November 29, 2021

Luci episode 2


🧚 The Fallen Angel 🧚
{Mated to a heavenly tyrant!}

Chapter 2.

Written by: Racheal Dennis.


Melanie’s pov 🧚

“Must we go by this alley?” I asked.

My eyes moved around as we walked through the alley, as if they’re looking for some unknown dangers.

I kept having this feeling in my gut, that something will happen in this alley… but what should I do? Gabby won’t listen to me.

“You’re being a scaredy cat” she said.

“I’m not a scaredy cat”

I grabbed her arm and leaned closer to her ear.

“I’m training to be a nun, walking these alleys are very dangerous for me… anything can happen to me” I said.

Gabby patted my shoulder, she smiled at me and touched the rosary on my neck.

I rolled my eyeballs since I already knew what she wanted to say… it’s her slogan.

“We have God”

“Yeah, we have God.. but we should save him the trouble and protect ourselves first” I replied.

We continued walking down the alley, it’s so quiet, dark and.. I don’t know if I’m imagining it or not.. but I can hear some weird crickets sound.

Also, I could hear a quiet footsteps coming behind us.

Gabby and I held onto each other tightly, she must have heard the footsteps too.. wait, I thought she wasn’t scared.

God, I shouldn’t get raped here, that would be the end of my career!

“Lanie, I say we run on three” she whispered.


“3.. 2…”

That’s when I felt something been snatched off my shoulder, I touched my shoulder and realized it’s my bag.

“My bag!” I gasped.

I can’t lose that bag, my whole life is in that bag.. my phone, nunnery entrance form.. I can’t lose that bag, I just can’t.


is what I was scared of, getting robbed or getting raped.

“He’s getting away, quick, let’s chase him!” Gabby shouted.

We faced the direction he ran off to, it’s a very narrow alley. If we both chase after him following this alley, we won’t be able to catch him.

“Gabby, take the other alley.. we can’t catch him if we both use this alley”

She nodded and ran off, I also chased him down this alley and he’s kinda gone far.. I just hope Gabby would block him.

“Hey! Stop there! Hey!” I shouted.

He didn’t listen, he increased his speed instead.

Hmm, now I understand why father Reed always takes Gabby and I for a run.. now let’s show this thief what we’ve got.

I increased my speed too and there wasn’t too much gap between us.

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Narrator’s pov 🧚

Lucifer stopped in front of a door, he looked at it weirdly and also observed the environment.

“Are you sure this is Robertson’s warehouse?” He asked.

“Yes, Mr Bright”

Lucifer nodded.

“Open it” he said.

Caldwell grabbed the handle and pushed the door open, but it didn’t open.. he frowned and faced Lucifer.

“It’s locked”

“Of course I know that, you don’t know when to make use of your powers.. seem you don’t need them anymore”

“I’m sorry, Mr Bright” Caldwell quickly apologized.

He grabbed the door handle again, he twisted it and pushed it open.

“Mr Bright, please” he said.

He made way and Lucifer stepped in, his hands tucked in his pants pockets as he looked around.

“Robertson is truly a thief, only a thief would have his warehouse located in a dark alley” he said.

Lucifer examine the goods briefly, he realized they’re bags of grains and flours.

“He must have stole these goods and illegally selling them”

“What should we do with them? Should we take them back with us?” Caldwell asked.

“They aren’t ours to take back. Find the owners of these goods and refund them back”

“Yes, Mr Bright” Caldwell replied.

Just when Lucifer was about to step out, he heard a distant female voice shouting.

*Stop! That’s my bag! Stop there you thief!*

He narrowed his eyes, he stepped out of the warehouse and looked around the alley…but found no one.

*Don’t run! I just want my phone back! Hey!* the voice cried desperately.

It sounded closer this time, Lucifer started walking towards the direction where the cry for help is coming from.


his reaction, Caldwell followed him.

“Mr Bright, is anything the matter?” Caldwell asked.

Lucifer didn’t reply him, he continued walking.. a quick movement passed his eyes and he smirked.

“Caldwell, I have something to do first, carry on with the task I assigned you and meet me later!” He said.

“But Mr… ”

Caldwell left his words unfinished when he saw Lucifer vanished, he sighed.

“You don’t really have to help, nobody will appreciate it” he said to himself.

He stared at the direction Lucifer was headed, then sighed and shook his head.


“Stop! Please stop!”

The thief heard her cried behind him, but he didn’t stop, his feet continued running as though his life depended on it.

Well, his life actually depended on it.

His breath quickened with each step he took, he glancled behind him.. to know if she’s catching up with him.

A victorious smirk played on his lips, when he saw her stop to catch a few breath.

At that moment he knew she’s running out of breath, he’s gonna get away from her soon.

That moment of distraction, made him ran right into a wall.

He bumped his head and fell down. His eyebrows furrowed in a frown, as he rubbed his forehead and groaned painfully.

“What the f**k!” He growled.

He angrily got up to change direction, thinking he’s met a dead end here.

Upon lifting his head, he realized he’s actually ran into a man and not a wall.

He glared at the man standing in front of him, but the man smiled at him instead.

“Good morning, there, Mr thief” the man said.

“F**k off the way!” the thief growled.

“Oh, I see you prefer a bad morning… anyway, I’m Lucifer and you’re….”

“I don’t have time for your silly jokes”

The thief reached for his back pocket and pulled out a small gun, he aimed it at Lucifer and looked behind him.

She’s still quite far from him, he turned back to Lucifer and smirked.

“F**k off or I’ll shoot you!”

Lucifer chuckled lightly, he folded his arms on his chest.

“I don’t like playing guns, but if you insist I’ll play with you” he said.

“You’re a dead man!”

He pulled the trigger, he watched with a smirk as the bullet hit Lucifer… but his smirk wiped off, when Lucifer didn’t bleed or groan in pain.

Rather, he saw the bullets falling as though he threw the bullets at a wall.

“…why didn’t you die? Or bleed? Why….”

“Because I’m Lucifer” Lucifer replied.

Now it’s Lucifer’s turn to smirk, the thief gaped at him with a horrific expression..his gun fell off his hand.

“You’re not normal” he said.

He quickly faced another direction, getting ready to run away.

But Lucifer lifted his hands and a wall suddenly sprouted from the ground, blocking his way.

“Who are you?! Let me go man!” The thief yelled.

Lucifer simply chuckled, he gestured at another curve in the alley.

“You’re free to leave” he said.

But it’s already too late, she’s caught up with them.

Melanie’s pov 🧚

I’m tired from all the running, I didn’t expect I would chase him this far… he’s really a fast runner.

“Stop!” I yelled weakly.

After running a few more distance, I finally caught up with him. I held his shoulder to support myself, then breath heavily and tried to catch my breath.

“Hey, why did you snatch my bag?” I asked dumbly.

A male voice scoffed loudly.

“He stole your bag, can’t you see that?”

I lifted my head and glanced at who just spoke, I instantly choked on my spit.

Oh good Lord! Bless my soul.

Who’s this sinfully handsome young man?! I questioned myself mentally.

His sharp athletic jaws… his perfectly arched eyebrows… his pink lips and white eyes…I felt like I should just reach out and touch him.


almost as if God molded him with his hands, he’s the true definition of perfection!

I could already imagined my mouth slightly open as I gawked at him…for a moment, I forgot I’m holding a thief.

I was so engrossed in staring at him that I almost forgot myself, I blinked and shook my head.. I shook away every unclean thoughts off my head.

I’m training to be a nun, I shouldn’t be thinking of any man in such manner… I shouldn’t drool over him.

But he’s so handsome, staring at his face I couldn’t help but lust after him. I felt like… like…

Wait… Melanie! What are you thinking?! Wake up! I yelled at myself mentally.

I cleared my throat and pulled myself out from the enchanted kingdom of lust.

“… stealing from weak little girls” I heard the handsome man tell him.

“Here… I don’t need her bag anymore, just let me go, please” the thief said.

My brows furrowed in confusion, why does he sounded so scared?

At the snap of a finger, the handsome man has snatched the thief by his throat.. then slammed him against a wall.

There wasn’t a wall there, how come there’s a wall now? well, that’s not important now.. I faced the men.

“You wanna be a arm robber? I can help you, I’ll give you guns and you can go rob a bank”

“What sort of advice are you giving to him?” I said.

The thief is struggling to get away, but the handsome seemed to be more powerful.. he held the thief as though he’s holding an umbrella.

“We should try to save his soul and not ruin him more, we can’t advice him to continue stealing” I said.

The handsome man chuckled.

“Darling, some souls don’t deserves to be save” he replied.

I blushed lightly at the affectionate name he called me.

“I know, but he’s not doing this intentionally… it’s the devil that’s leading him astray, we should…”

He let go of the thief and in a second, he’s wrapped his hand around my neck in a very tight grip.

“The devil.. the devil.. the devil.. the devil is innocent of all your accusations!” He growled in my face.

My hands grabbed his hand holding my neck and tried to remove it, but that only seemed to anger him more.

He tightened his hand, causing my legs to leave the ground.. my legs dangled as I felt my air lungs closing.

“Why must you make the devil your scapegoat?! Why must my name be tarnished for humans crimes?!”

What is he talking about? Is he not normal? Why would he refer to himself as the devil?

I managed to move my eyes towards the thief, I silently begged him to save me.

But he simply gave me an apologetic look…he pointed at something on the ground and ran off.

He stole my bag, but I didn’t mind, I still saved him.. now he’s abandoning me? To die here? In the hands of this handsome psycho?!

“I am not guilty of his crime, I AM INNOCENT!”

Oh God! I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have lust over him.. please save me, please don’t let him kill me.

To be continued

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