Luci episode 25

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🧚 The Fallen Angel 🧚
{Mated to a heavenly tyrant!}

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Chapter 25.

Rated:- 🔞🔞 (strictly Adults only) a little bit of a rom-nce scene ahead…read at your own risk!

Written by: Racheal Dennis.


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Melanie’s pov 🧚

“… thank you, sir” I thanked the security man with a polite smile, as he opened the gate for me.

“You’re welcome” he had replied.

My eyes searched around immediately I stepped out, almost instantly, they landed on Mr Bright.

He’s leaning on his car, handsomely dressed in black jeans p-nt and a black blazer, there’s a cigarette between his f-ngers…which of course, he’s smoking.

The way he’s dressed, puffing out smoke through his mouth and nostrils, gives off the devil’s aura.

Even if he’s really the devil like he normally claims, he’s one hell of a handsome devil…

“I know I’m handsome, darling” he yelled from where he was.

My cheeks flamed up at being caught, I forgot he can read my mind. I better be mindful of my thoughts around him.

He lifted himself off the car, then started walking towards me.
He stopped in front of me and puffed out smoke, I cringed which he noticed.

“Oops! I’m sorry, my darling” he said.

He threw the cigarette under his foot and crushed, then chuckled at me and flicked my nose softly.

“Darling, I’ve gotten rid of it” he said.


“What’s wow?” He asked.

I shook my head, refusing to answer him.

This is actually the first time Mr Bright is respecting me, he wouldn’t get of his cigarette for me before.

“I can disrespect you if you want” he said.

I glared at him.

“Stop reading my mind” I told him.

He laughed briefly. “Why? It’s fun when I do it” he said.

“It’s not funny and I hate it, what if I was thinking about sleeping with my crush?”

“Isn’t that me?” He asked.

I paused and glared at him, but he’s right.. I don’t have another crush.

“Let’s just go, where do you wanna take me?” I asked him.

He took my hand and pulled me closer, he w-rapped his arm around my wa-ist and led me towards his car.

“I’m taking you to my safe haven” he answered.

“Safe haven? You also have one?” I asked.

“Yes, my queen” he replied.

I blushed at his response, his queen?

“But you don’t look like you have any worries”

He scoffed and inhaled, but didn’t answer my question.
We stopped by his car, he opened the pass£nger door and let me in, then leaned forward.

His face was very close to mine, that I can feel his h-ot breath on my face, his l-ips even brushed mine and I tensed..which I don’t understand why.

After all, he’s k-ssed me before, once.

“What are you doing?”

“Helping you with your seatbelt” he replied.


I can’t deny or hide the disappointment that hit me, when I realized he wasn’t gonna k-ss me.

I was kinda expecting a k-ss from him, also, this is the second time he’s refused to k-ss me.. even when he knows I wanted him to.

What a devil’s son he is!

“Darling, I kept telling you, I’m the devil”

I scoffed loudly, I pushed him away from me and fastened my seatbelt by myself.. then folded my arms on my chest, leaned back on the seat and turned away from him.

Mr Bright stared at me for a moment, the chuckled.

“Are you mad at me, darling?” He asked.

“I don’t have time to be mad at you!” I snapped at him.

He leaned forward and held my face in his hands, he stared at my l-ips briefly before planting a short k-ss on them.

“Don’t be mad, I don’t like it when you frown” he said.

I nodded, he k-ssed me shortly again. He pulled away and rounded the car, he got onto the driver’s seat.

“Are you ready?” He asked.


He started the car. “Let’s go” he said and drove off.

Narrator’s pov 🧚

Caleb balled his fist, he he glared at Lucifer’s car as he drove off, with Melanie in his car.

When Melanie was persistently refusing his offer to give her a ride, he had knew at once it’s because of Lucifer.

He clenched his teeth and released a low, but angry growl.
From the corner of his eye, he saw Bryant rushing towards him.

“Young Mr Novo, I just saw Melanie leaving with Lucifer” Bryant reported.

“Hm” Caleb hummed in response.

“Should we chase after them and get her back?”

Caleb continued glaring at the direction Lucifer’s car went, he shook his head.

“Let her be, Lucifer isn’t someone you can start a fight with and live to give the story…I have witnessed first hand, how he kills people” he said.

“So what should we do now? How can we get her back?” Bryant asked.

“I’ll come up with a plan later”

Caleb sighed, he shoved his hands in his pockets…he turned and back into the convent.

Melanie’s pov 🧚

I jumped out from Mr Bright’s car, closing the door in a soft bang.

My eyes bulged out in delight as I admired the view ahead of me, a waterfall.

“This place is beautiful” I awed.

“If you say so” Mr Bright said behind me as he approached me.

He sounded as though he’s seen a lot of this place, like he’s bored of the view already…well, it’s his safe haven after all.

I rushed forward, but halted when I saw a cliff separating us from the waterfall.

“Wow! It’s just like they show in the movies” I said.

“Hmm, you can get everything off your mind just staring at it… you’ll find peace here” he told me.

I nodded in agreement, no one would come here with their bothered mind and leave still worrying.

“Thanks for bringing me here” I told him.

“It’s fine, I can share my safe haven with you” he said.

I simply laughed, the fixed my gaze on the waterfall… I closed my eyes and listened to every single sound around me.

The waterfall rushing down and hitting the ground beneath it, the insects and birds chirping… there’s a peaceful silence here.

After a few minutes of total silence, I opened my eyes and faced Mr Bright.

I studied his expression, he’s furrowing his brows and staring h-rd at the sky…I frowned.

He looked as though a lot is going through his mind right now, which is quite strange…since I knew him, he’s never got any worries.

“Normally you look like someone with no worries, but I found out you’re extremely quiet now.. what’s wrong? Is anything bothering you?” I asked.

He continued staring at the sky with a serious frown, it took some time before he answered me.

He tore his eyes away from the sky and faced me.

“This was where I landed when my dad disowned me, and banished me from our home” he said.

I looked around, landed here? Did he drove here or something?

“Why did your dad disowned and banished you from your home?” I asked.

“Em… let’s just saying I’m serving a punishment that wasn’t supposed to be mine”

A punishment that wasn’t supposed to be his? Wait…which fathers still disown their children in the century? Unless….

“Something very bad must have happened that made your father disowned you…what happened?” I asked.

“Something very bad?”

“Yeah, no father would disown his child without a valid reason…did you do anything that really provoked him?”

He stayed silent, he moved his gaze from me and focused on the waterfall.

“My very close brother betrayed me, he framed me”

“Framed you? What did he do?”

He didn’t reply me, he continued staring at the waterfall and doesn’t look like he’s gonna answer me either…but that didn’t stop me.

I’m curious.

“Mr Bright, what did he do?” I asked.

He shook his head and smiled.

“Enough talks about me, let’s not bring back sad memories, let’s talk about you” he said.

“About me?” I asked.


He w-rapped his arm around my shoulders, then led me to a nearby rock and helped me sat down.. before sitting next to me.

“Why did you choose to come with me, instead of your little church rat?” He asked.

I shrugged.

“I don’t know” I replied.

Which is the honest truth, I followed him, maybe because that’s what my heart wanted.

Also, I kinda feel uncomfortable with Caleb, he’s been acting strange and being extremely quiet these days.

“You mean you don’t know why you followed me?” He asked.

“Hm” I hummed shortly.

He sniffled a laugh, then poke my cheek.

“I’ll tell you why…” he trailed off.

I looked at him expectantly, he cleared his throat as though he’s got something very important to say.

“.. you followed me because you love me”

A scoff left my mouth and rolled my eyes at his words.

“Boring” I said.

“It’s true, darling, you love me and it’s natural you’re gonna subconsciously choose me over him” he explained.

His words has some truth in them, I nodded.

“Maybe you’re right” I said, not willing to admit he’s right.

“Not maybe, I’m right”


We sat in silence and watched the water falling, listening to every sound that passed our ears.

“This place is good for a picnic” I blurted out.


“Yeah, I’ve seen people going on picnics in movies.. this is the perfect view they’ll need”

He turned his body slightly, then stared at my face, tilting his head slightly.

“In movies? Haven’t you go on a picnic before?” He asked.

I shook my head.

“No, only church camps and school trips” I answered.

“D*mn! That convent is a cave, but don’t worry.. you have me now, we’ll go on picnics often” he assured me.

I nodded, then another silence fell on us. This time, it’s long and comfortable, until…

“This place is so cool, I can have endless, undisturb£d, h-ot and rough s£x here” he said.

Eww! why is he suddenly talking about s£x?

“Darling, how about we have the experience now? what do you think?”

“Me? Have s£x with you here?” I asked him back, looking around.

“Yeah.. it’s gonna be so fun, and I promise it’s gonna be the best s£x you’ll ever have.. for s£x, I’m a Savage”

I took in his physique, he does have the physique of a rugby player.

Him talking about s£x suddenly reminded me of the dream I had two nights ago, I squirmed as I felt a liquid dropping on my p-nty.

He w-rapped his arm around my wa-ist and singlehandedly lifted me onto his laps, his free hand traced my wa-istline.

His teeth grabb£d my earlobe as he bite it gently, I $h¡veryed.

“Let’s make love here, you’re gonna enjoy me” he whispered.

His h-ot breath is tickling my neck.
I felt my p-nty getting even w€tter than before, a strong urge hit me and I couldn’t hold myself back.

“No one’s gonna disturb us here, we can…”

I grabb£d his face and crashed my l-ips on his, k-ssing him so hungrily.

At first I was in control since I initiated the k-ss…which I’m quite surprised at, I didn’t think I know how to k-ss….but it didn’t take long for him to overtake me.

Not wanting to fight with him, I surrendered and let him take control…he shoved his t0ngue into my mouth and licked every inch..every corner.

His hand tracing my wa-istline found its way up, he grabb£d my left br-ast and my breath hitched.

He started m-ssaging my br-ast, pinching my n-pple s£nsitively and continued k-ssing me so hungrily.

I’m struggling to keep up with his pace, but I’m trying…after all, he’s an expert and I’m an amateur.

His t0ngue went deep down my throat, making me gag slightly, but I love it.

He moved away from my mouth, he k-ssed along my jawline down to my chest…he placed peppering k-sses on my chest.

My f-ngers crawled up to his head, combing through his hair.

He lifted his head, dragged my blouse down slightly making sure he got a clear view of my cle-vage…he stared at my chest and nodded.

“Although they’re kinda small…”

I frowned slightly at his words, he pecked my l-ips.

“… but it’s what dad gave to me, I’ll cherish it”

With that he pulled my br-asts out of my b-ra, then grabb£d my right br-ast in his mouth and squ-eesed the other one.

I closed my eyes momentarily, s-cked in some air and mo-ned softly.

He rubb£d his t0ngue on my n-pple s£nsitively, teasing me and making wish he’d give me a small bite.

His hand squ-eesed my other br-ast for a moment, then he worked his way down to my below.

He gently pushed my legs apart, he started groping my pu$$y through my p-nty… meanwhile his mouth is working wonders on my br-ast.

I hissed quietly in pleasure when he bite my n-pple, my grip on his hair t¡ghtened.

He lifted his head and stared at me, his f-ngers were still groping my pu$$y though…he smiled at me.

“This is your first time and you’re doing pretty well”

I smiled, then bite my lower l-ip when I felt his f-ngers sl-ipped through my p-nty and dipped in my pu$$yh0le.

“I wonder how good in b£d you’ll be after your first time”

A small mo-n left my mouth when his f-ngers began thr-usting into me, he pecked my l-ips.

“With an excellent teacher like me, I believe you’ll be an expert soon” he said.

I felt like he’s not doing it well since he’s talking, I slapped his cheek h-rd.

“Stop talking and put your mouth into good use, w-rap it around my br-ast!” I snapped at him.

He smirked.

“Yes, my one and only queen” he replied, before snatching my br-ast in his mouth.

“Yeah…” I let out a throaty mo-n, I didn’t even know when that mo-n left my mouth.

His f-ngers weren’t going as fast as I had expected, I grabb£d his hand and urged him to go faster.

As if he listened to my thoughts, he obliged to my silent request.
His f-ngers started thr-usting very fast in me, that it made me lost myself…I felt like I was in heaven…cloud nine.

I surrendered to him..his touch… the dream I had was no where near this… it’s sweeter in reality.

Is this what I’ve been missing? Is this what I would have missed if I had actually become a nun?

Lord have mercy, but I can’t resist this temptation…I’m enjoying it…I want more of it, I prayed silently.

If this will take me to hell, then I’ll be very glad to go to hell…this is too sweet to reject.

I have gotten myself all psyched up, ready to give myself to him.. but a thought suddenly struck me.

Am I gonna lose my V-rginity here? Am I even ready to lose it now? why did I fall into his sed-ction so quick?

Also, he’s not even my boyfriend yet… Melanie you’re so stupid and desperate!

I broke the k-ss and pushed him away from me, I quickly created a safe space between us.

His brows furrowed quizzically, his eyes questioning my action.

“What happened? Why did we stop?” He asked.

I gulped. I quickly adjusted my blouse and skirt, I coughed lightly to clear my throat.

“We’re moving too fast” I said.

“Moving too fast? Didn’t you say you love me?”

“Yeah, I love you but… ” I trailed off.

“But what?” he asked, staring in my eyes.

My mouth closed, I turned away from him and avoided his eyes.

“You rejected me” I said.

“I…” he cut himself off.

He grabb£d my shoulders, turned me back to him and made me look in his eyes.

“I didn’t mean to reject you, it’s just.. you can’t keep up with my lifestyle, I’m a bad devil, a very bad devil.. not the kind of person you’d wanna be with”

“I have told you to stop referring to yourself as the devil, no matter how bad you are.. there’s a room for a change”

“Darling, I…”

I slapped my hand on his mouth, silencing whatever he wanted to say.

“You’re not bad naturally, something must have happened and made you the man you are now.. give me a chance and I’ll help you get back in the right track”

His pupils dilated at my words, he looked at me in a strange way that I can’t explain.

“You can’t continue sinking deeply in sin” I said.

He removed my hand from his mouth, he shook his head.

“You can’t be with me, I’ll bring you to your doom, the path I’m walking is very dangerous.. it’s not meant for a saint like you, darling”

“I’m not scared, I’m ready to walk the path with you”

He pushed my hair away from my face, putting a hair strand behind my ear.

“Darling, I…”

“Mr Bright, just give me a chance, I’ll leave on my own if I can’t keep up” I told him.

He stared in my eyes for some moments, his eyes were searching mine for God knows what…

He shut his eyes, took a deep breath and finally smiled.

“Fine, be mine and I’ll try my utmost best to keep you safe.. be mine, ok?”

“Are you serious? Or you’re bluffing me?”

He shook his head.

“I will never bluff you darling” he said.

My l-ips quirked up in a wide smile, I nodded quickly.

“Yes, yes, I’ll be yours”

He held my face in his hands and crashed his l-ips on mine, he k-ssed me passionately for a while.. until I broke the k-ss.


He placed a f-nger on my l-ips, shushing me.

“Darling, since you’re officially mine, can you steer clear of that church rat?” He asked.

“He’s my friend, he hasn’t done any wrong to me…”

“That church rat isn’t as holy as he claims, that’s just a facade”

I narrowed my eyes at him, feeling slightly offended at him for calling Caleb a church rat.

“I can’t stay away from him when he’s not offended me, and can you please stop calling him a church rat?”

He scoffed.

“You… ”

He crashed his l-ips on mine, planting a short but sweet k-ss on my l-ips.

“It’s just a few minutes since we’re officially together, let’s not have our first fight because of that church rat.. ok?”

“You’re still calling him a church rat”

“Fine, fine, Cain”

“His name is not Cain either, it’s Caleb” I corrected him.

“Oh, Catherine… ”

I glared at him, he laughed and k-ssed my nose.

“Fine, Caleb” he finally said.

I scoffed, folded my arms on my chest and turned away from him.. my eyes focused on the waterfall.

He moved closer to me and hugged me from behind, he k-ssed my cheek.

“Just be careful around him” he said.


“Em.. you’re coming back home with me, right?” He asked.

Home.. Gabby is hoping I would be her roommate, she is so excited about it…but I wanna go with Mr Bright.

What should I do now?

“There’s nothing to think about, darling, I’m your boyfriend.. you should come with me” he said.

I blushed when he said he’s my boyfriend, it’s still very new to me and I haven’t gotten use to it.

“Get use to it, baby, it’s gonna be our new trend” he said, k-ssed my cheek again.

I blushed more.

“Also, you’re coming with me, it’s only right that way” he said.

“Hm” I hummed.

He’s my boyfriend, I should live with him.. after all, I see other girls living with their boyfriends too.

“Good girl” he patted my hair.

I removed his hands from me, then got up and dusted my skirt.

“Let’s play before we head back”

“Ooh! I love playing” he said and got up too. “What should we play?” He asked.

I thought about it for a moment, I don’t know what play he’d be comfortable with.

“Darling, I’m cool with anything you wanna play”

“Stop reading my mind” I said.

“I won’t, just few hours I stopped reading your mind, you escaped from home” he replied me.

He’s referring to the night I left with Caleb.
I scoffed… I’ll soon find out what exactly he is, that he can read my mind.

“I’m the devil, there’s nothing to find out”

I rolled my eyeballs and ignored his words.

“Let’s swim” I said.

“Swim? Did you come with your bikini?” He asked.

I shook my head, I don’t even have a bikini to start with.. maybe I’ll get some.

“Oh! You want us to ski-nydip?!” He exclaimed.

His pupils dilated in excitement, before I could speak his clothes are already off and he’s standing stark unclad in front of me.

My hands flew to my eyes as I cover them, but before then, I had already gotten a clear view of his s€×y body.

His hairy chest, his strong six-packs, and his… oh my goodness!

What’s that?! His d**k?! Or a rod?! Can that even fit in me?! He’s…

“Darling, stop thinking about f**king me..”

My cheeks flamed up at his statement, I even choked on my spit and coughed slightly.

“… let’s swim, strip” he said.

“No!” I said, removing my hands from my eyes.. but made sure to avoid looking at his perfect body.

Which of course is h-rd, my eyes kept flicking towards him, especially his d**k.. making me blush h-rder.

“Take off your clothes or I’ll help you” he told me.

“No, I’m not gonna ski-nydip with you” I rejected him.

“I’m your boyfriend, you shouldn’t be shy around me.. take off your clothes or I’ll help you” he told me again.

I stubbornly shook my head, he scoffed and snapped his f-ngers.

My mouth fell opened when I saw my clothes falling off me, I tried to grab them to cover my body.. but surprisingly they wouldn’t stay.

I lifted my head and glared at him, but quickly turned away from him when my clothes are completely off.

My hands covered my br-asts and V-rgina, as best as they could.

“Jesus!” I exclaimed quietly.

This devil’s son must have studied some magic tricks and is using them on me…or maybe he’s a psychic.

“Why did you use your little magic tricks on me?”

“Darling, I just want us to ski-nydip, you suggested it”

“I said we should swim, not ski-nydip”

He hugged me from behind, pressing his body on mine and I tensed.. I felt a few sparks shoots through my veins.

“How do you expect us to swim without our swimsuits?” He asked.

That sly bast*rd!

“ski-nydip is our only option” he said.

“But we… ”

He w-rapped his arm around my wa-ist, leaned closer to my ear and whispered.

“Hold onto to me t¡ght” his h-ot breath on my neck.

Before I knew we’re jumping off the high cliff into the water, my mouth fell opened as I scre-med loudly.. in both fright and excitement.

“Argggggggh, it’s so higggggggggh!”

To be continued

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