Loving You Always

Loving you Always – Final Episode

Loving You Always
Episode 16
Happiness filled my heart as eyes rolled from my eyes…
My Cole really made… it.
“Doctor can we see him…”
“He is resting for a while….You can visit him after four hours…”
“okay….”,as I breathe..
I turned and the Roberts family were just staring at me like a statue…
Mr Roberts moved close to me, ” Thank you…”,he sobbed.
“it’s okay….”
“I’m so sorry for all what we did to you…”
“I understand you. You were trying to protect him”, I said sadly and they all nodded..
Mrs Roberts moved close to me as removed a trail behind my ear…
“You are a good girl and you just proud of you. You took care of my son and we all thought he will surely regret his decision about marrying you but I now realised what he sees in you… You are just an eighteen years old girl but you are woman within…”,she framed my cheeks…
“Hmm… so you guys approve of our marriage…”
“Yes of course we do… “
i smiled, ” Thank you so much… you just don’t know how happy you’ve made me… “,I hugged Mrs Roberts as she hugged me back.
“Erm… I have to go home and change …”
“Okay go ahead we will stay here….”
“okay.. .”
I rushed home as l took a hot shower.
I miss him already.
He used bath for me everyday and when I always try to stop him he would say it’s his responsibility to bath for.
Today I’m here alone bathing… with the room empty like a cemetery.
I moved to my bed as I wore my clothes…
I see him everywhere and I know I miss you..
I moved trying to prepare something for myself but I bet I wasn’t hungry. I took a glass of wine and I saw a piece of paper on the counter…
I opened it, ” Please eat something for my sake and for our baby… I love you”
I smiled.
He knows me so well…
I stood up and starts preparing some meals…
I ate two or three mussle of food and returned back to the hospital.
The Roberts family were just exhausted…
I tapped Mr Roberts and he looked at me sleeply
“I’m back… why don’t you rest at the nearest hotel and come back tomorrow..”
“Okay….”,he said and slowly they left.
I moved the Cole’s ward… his private ward.
He was pale and handsome. His hair was wild and his l-ips were parted a bit…
I moved closer as l framed his face..
His weak and helpless used to love me and now that heart is being replaced by another…
What if he gets up and act as if he doesn’t know me.
What if he gets up and will not love me anymore.
I should stop thinking about this mess.
I watched him for hours as his eyes were closed.
I was tired and sleepy so I decided to sleep beside him since the bed for was a little big for the two of us…
I heard a little cough and I woke up.
He is waking up… He open his eyes and stares at me.
I smiled at him, “Cole …. Can you hear me..Do you want me to call the doctor.”, I moved close… our noses were only inches apart.
He raised his hands and touched my cheeks as he stares at me.
“I know you….”,he whispers and I remained quiet…
” You were my happiness when I was weak….”, He continues…
Oh God this not happening… He is going to break up with me since he had the new heart.
“I miss you Nicki and new heart beats for you the same way like the old heart. I love you Nicki. I ….”
I cut off his tirade by crushing my l-ips on his…
He opened up slightly and I k-ss him slowly..
“I love you too Cole… and I miss you”
“God… it’s hurt to be weak. I can’t even touch you and do you how torturous it is to me….”
I giggled, “The moment we go home you can do anything with me…”
He chuckled, “Yea right”
The next morning l woke up seeing the most beautiful girl in my bed…My wife. Her l-ips were swollen and more beautiful.
I k-ssed her forehead… She hummed and face me with a smile.
“Good morning…”,she whispered.
“Good morning…”,I smiled as she checked the time..
“Its 6:30am… You have to eat… something. Let me order for some soup for you..”
She stood up making calls and suddenly my parents,my sis Gina, Nick and Ruby burst into my room…
“Surprise!”,my parents said and I smiled. Ruby rushed to hug my friend while Nick shaked my hands..
I’m not ready to talk to my parents. They were against my marriage anyway… I hate that they are here…
My mom moved close and I frown.
“I know you are mad at me son but you were so young and we thought you don’t be able to take care of her…”
“Oh come on mom… I’m not a kid anymore.”
” We could see that… but you are still a kid to us…”
” No I’m not besides I’m going to be a father very soon”,I burst out before I realise what I said.
They were all wide eyes staring at us…
“What did you just say”,my mom and Gina said.
“My wife and I are going to have a baby soon…”
And they all hugged me including my dad.
I knew my dad couldn’t apologise but I can see how sorry he was…
“Congratulations…”,Nick exclaimed as he shaked me.
My parents hugged Nicki and my heart felt with happiness.
Finally my parents have seen what I have seen in my wife and I’m glad they’ve accepted her to me…
Everyone was gone and I was with only Nick…
He was on the bed as he stares at me..
“How is it dude…”
“How is what?”, I asked.
“The surgery…”
“Its okay…. it’s just you are asleep and you don’t know what’s going on and when you wake up you realised something has been replaced in you… it’s cool dude. So.i suggest you.l go for the surgery. it’s for your own good”
“Okay… I will try. I just hate Ruby has been crying over me anything I get unconcious”
“Ruby?”, I arched a brow.
“Yea Ruby… Dude I’m madly in love with her…. she is my everything dude…”
“Wow…. then make her happy by going for the surgery…”
“I will and I promise…”
“Okay.. “,. I smiled
Nine months later
I wanna ask a question. Is it natural for a woman attitude to change all of a sudden when she is pregnant.
I guess not but my wife has really changed..
She has become so emotional and sentimental…
She doesn’t like to be scolded or rejected. When I do that she could cry for hours non stop.
My mom has been with us since last two months… she wants to take of my wife because she thinks I’m still a kid.
Nick and Ruby have already graduated from high school and they are heading to Australia to spend their holidays…
That couples, their days never end without arguing…. but they are adorable…
Oh shit the egg is burnt….
“Cole… for Christ sake I’m really hungry…”
“I’m coming love…”
I’m now frying another egg…
“Cole….”,she gro-ns
“I said I’m coming….”
Suddenly I heard footsteps and I knew she was coming…
“Seriously…. you are now cooking”
“I’m sorry it got burnt…”
“it’s okay…”,she moved closer as she gave me a light k-ss on my l-ips…
“I’m tired I have to go to bed…”,she says.
“Okay then… let take you to bed”,I said as I off the stove..
We went into the bedroom as we cuddled together.
“Oh my God… “,she gasp.
“My water broke….”
I went limp…
“My water just broke,” she repeats, like I didn’t hear her the first time. I f-cking heard her.
 My gut starts to churn. I thought I’d prepared myself for this moment. Wrong. I’m not even out of bed yet and I’m already a bundle of nerves.
“I can do this,” I mumble to myself as I try to calm the f-ck down. Jumping out of bed I make my way around to her side, extending my hand.
“Stop panicking, Cole,” she says.
“I’m not panicking,” I lie.
 I’m f-cking panicking.
“It’s okay,” she says in a calm voice. How can she remain so composed? Helping her up, she wraps me in her arms.
“It’s going to be okay. Take a deep breath,” she says trying to reassure me. It’s not working. I’m a f-cking mess. Shit. We’ve practiced this a hundred times.
Why was I so cool and calm then? Get your shit together Roberts. Your wife needs you.
I should be supporting her, not the other way around. When she lets go of me and doubles over in pain, I almost lose it.
“Let’s go,” I say leading her towards the door.
“We need to get changed first. We can’t go in our pyjamas.” Shit.
She’s right. Okay. I can do this. Who am I kidding? I fist my hair in my hands.
“Look. Get yourself dressed. I can dress myself,” she says heading towards her drawers and rifling through them.
I do the same. I throw a T-shirt over my head and strip out of my pyjama bottoms and slip into a pair of sweats. See, I can do this. I look over at Nicki as she struggles to slide on her p-nts. Who am I kidding? I can’t do this.
Moving towards her, I help her get dressed. When she doubles over again, I clutch my head in my hands. Running over towards the bedside table, I retrieve my phone. I search Gina’s number.
We’ve all been waiting for this day to come.
“It’s time,” is all I say. I don’t even give him a chance to talk.
 “We need you to come. We’re leaving for the hospital now.”
“I’m on my way,”she replies. Thank f-ck for that. I don’t even take into consideration he’s a two-hour drive away. I’m on my own. It’s up to me to get her to the hospital safely. Shit.
Finally we make it down to the car. “My hospital bag,” Nicki says once I have her seated in the passenger side. F-ck me. I had the routine down pat. What the hell is wrong with me? This is the real deal, I guess. I need to pull myself together if I’m going to get either of them to the hospital in one piece.
I run back upstairs and grab it. Throwing it in the back of the car, I get seated.
“How are you feeling, love?” I ask as I turn the keys in the ignition.
“Apart from the contractions, surprisingly okay.”
Of course she is. I reach the end of the street and put my left indicator on. “The hospital’s that way,” she says laughing, pointing to the right. I’ve driven this route twenty times in the past few weeks, doing my practice runs and now I can’t even remember which way to go.
Following Nicki’s instructions, I turn right.
“Are you still alright?” I ask, briefly turning my head in her direction. She has a huge smile on her face.
“I’m faring a lot better than you by the looks of it.”
 I’m glad she finds this amusing. “Take some deep breaths. Like they taught us in the birthing classes.” I look at her like she’s lost her mind. I remember thinking when we went over the breathing techniques in class, how ridiculous it was.
“Just do it,” she says rolling her eyes. “It will help.”
I follow her lead as she starts p-nting and doing those stupid-arse breaths. I feel like a d*ck, but I copy her. Within minutes I start feeling myself relax. Surprisingly it does help. Who knew?
Three hours have passed and still no baby. Poor Nicki is in so much pain. I’ve been rubbing her back for the past half hour. I wish I could trade places with her. I hate that she has to go through this. Our parents arrived ten minutes ago.
I stand when the doctor enters the room. I help Nicki roll over onto her back. She’s been crouched on all fours while I’ve been trying my best to relieve her back pain. She clutches her hand in mine while the doctor checks her over.
“It’s time,” he says making eye contact with her.
“As soon as your next contraction hits, I’m going to ask you to start pushing.” She nods her head at him before making eye contact with me. She looks exhausted the poor thing, but manages to give me a brief smile.
A few seconds later I see her face screw up in pain. This contraction hits hærd as she mo-ns loudly. Up until now she’s been pretty quiet. She’s so f-cking amazing.
So brave. I’ve heard the lady in the delivery suite next door practically scre-ming the damn hospital down for the past hour, so I know Indiana is playing this down.
Her grip on my hand tightens as the midwife moves into place next to the doctor.
“Push,” he says. My girl does exactly as he asks. Another loud mo-n escapes her and a lump rises to my throat.
“You’re doing great, love,” I encourage, wiping the sweat off her brow with the cool cloth the nurse gave me earlier.
She’s had no drugs whatsoever. She refused them. I’ll admit I’ve taken a few pulls of the happy gas when she hasn’t been looking. That’s some good shit, that is.
When her next contraction hits, the doctor tells her to push again. This time she scre-ms, and f-ck me I almost lose it.
“You’re doing great, Nic,” he says. “I can see the head.” His gaze moves up to me.
 “Come take a look.” I don’t want to leave Nicki’s side, so without letting go of her hand I lean forward and look between her legs.
The baby’s tiny head is turned to the side, giving me a glimpse of the most angelic profile I’ve ever seen. A magical feeling hits me right in the chest. Tears brim my eyes. That’s my child.
“You’re almost there, baby,” I say, moving back beside her and leaning down to k-ss her forehead.
“I’m so proud of you,” I whisper. She starts to do her breathing exercises when the next contraction comes. When she bears down again, she lets out a loud mo-ning sound.
She’s in f-cking agony. It’s so hærd to watch her go through this. It tugs at my heart. I wasn’t prepared for this shit. I knew it wasn’t going to be a walk in the park, I’m not that naive, but to see the woman you love with all your heart in so much pain, it’s f-cking heartbreaking.
“One more push,” the doctor says. It’s her last one. The baby sl¡ps out and into the doctor’s hands. Relief floods through me. It’s finally over. We decided not to find out the s€× of the baby. Although every time we went in for an ultrasound, I think we were both tempted, but we held strong.
“It’s a boy,” the doctor announces. Leaning down, I press my l-ips to Cole’s mouth.
“Thank you,” I whisper against her l-ips. I have so much to thank her for. She saved me. Saved me from myself. She gave my life meaning. She gave me her, and now a son. A chance to right all the wrongs that were committed against me all those years ago.
F-ck me, I have a son. I’m a dad.
Words cannot describe how incredible I feel right now. After I cut the cord, the doctor places our boy on Nicki’s chest.
Tears fill my eyes as I look at the perfect picture in front of me. My wife. My son. My wh0le life.
Nicki has tears streaming down her face as she lifts her head slightly and places a k-ss on his forehead.
“Hello handsome,” she whispers. “I’ve been waiting a long time to meet you.” Raising my hand towards my face, I wipe away my own tears.
 I thought the day Nicki became my wife was the best day of my life, but this moment definitely tops it. I have a family.
My son has a father who’s going to love him and be there for him every second of every f-cking day. He’ll never experience what I had to as a child. He’ll never know what it feels like not to be wanted.
Nicki is going to be a fantastic mother. I only have to look at the love and affection she showers on me to know that.
Her tearful eyes meet mine as her hand extends out to me. I lace our fingers together as she pulls me closer to the bed.
“I love you,” she says as I lean down and place my l-ips on hers.
“I love you too,” I say against her mouth. Pulling back, I brush her hair back off her face before cupping her cheek in one of my hands.
“I’m so proud of you. Thank you for giving me a son. For giving me a family. For loving me unconditionally.”
Because she always has.
My little guy’s future already looks promising.
 He has so much more than I did the day I was born; two parents, grandparents, and an Aunt that not only love him, but I know are going to make him the centre of their world.
 I want that for my children, because that’s all I ever wanted for myself when I was a child.
6 years later
I was in my office as my phone rang..
“Mr Roberts…. visit me now. Your son has a fight”
I breathe , ” Okay… I will be there”
This the sixth time I’m going to the school… My son Alex is the most troublesome.
He is the curious type, always wanna know what’s going on and that makes him a brilliant kid.
He cares for other things but not for himself…
He resembles me but has an attitude of his mom…
Talking about mom… I really missed her and her cookies.
I opened the principal door and I saw my son sitting on the chair with his head bowed.
He ashamed of what he did…
I shaked the principal as I had my seat.
“What did he do this time?”,I asked.
“He is beat up a kid mercilessly and I think his parents took him to the hospital”
I frowned, “You did that… “
And he nod.
“I’m sorry sir… but I will take to him”
“Thank you… that’s the only reason why I called you… the next time he has to go for punishment…”
“Okay thanks.. .”,I shaked him again and walked out.
“I’m sorry Dad…”
I knelt in front of him…” You should be..”
“But he started it anyway…”
“What actually happened?”
“He was treating the pretty girl bad so I have to stop..”
“Pretty girl huh?”
“Yea… I hate it when boys treat girls bad…”
“I understand you kid…”
Suddenly the pretty girl k-ssed his cheeks and he turns red.. I smiled
“Thank you…”,she said shly then looks up at me, ” Hi Alex’s Dad…”
“Hi Dear…”,and she rans.. .
My looks at her and he is smiling.
“Okay kid let’s go home…..”
“okay…”, He said sadly.
My wife prepared some food as we sat eat… I told her about happened at school.
She took the plates as she went to wash…
I snake my arms around my wife’s wa-ist from behind, resting my chin on her shoulder as I gently rub her belly.
“Are you happy?” I ask, turning my head slightly to place a soft k-ss on her cheek.
“Extremely,” she sighs, lacing her fingers over the top of mine.
“Same.” My smile grows, because f-ck me, I am. Nicki suddenly tilts her body to the right, as her gaze moves down to the floor.
“Shit,” I hear her mumble.
“What’s wrong, babe?” I ask following her line of sight. She doesn’t even need to answer because I can see it for myself. Panic rises within me. Here we f-cking go again.
“My water just broke.”
Oh f-ck …

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The End
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