Love Lies And Divorce – episode 3

‘I might just have to take Zainab’s offer….’ Lola whispered fearfully as she tried to shake off the burden that weighed heavily on her.
‘You’ve been out all day. You left me and Odinaka alone.’ Sly wondered what had kept his wife this long from home.
She’d told her she had a date with Zainab and the other girls but he never expected it to be this long. He missed her dearly.
Amaka was still mad at him for having an affair with his secretary. He felt guilty for what he’d done, his conscience pricked him day and night and he had no other option than to speak to their pastor about it.
‘Your wife owns you, she owns your body, and you have soiled it by sharing what belongs to her with another woman. Many men wouldn’t do what you’re doing right now. They would neither show remorse or confess their sins to their wives. I’ll advise you to take one day to fast and pray about it. Repent of your sin, after which you confess to your wife. Make her understand that it happened only once and you’re willing to forgo that secretary of yours. Be more careful in future, Brother Sylvester.’ Pastor Ike had advised him.
He loved Amaka with his dying breath. She made him happy as she respected him and treated him with utmost love and care. But he’d failed her greatly and he regretted it deeply. The problem was that Amaka was a very unforgiving person, she kept grudges a lot. That was her only flaw.
‘And now I am back, sweetheart, did you miss mummy?’ She ignored her husband and picked up her little son.
Sly had always been the perfect husband, till he cheated on her with his stupid secretary which he was still shagging for sure.
‘I made us dinner….’ Sly rose to his feet and got her bag. When was she going to get mad at him? When would she cry?
After taking the Pastor’s advice and telling Amaka about his misgivings, she simply looked him in the eye like she hadn’t believed what he told her.
After moments of being silent, her eyes which had turned cold faced him in challenge.
‘Well Sly, since you have broken your vows to me, since you now enjoy the company of other women, I think I am also free to enjoy myself.’ She hissed and went back to sleep. That was two days before.
‘I already ate at Zee’s… Goodnight.’ She walked away from him before he could say anything. Why was she making this difficult than it already was?
‘Damn Doyin!’ He hit the table angrily.
He had no excuse for falling into her trap. It had only happened once and he hadn’t hesitated in firing her after the incident. He loved Amaka that much… but how long would she give him the silent treatment?
He needed to talk to her. He loved his angel so much but his only wish was for her to forgive him…to yell at him…to do something. Her silence was the worst punishment.
He shrugged and followed her towards their bedroom.
‘What are you doing now?’ Sly raised his brows as she tied the baby to the back and started packing some boxes, his heart raced…was she leaving him?
‘Moving to my room Sly. This isn’t the time, just get out of my way.’ Amaka ignored him and continued gathering the few things she needed.
‘Your room? But we agreed not to have separate rooms….’ He was relieved she wasn’t leaving him.
‘Yes we did dear husband, but that was before you slept with Doyin. I cannot sleep on that bed with you knowing you found pleasure in the arms of another woman.’ She had to avoid him for some time and getting her own room was the best thing.
‘Amaka, I am sorry. It only happened once and she’s been there’s no need for you to worry. I know I broke your heart and it’s going to take some time but just stay right here with me’ he went on his knees.
‘Wow, slow down, so that’s supposed to make me feel better? That you have fired her? Do you think I am a fool Sly? You got that office rom-nce thing going on since before our marriage. I guess I must have been too blind. I so hate you right now… Get out of my way!’ She tried to move forward but he stopped her…..
‘Amaka, please remember the love we shared. Please don’t let it die. It was a mistake’ He held her hands but she pushed him off forcefully and went out of the room.
‘God help me, I cannot do this alone…’ He turned and scanned the room which now seemed empty as his angel was gone.
‘Can you stop that and finish your food?’ Zainab wondered what Abdul was typing, he’d seemed a lot busy the previous week. Maybe it had to do with the celebrations.
‘Do not be angry with me baby, Alhaji Tanko called me earlier in the day and asked me to see him tomorrow. It seems he has a contract for me.’ Abdul smiled at his lovely wife, he was so proud of Zainab.
‘Engineering was never easy. Now drop the phone and finish your food darling.’ Zainab relaxed against the chair, she was unhappy about her friend’s situation.
She’d known Femi for some years now and he had always been ruthless in his womanizing, he never spared Lola the embarrassment.
Now he finally had the nerve to take one of his pr-stitutes home. If only Lola would hearken to her, she needed to change her environment. Staying in that house wasn’t healthy for her, she needed to be alone for some time and think through the matter. What was Femi really after? What did he want?
‘So are you proud you married a Civil Engineer?’ Abdul gulped generously from the glass. His wife wasn’t totally happy, although he’d bought her some gifts as well as the children. Did her countenance have something to do with him? He hated to upset Zainab, she was the perfect woman for him.
‘Yes dear, I am.’ His faced beamed with smiles as she replied his question.
‘So baby, did you see the lingerie I bought you? We should try something new tonight. I miss having you in my bed…’ he hoped the children weren’t close by.
‘Abdul! I saw them but I cannot wear such obscene clothes, they are meant for those who work in brothels. A muslima shouldn’t be found wearing such things….’ She voiced her displease with his gift.
‘Okay, I am sorry my wife, but are you k-ssing me tonight?’ It had been a long time since they’d made love…
He understood her reasons but he couldn’t wait any longer, three weeks was a long time. Zainab had been very busy preparing for the Celebrations and she was part of the executives in the MWOL (Muslim women org-nisation Lagos) so he knew than to bother her.
‘Tonight? I don’t know Abdul. You know I had a date with my friends, I am a bit fatigued but we’ll see…’ she peered at the clock and wondered if Lola was still going to make it.
‘Speaking of your friends… How are they? Haven’t heard much from Lola, is she okay?’ Abdul always favored her. She reminded him of his wife sometimes. A closer look at the two would make one think they were related.
Lola was tall, slender, light skinned and had the most attractive form. Her l-ips weren’t full but slightly thin. Her nose was sharp and angular and her eyes were golden and bulky. She was a very beautiful woman.
But not as beautiful as his Zainabu. His wife was the most lovely woman, though he was Fulani, she was a hausa woman. She was five feet plus and her hair was quite long as it fell beneath her shoulders. She was very lightskinned and her l-ips were pink and pale but the smile that came from them could tame a raging lion. Her nose was broad and finely placed on her oval face. Her eyes were wide and dark brown.
‘I don’t know baby but they would be fine’ She didn’t make it a point of duty to expose her friends’ marital problems to her husband but when their problems were about to swallow her peace, she had no other option than to spill.
‘Do you want to talk about it?’ he asked gently and reached for her slender fingers.
‘Should I? We’ve both had a long day, maybe we should get some sleep.’ She returned.
‘Tell me Zee… Talk to me. It kills me whenever you’re like this, like you’re carrying the weight of the world.’ She was so caring and that alone had its consequences.
‘Lola had a fight with Femi. I told her she could come stay the night, I hope it is okay? As she sounded so hurt on the phone…’ Zainab sought his permission.
‘Anything you want baby, whatever makes you happy. This house also belongs to you…’ he gave her hand a squeeze.
‘I love you baby… You’re the man behind my smile. Thanks for being there for me whenever I need you.’ She smiled at him.
‘Hey, don’t be too hærd on yourself. Your friends are my friends too. Maybe I should talk to Femi… What do you think?’ He inquired thoughtfully. Not that he was very close to the man but his behavior towards Lola was degrading.
‘No baby, let’s stay out of it, they’ll sort themselves out somehow.’ Zainab protested.
He was about to say something when the door flung wide revealing a fearful Lola.

To be continued

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