Love or Revenge

Love or revenge episode 15

(To love or to avenge?)
Shannon’s POV
“I cooked” Jasmine told me after letting me in.
She and Emily usually get home from school first before me.
“Uhm, really? ” I asked.
“Yeah, have your shower first and I will set the table” She acted like a wife.
I went into the room (bathroom), had a quick shawor.. I couldn’t wait to taste what she cooked.
I’m wonderful, I made her learn how to cook all the name of trying to please me..
The best lesson for bad-mannered people.
I came out of the room,sat down and waited for her to bring the food she cooked.
“It’s chicken sauce and scarpariello”
“By the way, where did you learn how to cook? ” I asked before taking out a spoon.
“On internet, I followed every procedures ” She smiled.
“Okay” I said and took a spoonful of the meal in front of me and, and Christ! It was salty and peppery.
I tried as much as possible to swallow it before drinking water and making no face remark.
“So how was it? ” Miss cook asked.
“Uhm, delicious” I lied and noticed she blushed.
“I’m happy you love the food I cooked with no complain” “So, can we be friends now? ”
“No” I pouted.
“Why? ” She frowned.
“I don’t know”
“Oh..Ok, since you enjoyed the meal, why don’t you eat it all? ” She asked.
“I’m satisfied, I already ate in school. You know what? How much did you cook? ” I asked.
“Very much! ”
“Good.Alex, your dad and mom should eat it too when they return, I’m sure they’ll love it” I said leaving..
Jasmine’s POV
So I got it!
I cooked a food and Shannon loved it! It’s was delicious,everyone would be glad that I can cook now.
Later in the evening..
“Mom,Dad I cooked dinner” I announced.
“What d’heck?” Alex said.
“A pain in your ass right? Take it or leave it, I can cook too” I fired at Alex.
“With the help of internet, isn’t it something you should have learnt a long time ago” Alex mocked me.
“Shut a trap, the good news is I cooked the dinner and you all are gonna love it” “Everyone, to the dinning table” I said and Shannon and Emily came too.
“I will do the dishing and serving all by myself” I told them and hurriedly went to the kitchen.
I was so proud of myself, I watched everyone bring out their spoon waiting for me..
I gave a thumb up to Shannon,who smiled at me.. Whao! He’s smiling at me for the first time and seems we are gonna be friends and he would like me back and we’ll be more than mere friends.
I dropped plates of Chicken sauce in front of everyone and one for myself.
“Tada, let’s eat now” I said and took a seat.. Then mom blessed the food.
I took note of every remark on their faces before I grabbed my spoon too.. Everyone began to eat except Shannon who kept smiling at me.. Oh is he falling for me already?
“Holy crap!! ” Alex was the first to yell “Water pls” He demanded and he drank alot of water.
I thought he was just exaggerating untill mom scre-med “Oh my tongues” And she drank water too.
“Water kuya,Water” Emily cried and Shannon quickly gave her water.
While Dad just stood up and said to Shannon. “Shannon, Jasmine mustn’t cook anymore,she’s going to kill everyone in the house” He said then went away.
“What’s happening? ” I asked.
“Taste it yourself, killer chef” Alex yelled at me.
I took a spoonful and I couldn’t imagine what it tasted like.. I spat and drank water and used a tissue too..
“But, it didn’t taste like this when I cooked it” I asked.
“That was because you tasted it before adding salt and pepper” Shannon said.
So he knew it, he knew the food taste awfully yet he made me give it to everyone and I’m mocked.
“Jasmine, the kitchen isn’t for someone like you. Emily take the food to the trashcan” My mom said before leaving to meet Dad.
“Even the trashcan would spit it out and asked for water” Alex savaged,scorned at me then he left.
Emily went to do what she was told to do.
“Shannon” I shouted at him.
“And how may I help you? ” He asked smiling.
“You knew the food didn’t taste good, didn’t you? ” I quarried.
“See, we can’t be friends afterall” He said..
“You’ve done everything to make me unhappy but this happens to be the worst” I said as tears rolled down my cheeks.
“It’s just a lesson” I laughed, walking to my room.
Shannon’s POV
With in, I felt really bad for what I did yet I think she deserves it.
She was right, this is the worst thing I’ve ever done to her..Well, it could be a lesson she would never forget…
I hope she won’t hate me after what I’ve done?
Emily was fast sleep but I couldn’t sleep… I kept on regretting what I did to Jasmine this evening.
I really need to apologise and let her know I feel the same way she feels..
I covered Emily properly with a blanket,wore my slippers and left the room..
Jasmine was in front of my door..she wanted to knock on it.
“I see you don’t give up easily” I said like I wasn’t planning to come see her too.
“Shannon, what else should I do to become your intimate friend?” She asked.
I smiled and smirk
“Uhm nothing, I guess we aren’t destined to be friends or I wasn’t fated to like you ” I said.
I noticed she fought back her tears
“I changed, I became nicer to everyone, I regret being rude to them from the onset.. I did almost everything but you made me feel sad at the very end of it”
“Uh.. Huh” I made jest of her.
“Good night” She said walking away perhaps hoping I would call her back, I did anyway.
“Well there is one more thing you can do and I may like you back if you do it right” I said.
“What is it? ” She turned immediately.
I smiled.
“When we get to school tomorrow,go straight to the school sound studio and announce to everyone that you are sorry for your rude attitudes towards them”
“Everybody? ”
“Can’t you? Alright then” I turned to return to my room.
“I.. I.. I.. ” “I can, I will do it”
“Good, let’s see” I said and returned to my room.
No..i came out of the room for a purpose..she may notice that I came to see and talk to her.
I came out of the room again,she was still standing there..
“The pepper was just too much, I need to drink water again” I exaggerated and find my way to the kitchen.
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