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🧚 The Fallen Angel 🧚
{Mated to a heavenly tyrant!}

Chapter 27.

Written by: Racheal Dennis.


Melanie’s pov 🧚

Another romantic, action, thriller or family stories @:-

The tension in the car is so thick, but sharp that it could slice a man’s throat.

It’s so suffocating, or maybe I find it suffocating.

Since we got in the car, Mr Bright has been scowling and growling, muttering angrily under his breath.

He looked super angry, his whole body was shaking from anger, his shoulders were even tensed.

All this anger oozing off him is because of a flower, a mere flower.

“It’s not just a flower, darling!” he snapped at me in a deep voice, which made me flinched back.

He’s angry but still have time to read my mind, funny.

I have witnessed his anger first hand, in fact, he almost choked me to death on our first encounter simply because I spoke the wrong words.

Now that someone has tempered with something very important to him, he won’t be able to control his anger.

Hmm, only God knows what he’s gonna do to the unlucky soul that fell on his bad side, he’s gonna unleash his wrath on him or her.

“M-mr Bri.. Mr Bright?” Caldwell called in a stutter from the driver’s seat.

He’s scared, he doesn’t wanna have a taste of his boss’s anger, which almost made me laugh.
Mr Bright didn’t reply him, but he still spoke anyway.

“Are we dropping Miss Martinez off at the mansion first? Or we’re…”

“She’s coming with us!” Mr Bright cut him off.

“Huh? She’s gonna watch you ki…”

“Shut up and drive!”

“But, sir, you can’t…”

Mr Bright closed his eyes and Caldwell instantly couldn’t talk, all he could do was muffled gibberish words.

Did he just shut Caldwell up with his silly magic tricks? I frowned at him.

“Why did you shut him up?”

“He’s annoying” he replied.

He folded his arms on his chest and threw his head back, my frown deepened.

“You can’t just shut him up because you find him annoying, he was just saying his opinion” I said.

“Darling, shut yourself up now or I’ll help you shut up too”

“You…” I swallowed my words.

I don’t even have any words to say to him, or even the strength to scold him.

I’m having a slight headache, which started back at the waterfall, when we were playing.

“I’ll get some sleep, I’m feeling a little weak and tired” I said and leaned back on the seat.

His eyes suddenly snapped open at my words, he grabbed my shoulders and turned me slightly to face him.

He looked in my eyes and shook his head.

“No, don’t sleep”

“Why shouldn’t I? I’m feeling sleepy, besides I need this sleep more than ever”

“No, you mustn’t sleep.. I should solve the flower case first” he said.

Solve the flower case first? What is he talking about? His flower has nothing to do with me sleeping.

“What does your flower got to do with me?” I asked.

“Everything, darling”


“Nothing, just don’t fall asleep” he said.

I rolled my eyeballs, leaned back on the seat and looked out the window…what a lunatic!

Maybe I should change his name from *my darling Lucifer* to lunatic…it suits his personality better.

Narrator’s pov 🧚

“Darling, wait here for me” Lucifer told Melanie.

She tilted her head and looked at the building ahead of them, then turned back to Lucifer with a frown.

“Can’t I come in with you?” she asked.

Lucifer shook his head with his brows knitted together in a serious.. or angry frown.

“But we are here already, why can’t….”

“Stay here and don’t move!” He said seriously this time.

Melanie wanted to argue, but looking at Lucifer’s expression she decided against it.

“Fine, don’t take too long though and don’t… kill anyone” she whispered the last part, but she knows he heard her perfectly clear.

“Hmph!” he scoffed offhandedly.

He turned his gaze towards the building and clenched his teeth, his eyes grew darker in anger.. but before Melanie could talk to him about it, he pushed the door open, then stepped out.

He stormed towards the building, without sparing Melanie another look.

Melanie simply watched him entered the building, with Caldwell following him.

“I just hope nothing bad happen in there, he’s so serious because of an ordinary flower” she said to herself.



doors opened in a very loud bang, causing a woman yelped and hugged her crying baby closer to her chest.

She crawled fearfully towards her husband, whom in return pulled her behind him and blocked her from Lucifer in a protective stance.

Her husband raised his head and stared at Lucifer in the eyes, but he quickly looked away when he saw how deadly angry Lucifer was.

Lucifer swinged his hand, sending the man flying across the room and hit a wall, he fell on his face and sprout out blood.

A scream left the lady’s mouth, she shook her head as tears rolled down her cheeks.

Before Lucifer came, Carling had already beaten her husband to pulp, that he could barely breathe…now Lucifer has come to make it worse.

“Sir… please, sir…have mercy on him…” she begged.

Lucifer ignored her, he took fast, angry steps towards her husband.

Lucifer kicked his (her husband’s) stomach a few times, then grabbed his neck and raised him up, then slammed him on the wall.


“Where’s my flower, Hansel?!” Lucifer growled at him.

Hansel (the woman’s husband), shook his head and winced in pain as Lucifer tightened his grip.

“Speak! Where’s my flower?!”

Hansel weakly pointed his finger at a small flower vase, Lucifer narrowed his eyes when he saw a leaf falling off the flower.

“That flower is a spiritual, it wouldn’t wither unless you’ve done something to it…who did you sell it to?!”

Hansel couldn’t speak, Lucifer’s grip on him was way too tight, even his air lungs were slowly closing up.

Lucifer opened his free hand and the flower appeared in his hand, he stared at it closely…then released a louder growl.

He slammed Hansel harder on the wall, Hansel coughed and spat out more blood.

“It’s fake! It’s a fake!” Lucifer growled and threw the flower away.


balled his fist and landed a few punches on Hansel’s face, disfiguring Hansel’s already disfigured face.

“You piece of sh*t! You think you can deceive me with a fake flower?!” He snarled.

Hansel’s wife rushed towards Lucifer, she held onto his left leg and cried loudly.

“Please, please spare him, don’t kill him, he’s….”

She was cut off when Lucifer kicked her off his leg, she went flying across the room and almost lose hold of her baby.

She landed on the glass table in the middle of the living room, it crashed and a few pieces cut very deep into her skin…she hissed but ignored the pain.

After all, her husband is the one hurting most.
Lucifer punched Hansel one more time, which broke Handel’s nose.

“You think I’m a fool and I can’t recognize a fake? Haven’t you heard the saying never make a deal with the devil?”

Hansel knew what Lucifer meant, he shook his head frighteningly as he followed Lucifer’s gaze… they’re fixed on his family.

“Leave…” he coughed out blood. “…leave ’em…spare my family… please..just kill me…”

Lucifer smirked as he stared at the baby crying loudly in Hansel’s wife’s arms, he threw Hansel randomly.

Then took quick steps towards Hansel’s wife, he snatched the baby from her and held the baby by the legs…turning the baby upside down.

“No, no, no, Mr Bright, spare my daughter… please, my daughter is too young for this”

Lucifer ignored the woman’s pleas, he grabbed her neck and lifted her off the ground…making her legs dangled.

Hansel rushed towards Lucifer as fast as he could, he grabbed Lucifer’s leg and looked up at him (Lucifer) with pleading eyes.

“You don’t seem to understand the importance of my flower, how about I take something of great importance from you too?”

“No, no, no, please…”

“Maybe then you will understand what I mean, obviously you don’t understand human language”

“I do, I do,…”

“I should speak demon’s language to you… it’s very easy to understand!”

Lucifer released an evil laugh, then tightened his grip on Hansel’s wife.

“No, no, please..I beg you…”

Just then, the door burst opened and Melanie rushed in.

Melanie’s pov 🧚

It’s been long since Mr Bright and Caldwell entered the building, I wonder what’s going on in there.

I looked out the window towards the sky, dark clouds are gathering up as though it’s gonna rain soon.

A gush of cold breeze hit me and I shivered, I quickly wind up all the windows to help me stay warm.


don’t understand why, but I started having an ominous feeling in my gut…like something is wrong and I should go check it out.

My hand itched forward, I grabbed the door handle and pushed it open, then stepped out.

I rested my body against the car, I fetched my hand gloves from my pocket and wore them… it’s getting colder as the weather was getting darker.

Maybe I should go get Mr Bright, we should head home now before it starts raining.

Driving under the rain is very dangerous, the roads will be so slippery which easily leads to accidents… I can’t risk it.

My legs started moving towards the main door of the building, well, I don’t know if it’s the main door or not.. but that’s where Mr Bright and Caldwell went.

I stopped in front of the door and pushed it open, I stepped in but instantly halted abruptly as my hands flew to my mouth.

My eyes just saw what I wasn’t expecting to see at all, blood drained off my face and I can imagine how pale I looked right now.

Mr Bright had his hand wrapped tightly at a woman’s neck, he slammed her against a nearby wall… meanwhile the woman was struggling to get away from him.

But she’s got no chance to escape, because her legs weren’t even touching the ground.

His grip on her must have been too tight, that her face was turning blue already….if he continued holding her like that she’d die.

A baby’s cry called my attention, I traced the baby’s voice until my eyes landed on him or her…the baby must be a girl, she’s dressed in a pink dress and had a flower headband on.

She looked like she’s not even up to a month old.

Mr Bright held her legs in an upside down position, her face has turned red from crying so much already…I felt a tug in my heart.

Is he trying to kill her holding her like this?

The sight was very odious, that I couldn’t just stand by the door silently as I had planned initially.

“Mr Bright!” I called loudly from the entrance.

He paused, his head snapped towards my direction, I shivered and almost flinched back when I saw his eyes.

People have written stories, they describe bloodlust eyes in many ways, which I had always thought fictional.

I had always thought they wrote those descriptions from their imaginations, but I’m dead wrong because I’m witnessing it right now.

The man standing in front of me looked entirely different from the gentleman I know, far different.

His pupils dilated in great anger, as they turned crimson red with an evil glint in them. Mere looking in his eyes, one would know this man is ready to kill these people.

He looked so ogre with his red eyes, as he tightened his grip on the woman’s neck.

My body vibrated in great fear, but I can’t step back or standby and watch him commit murder… it’ll be a big lost to lose these souls to the cold hands of death.

But first, let’s save this baby, she’s got a long years ahead.

“Darling, what are you doing here?!” He asked me softly, but his eyes remained unchanged.

“Let go that baby!” I ordered him.

His eyes hardened at my words, they grew darker and angrier as though I just provoked him.

“No! Get out!” He boomed at me in a angry voice.

I shook my head stubbornly.

“I’m not leaving, set her free now!”

“I’m not gonna, you don’t know what they have done!” He snarled loudly at me.

I opened my mouth to speak, but suddenly felt someone grabbed my legs.

My eyes looked down and saw a well beaten up man, his face is almost unrecognizable…he could hardly breathe and looked half-dead.

Jesus! what has this devil’s son done?!
I crouched down to his level at once, there’s a small frown on my forehead.

“Are you ok?” I asked him, which was very stupid of me.

Even a fool would know he isn’t ok looking like this.

He shook his head tiredly, he slowly turned his head towards Mr Bright and weakly pointed at the woman and baby.

“He.. help.. my.. my.. family” he managed to stutter out, before he started coughing out thick blood.

He was suddenly kicked hard and his body went flying across the room, he hit a wall and groaned in pain, then coughed out more blood…I even heard bones cracking.

“Don’t talk to my woman!” Mr Bright growled at him.

I sprang up and glared maliciously at him.

“What is wrong with you? Do you want to kill him?!” I yelled at him.

He smirked.

“Yes! He deserves to die!”

“What?! You don’t have any right to take his life!” I snapped at him.

My eyes landed on the baby, if I don’t save that baby now she’s gonna die from blood rushing to her head.

“They all deserve to die and I’ll kill them!” He growled like a hungry lion seeking for whom to devour.

He threw the woman across the room, during that process I snatched the baby from him and rested her head on my chest.

I stared at him with my eyes widened in both fear and surprise.

“Why are you being so serious because of a mere flower? What has come over you? Why are you doing all these?”

His eyebrows furrowed, causing a very deep and serious frown on his forehead…but that didn’t stop me from talking.

“Because of a mere flower, is it worth it?!”

“It’s not just a flower! It’s your lifespan!” He bellowed.

My brows furrowed, what rubbish is he talking about? How can a flower be my lifespan?

“Stop your nonsense right now, stop terrorizing these people”

“I’m not terrorizing them, if something happens to that flower, you’ll be in danger! I can’t afford that!” He said.

Good job Melanie, you just got a madman to be your boyfriend!

“I’m just protecting what’s mine!”

“This is not the right way to protect what’s yours, killing people is wrong”

“Darling, the flower is your life and it’s missing can’t you get it?”

Alright, maybe I should play along with him.. maybe that will calm him down.

“Yeah, it’s missing but killing them won’t mean you’ve found it.. killing them isn’t the best option”

“It is! He shouldn’t have stole it in the first place!”

He’s making it seem as though he isn’t at fault too.

“He stole it? And whose fault was that? Isn’t it yours?! If that flower is so important to you, why didn’t you guide it so carefully?!” I asked him.

“Darling, he… ”

“It’s wrong to steal and that’s his fault, but you should admit your fault too!”

He stayed silent and stared at me, clenching his jaw.

“How did you feel when your father banished you from your home?”

His eyes narrowed at me, he balled his fist and gritted his teeth.
I know I shouldn’t have bring his banishment into this, but he’s been heartless right now and needed some sense.

“Now you want to kill this baby’s parents and make her an orphan at such early age? Isn’t it the same as banishing her from her home?”

“You think I’m being heartless? You think I’m terrorizing them? To you I’m a bad man who just kills for fun, right?”

He chuckled and nodded, he took slow steps towards me.

My heart started beating fast as I took slow steps backwards too, strangely I’m not so scared of him.

“Well, you’re right! I’m the devil and killing is my hobby, it’s what I do for fun when I’m bored!!” He growled in my face.

He snatched the baby from me, he threw her carelessly and I gasped loudly as I imagined her landing on the ground.. she’d die!

But to my surprise, she landed softly and safely… I released a sigh of relief.

Mr Bright turned and walked towards the baby’s father, he stopped in front of him (the baby’s father).

“I gave you a week before to get the flower back, I’ll come back in five days and I want my flower ready by then, or else… ”

He trailed off, he shoved his hands in his pockets.

“… I’ll show you how heartless the devil can be!!”

With that he turned back and walked towards me, but something strange happened.

The man that was beaten to pulp was suddenly healed, even his wife was also healed and they looked as though they weren’t just beaten up badly.

Mr Bright must have used his magic on them or is that God’s miracle?

“Next time, don’t interfere when I’m punishing my offenders… let’s go!” He said and headed out.

I turned to face the man and his wife, they’re looking at me with thankful eyes.

“Thank you so much, Miss, thank you so much” they thanked.

“Please, make sure to find his flower.. you might not be so lucky next time” I told them.

My dad wasn’t lucky at all, he was killed brutally… I wonder what made me fall in love with him.. my father’s killer.

“We will….thank you” the man said.

I nodded. My eyes went back to the baby laying quietly on the ground, she’s just looking around innocently.

“She’s so cute, cherish her” I said.

“DARLING, IT SEEMS YOU’RE COMING HOME IN A CAB!” Mr Bright shouted from outside.

I quickly waved them goodbye, then rushed out.. only God knows what he’s gonna to me when we get home.

To be continued

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