Love Lies And Divorce – episode 7


This time he wasn’t plagued by what harm may come to her or about their future…he only cared for this moment…he was the first to rise and applaud her as she concluded the lecture.
‘Good morning darling, I prepared breakfast….’ Sly felt helpless as Amaka was bent on ignoring him. He’d tried opening the door to her room but she’d locked it from in,side. When would this be over? He’d asked himself that question many times.
‘Not hungry, I’m back on diet….’ She replied uninterestedly as she fanned her eyes over the table. Her husband was trying too hærd to impress her but she wouldn’t give in that easily.

‘Baby? But you’re too thin, you need to add some flesh….’ Sly wondered why Amaka was this weight conscious.
She just had that baby and she needed to look healthy but she was already bent on going back to her old ways.
He’d met her at a wedding ceremony, her tall and elegant frame attracted him to her, her neck was long and graceful as that of a swan…her caramel complexion was flawless and her tiny eyeballs were heavily cloaked with thick lashes.
His wife was a very beautiful woman but she was too ski-ny for his liking.
‘Oh! I forgot your secretary has a fat ass… Is that what you want me to look like?’ Her tongue burned for more words.
One look at Sly got her more perturbed, there was nothing he could do to placate the resentment that brew in her heart.
He had slept with another woman, he had made a fool of her. She had done almost everything to please this man and still, he cheated.
What irked her most was the way he carried himself, he still looked calm and peaceful. He didn’t look sorry enough for what he’d done.
‘I am sorry Amy, why can’t you get past this?’ his shoulders dropped in a dejected fashion.
‘Get past the fact that you f-cked your mistress and you had the nerves to tell me about it?’ Her voice rose with the anger she felt.

‘It happened only once… Amy believe me… I love you so much.’ Sly bowed his head in regret… Maybe he shouldn’t have listened to the pastor… Maybe he should have kept it to himself… They wouldn’t be having this conversation now.
‘After all the things I did for you in bed? Wearing lingerie, French maid costume? Riding on top of you? Wasn’t that enough? Am I not good enough…?’ Her voice broke and she dragged a seat and settled down.
The hurt in her eyes was evident. It made him feel worse. What had he been thinking, hooking up with Doyin?
‘Amaka…you’re perfect for me…I love you the way you are.’ He rose to meet her but she blocked his hands from touching hers.
‘How easy for you to say. You know what? I am not going to cry no more, you’re not that important.’ she swallowed
‘Baby please don’t say that, I am still your husband…’ Was she going to cheat on him as she’d threatened? His heart pounded heavily against his chest.
‘One last question, did you use protection?’ she rubbed her fingers waiting for his response…

‘Baby do we have to go back and forth on this matter? Is that even necessary? I am healthy, I promise you… I checked out with the doctor’ He was desperate to win his angel back.
‘You’re now avoiding my question? Here’s the deal… From now on we are having s€× with c-ndoms. Don’t speak to me unnecessarily. Whenever you want to have s€×, just tell me and I’ll comply but I take back my love. And we’re not having any other kid except Odinaka… If that’s too much for me to ask, you may as well go back to your mistress.’ she folded her arms across her chest and waited for him to speak.
‘I’ll do anything you want…’ Although her terms sounded ridiculous, he was ready to abide by whatever rules would make her happy. He knew for sure that she only acted this way because she was unhappy with him.

‘Good!’Amaka replied.
‘Benson is flying in today… He would stay with us awhile… You remember him right?’ Sly spoke of his cousin who lived in Hanover, Germany.
‘That’s your problem, not mine.’ Her voice was low.
Without wasting more time with him, she got up and left for her room. Lola hadn’t returned her calls, neither had she replied her messages on Whatsapp.
Sylvester watched as she walked away from him, he needed to talk to someone… He needed advice.
‘Excuse me pretty…’ Omale had kept his eyes on her and saw as she left the building.
She had heard the male voice quite alright, but she didn’t think the voice called after her. Finally it was over, she could return to her normal and boring life again.
Preparing for the lecture had kept her busy for a few weeks, she’d gone to different libraries and book stores and had spent quality time researching on the topic. Now she was done, she felt empty. What would keep her busy yet again? She usually drowned herself in her work.
Standing on that stage was a bit frightening for her but she scaled through and it scared her as she remembered his smile.
Honestly, she was jittery at first but one look at his face gave her this assurance, hope and faith that she could do anything. His smile had meant so many things to her as she stood on that stage.
Most importantly was the semblance it bore to Frederick’s smile… She forced the door open and felt that sick feeling creep up her spine.
Why did he have to leave her?
‘Hello ….’ Omale wouldn’t give up as he followed her to where she parked her car.
She turned and faced the owner of that masculine voice, the man that owned that smile…Why was he calling after her?
‘Hello….can I help you?’ she asked politely.
‘If you want to….’ He replied casually, still watching her fine features.
‘I’m sorry, I was about leaving for something very important… Do you mind?’ She let her guards up. One look at his dark eyes told her this man was no good and it bothered her.
‘I am Omale Ibrahim….’ He smiled and offered her his hand.
‘I don’t think I know you… Can I go now?’ She was being defensive.
‘Oh, I see… You did well up there, I really enjoyed your lecture. Why didn’t you go into academics?’ He pressed on as she ignored his hand.
‘Really? Thank you Mr Omale… I really have to run.’ She was getting irritated by his confidence? Who did he think he was?
‘Can I at least know your name? Have your number?’ He kept on his smile… This one was trying too hærd to be difficult .
‘Just get out of my way, I am married and I feel insulted by whatever you’re trying to do…’ she blurted out angrily.

‘But I heard you are a….’ He paused as tears welled up her eyes and he knew that instant he’d hit a nerve.
‘Get out of my way before I call the security you fool!’ She slammed the car door and ignited the engine…. Without looking back, she drove away.
‘Wow… I just found my wife.’ Omale adjusted his tie as excitement bubbled in,side him…Edima Bassey… He wouldn’t give up on her that easily.

…. To Be Continued

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