tears fell on her face.
‘This is going to hit Zee hard…’ Edima rose to her feet and paced the room
‘It’s okay Lola, I totally understand why you did it. It isn’t your fault but this would hurt Zee real bad’ Amy walked up to her and comforted her
‘I don’t think we should tell Zee. Do you know what this means? It could ruin our friendship’ Edima felt pity for Zainab.
‘We have to tell her the truth, we cannot keep this from her, that would be the height of betrayal’ Amy replied
‘So how long has this been going on?’ Edima was angry with Lola, how could she betray Zee like that?
‘Just two weeks. I ended things with Abdul last night and he threatened to tell Zee I seduced him’ Lola sniffled
‘The way you’re sounding isn’t helping matters, do you know what Lola was going through? People make mistakes so stop acting all holy and help us out here! Abdul is also to blame and why would he tell Zee you seduced him?’ Amaka was a bit irritated by Edima’s tone.
‘I am sorry Lola for taking sides but you know how Zee has helped us in one way or the other, I just feel terrible for her.’ Edima apologized and walked up to Lola.
‘So? Should I tell her’? Lola looked from friend to friend
‘Does Femi know about this, because this is also his fault?’ Edima asked
‘That’s correct’ Amy concurred
‘Yes, I told him last night and he advised me to tell you guys first then Zee. I’m so terrified, what if she hates me forever?’ Lola was visibly shaken.
‘Wow, then Femi is actually changed’ Amy smiled.
‘We’ll tell her together dear. I’m happy you told us the truth, it shows you are sorry for what you did. As for Abdul, I am shocked! I thought he was the perfect specimen of a husband’ Amy sneered
‘Yes dear, we’ll support you. I think we should head to Zainab’s house, it’s better we do it now’ Edima suggested.
‘What if Abdul is around? Wouldn’t that ruin their marriage?’ Amy asked
‘No, the least Zee deserves is the truth but honey prepare yourself, she’s going to be mad at you for a very long time. Just get ready for the worst’ Edima patted her on the shoulder.
‘I think we should leave now, the earlier the better’ Amaka grabbed her car keys.
‘Not without me….’ Femi walked towards the trio

…. To Be Continued.

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