Love Lies And Divorce – episode 5


‘Goodnight Abdul… A little night of abstainance wouldn’t kill you a bit… Sleep well baby.’ She burrowed into the blanket and zoomed off.
‘Damn!’ he cursed and fell back on the bed.
She tossed and turned restlessly on the bed… Why couldn’t she get that bastard off her mind?
‘I want a divorce….’ Those words echoed in her brain and she began to cry afresh…where would she start from?
How would she bring herself to tell Zainab and the other two girls about her pieces of a marriage, she was shattered…everything was a blur…her world was dark and gloomy…
She picked her phone and read the messages from her other friends, Amaka and Edima….they were bothered by her absence….
At least that made her smile as she wiped her face with some tissue…her friends cared about her and that was enough….
They would help her pull through the divorce, they would help her get back on her feet and forget Femi forever.
She dropped the phone and searched her bag for a bottled water…she was quite sure she brought some bottles.
She suddenly felt the urge to drink something…her throat burned and itched from thirst….she had been deeply hurt to remember such things as food or water….but right then her in,sides cried out for food and she knew she was in trouble…
She decided to go to the dining table or the kitchen, if Zainab saw her there she wouldn’t be offended that a guest couldn’t keep her feet at one place.
Frankly, of all her friends, Zee was the most accommodating…she had the kindest heart and purest soul…Zainab was an angel.
She opened the door and walked gingerly towards the dining, she didn’t want to be a nuisance so she walked on her toes till she reached the dining.
Plates were scattered all over the table and she figured she could help herself with some leftover. Zainab must have been very tired…she didn’t have a maid as she was a housewife who enjoyed doing chores by herself.
She never left her dishes unwashed, tonight was quite different Lola observed as she picked a clean fork and dug it into the porridge yam.
‘Wow…way to go girl!’ She swallowed a delicious piece. Zainab had always been the cook while she had the beauty, Amaka had the pose (madam model) that was what they called her. She was into fashion business….a hærd boiled fashionista while Edima was the workaholic. She couldn’t blame her, maybe she deliberately dug her head into work to forget about her late husband, Fred Bassey.
They all had talents and were unique in their own way.
That moment was hers alone, she closed her eyes and savored the meal, nothing had ever taste better, even her husband’s voice couldn’t stop her from smiling…joy bubbled in,side her…but a very deep voice called her back to reality…
‘Good morning Alhaji, I got your message, I would come with my boys tomorrow…’ Abdul stared at the clock, it read twelve midnight…he hadn’t wanted to disturb Zainab’s sleep, that was why he came to the parlor to answer the call.
‘Alright sir… S’ai gobe…’he ended the call and focused on her.
‘Abdul…!’ she gasped… he’d frightened her.
She observed he had changed into a black sutan that was a bit lengthy and made him look like some ancient warrior…..Zainab’s husband was a very attractive man but not as her Femi.
‘Lola? Sorry I scared you… One of my clients called.’ He stuttered and walked closer to her…his eyes raked her wh0le body and he felt blood rise to his brain…this was dangerous… He decided to turn back.
‘Abdul?’ She wondered why he looked frightened.
‘Yes?’ he swallowed and walked towards her.
Her br-asts were bare in the nightgown she wore….their shape was round and perfect and her n-pples were peach colored…they glowed under the light.
Her slender neck was smooth and he felt like car-ssing her.
‘Nothing…’ she pushed the plate away and blushed as his eyes travelled down her dress? She suddenly felt nervous…what had she gotten herself into?
‘I have to go Abdul…Goodnight.’ her smile was shaky as she rose to her feet…Why did he have to be this fine? His eyes darkened with desire and he looked more handsome.
‘Wait…’ he held her hands gently.
‘What’? her legs now felt weak.
‘I am sorry…’ he traced a fine line on her face with his fingers and covered her mouth with his… She wouldn’t let in him at first, her mouth was a bit salty and sweet at the same time… He reveled in the unique mixture and pressed her firmly to him.
His mouth searched hers and found her tongue and she opened up to him willingly, she didn’t understand this new wave of pleasure…she hadn’t felt this way before…not even with her husband or ex-husband.
Butterflies filled her belly and her heart thudded with excitement.
‘Zainab….’ She tried to steady her breath as she pulled away from him….how could she do this to her friend? How could something feel so wrong yet so right? How could sin be this glorious?
‘Doesn’t matter… I’ve always been attracted to you…I want you Lola…I don’t care about your sick husband …he doesn’t know your worth…’ Abdul car-ssed her hair with his fingers, knowing very well what he was getting himself into.
‘I think I am attracted to you too…but…’ she tried to protest but his k-sses wouldn’t forsake her…
‘Let’s go to the kitchen…it’s safer there…’ he whispered and she nodded foolishly.
He scooped her into his firm hands and took her to the kitchen…with one swift move, he put away the lights and searched for her body in the darkness…
They were on fire and couldn’t keep their hands off each other…skin to skin, l-ips against l-ips, breath to breath until his hands found their way to her legs and she mo-ned in pleasure.
He was such an excellent lover.
Without wasting more time…her legs gave way to his request as his hands spread them apart and he began to dance on her and with her…
Together they became one, together they found pleasure and the skies went dark when it was over.
‘What have we done Abdul…?’ Lola felt morbid with regret…what had she done?
‘Something we would do again….’ he smacked her backside and  k-ssed her mouth hungrily.

…. To Be Continued

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