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🧚 The Fallen Angel 🧚
{Mated to a heavenly tyrant!}

Chapter 28.

Written by: Racheal Dennis.


Another romantic, action, thriller or family stories @:-

Melanie’s pov 🧚

The ride home was very quiet, Mr Bright was just grumbling, scowling and balling his fist all the way.

But I ignored him, talking to him would just make him flare up at me… currently, we’re back at his mansion.

“Mr Bright, I…”

“Darling, don’t talk to me, I’m mad at you!” He snapped at me and headed upstairs.

I sniffled a laugh, we’ve just started dating today and he’s already mad at me? He’s giving me a cold shoulder?

Well, I have a feeling that he’s not gonna stay mad for too long.

“I’ll be in my home office, tell Berlin when you need anything, she’ll attend to you” he said and in a twinkle of an eye, he’s out it my sight.

Hmm, at least I can have some alone time.

I should go make some calls, Gabby haven’t heard from me since I left the convent in anger.

Narrator’s pov 🧚

“Mr Bright, we brought Hansel per your instruction” Carling reported.

Lucifer turned on his office chair, he twirled a pen between his fingers….he nodded to an upbeat music playing quietly in the background.

He had secretly, (without Melanie’s notice) ordered Carling and a few demons to bring Hansel and his family back with them, for interrogation.

“We’ve brought Hansel back with us, Mr Bright”

Carling repeated her words when she felt Lucifer didn’t hear her the first time.

“Where the f**k is he?” Lucifer asked in a growl.

“He’s chained up in the basement, sir” she replied.

Lucifer pulled out a drawer, he collected an electric whip and got up.

“How’s the interrogation going so far?” He asked.

“Sir, he’s proving stubborn, we tried to get him to talk but he wouldn’t”

“Oh? Really?”

“Yes, sir, no matter the torture weapon we use, he just won’t talk… it seemed like he’s scared of something”

Lucifer nodded, he stared or admired the whip in his hand and his lips curved up in a smirk.

“Well, then… let’s go play with him, I couldn’t have enough fun back in his apartment because my darling intervened”

He sighed and shook his head, he adjusted his suit.

“But now, she can’t intervene, I’ll have enough fun!”


“Mr Bright!”

Lucifer’s men (demons rather), greeted him when he stepped in the basement. He nodded at them.

His eyes searched around for Hansel, until they landed on him at the extreme.. he’s tired up against a pillar.

He looked worse, far worse than when Lucifer visited him at his apartment.

His bare-chested with whiplashed cut deep into his flesh, causing blood run down his body…even his face is unrecognizable.

“Yo! Is this Hansel?” Lucifer asked mockingly.

Hansel simply groaned in pain, he’s breathing heavily and blood is dripping off his mouth.

“Armstrong, you’re so cruel, I can hardly recognize him…why did you have to beat him up like this?”

He pretentiously scolded his demon that had tortured Hansel, he studied Hansel’s expression and smirked..then continued with his pretentious scolding.

“Is this your hospitality? How could you leave such heavy injuries on my friend?”

Lucifer walked towards a table, he looked around and smiled when he saw some chili powder in a bowl.

He dropped his whip on the table, carried the chili powder and walked back to Hansel…he studied Hansel’s chest and winced.

“These cuts are so deep, they’re gonna leave scars” he complained. “Don’t worry, I’ll help you”

He packed a good amount in his hand and rubbed it on Hansel’s chest.

Hansel opened his mouth very wide, showing his uvula as he released a loud scream and closed his already covered eyes tightly.

His chained up fists balled as he struggled against the chains, as he felt an excruciating pains on his chest.

Adding chili powder on his fresh injury, is like setting his chest on fire…he felt his chest burning.

Lucifer nodded in satisfaction at his screams, he laughed heartily.

“Great! Great! Now this is what I wanna hear!” He said.

He rubbed more chili on Hansel’s chest, making his (Hansel’s) screams even louder.

“What about his wife and daughter?” Lucifer asked Carling.

“We brought them back with us too, but we kept them locked up in the dark room” she reported.


covered eyes snapped opened, but he could barely keep them open.


“Wait… don’t waste your energy, save it. I already know what you wanna say…”

He paused and studied Hansel for some time, then sighed.

“You want me to spare your family, isn’t it?”

Hansel nodded quickly, he passed Lucifer a desperate look but Lucifer simply chuckled.

“Yeah, I can do that but you must answer me”

Hansel bowed his head, he stared at his feet that was nailed to the ground…his blood has covered everywhere and it he wasn’t strong naturally, he would have passed out by now.

“Tell me, who did you sell my flower to? Who ordered you to steal it?” Lucifer asked.

Hansel kept quiet and didn’t say a word, Lucifer frowned deeply at Hansel’s exasperating silence.

“You know, what I hate most is not getting an answer to questions I asked… don’t get me vexed…”

He cut himself off abruptly as he recalled something, he lifted Hansel’s chin and smirked.

“Right…your wife and daughter are with me, maybe I should just kill them and you’ll be forced to speak.. right?”

“Don’t.. don’t.. don’t please…”

“Then bloody speak!” Lucifer shouted and hit Hansel’s head on the pillar.

Hansel groaned and coughed, Lucifer handed the bowl of chili powder to the person standing near him, then held Hansel’s face in his hands.

“Tell me who’s behind this and I promise in my darling’s name, I’ll spare you and your family.. I’ll let you go” he said.

Hansel stared at him weakly through his covered eyes, he wanted to speak but seemed to be stopping himself..then he shook his head.

“I..I can’t..I can’t.. he’s gonna… he’s gonna…”

He trailed off, murmuring gibberish words under his breath and shaking his head in refusal..his lips were quivering as though he’s scared.

“Who sent you?” Lucifer asked again.


shook his head continuously, refusing to talk. Lucifer gritted his teeth, then let go Hansel’s face.

“I can search your memory, you know that right?”

He got no response from Hansel, but Hansel lifted his head and looked at him pleadingly… Lucifer laughed.

“But searching your memory right away isn’t gonna be fun…”

He trailed off and walked towards the table, he picked his whip and studied it with a smirk, then walked back to Hansel.

“…. how about I play with you a little, in case you haven’t noticed, I love torturing people!”

He lashed his whip on the ground, Hansel’s eyes grew wide in fear when he saw the whip is an electronic whip.

“I.. I…” he couldn’t even make up any words.

“If this whip land on it, it’s gonna electrify you and cause you an excruciating pain…mind you, my darling isn’t here to save you this time”

Hansel folded his swollen lips on his mouth, but quickly released it because of the pain.

“And don’t think she’s gonna hear you, the soundproof system is turned on… now this is your last chance, who is behind this?” Lucifer asked.

He waited for a few minutes, but didn’t get any response from Hansel. Angrily, he landed the whip on Hansel.

The whip wrapped Hansel’s skin, causing him to scream very loudly, louder than he’s ever screamed.

“Pleasant! this is the pleasant sound I love to hear!” Lucifer said.

He unwrapped the whip and landed it on him continuously, with each stroke Lucifer’s smirk grew bigger…his eyes lit up in excitement as he anticipated how Hansel’s scream would sound.

“Your screaming voice is very beautiful, it make a very sweet soundtrack…right boys?”

“Right!” “You’re right, sir” Lucifer’s demons agreed with him.

Their voices roared in laughter, they took steps backwards and watched Lucifer as he had his fun.


Few minutes later…

“Alright, I’ve had enough fun for today” Lucifer said and stopped whipping Hansel.

He took a step back and stared at his handwork, then nodded in satisfaction.

There’s no good flesh left on Hansel’s body, every part of his body has been cut by Lucifer’s whip.. his whole body’s covered in his blood.

And the floor beneath him was overflowing with his blood, his head fell weakly on his chest as he’s drained off of all his energy.

There’s nothing differing him from a dead man.

“Gross, you’ve taint my whip! I bought this very costly!” Lucifer grumbled.

He stared at his whip a few more moments, then sighed.


it’s done a pretty good job anyway… so, let’s walk your memory and find out who’s behind this”

He threw his whip at one it his demons and placed his hand on Hansel’s head.

“Get my whip cleaned up, I don’t like his flesh on it” he said, then focused on Hansel.


It opened with Hansel’s apartment, Hansel’s in his room packing up his bags.

Then Annie (his wife) walked in, carrying their three days old baby in her arms. She frowned slightly when she saw Hansel packing up their bags.

“Hansel, why are you packing up our bags?” She asked him.

“We’re moving” he replied, still packing up.

He rushed to their wardrobe, he picked out a few clothes and threw it on the bed.

“Moving? Why are we moving so suddenly?” She asked again.

Hansel didn’t replied, he just focused what he’s doing.

“Is something wrong? Why are you in a hurry?”

“He’s coming for us, he’s gonna kill us” Hansel replied.

Annie furrowed her eyebrows, she adjusted her daughter in her arms.

“Who’s coming for us?”


“Lucifer? Who’s Lucifer?” she asked cluelessly.

Hansel stopped and turned to face her, he grabbed her shoulders and stared in her eyes.

“Annie, come sit” he said.

He helped her sat on the bed, then leaned down and kissed their baby’s forehead…he smiled at his wife.

“Hansel, talk to me, I feel like you’ve been hiding a lot it things from me recently”

He shut his eyes, gulped and nodded.

“Fine, I’ve been hiding so much from you, but I didn’t wanna stress you up…”

“I’m your wife, it’s only right if I share your worries.. I might be it help” she said.

He smiled at her words.

“Not this time, baby, you can’t help me” he said.

“What’s going on?”

Hansel moved closer to her, he pulled her into a side hug and kissed her hair.

“It happened last two months, you were pregnant and so sick. You know, my business weren’t doing all great.. I was so scared and I didn’t wanna lose you”

He paused, but continued almost immediately.

“I had to look for money at all cost, then I heard of Lucifer, I heard he’s lending people money.. seeing it as a golden opportunity, I took it. I went to him and explained my situation to him, he agreed to lend me the money but I must pay up in two months”

Annie sighed, she already know where he’s headed.

“But unfortunately, after two months I don’t have the money…my business has gone bankrupt and there’s no way I can pay him back… It’s better we runaway now or he’ll come for us”

Annie shook her head.

“No, running away won’t help the matter, let’s go to him, we should beg him and maybe he’ll give us more time” she advised him.

“He won’t, he doesn’t give second chances… he kills whoever doesn’t pay him back”

Hansel’s voice is filled with panic, even his hands are slightly shaking.

“Hansel, we can’t run away, even if we runaway, he’s still gonna find us” Annie said.

She hugged her daughter closer to her chest, when she saw Hansel’s sad eyes watching her.

Suddenly, Hansel’s phone started ringing. He quickly reached for it on Annie’s dressing table, he checked it and saw it’s an unknown number calling.

He slammed the phone back on the table, fearing it’s Lucifer calling him.

“Who’s that? Why didn’t you receive the call?” Annie asked.

“It must be Lucifer, I can’t receive” he replied.

But the phone won’t stop ringing, it continued ringing until Hansel got tired and received it.

“He-hello?” he stuttered.

“Hansel Morphine?”

Hansel frowned at the voice he heard, it’s a unfamiliar male voice.

“Hansel Morphine?” The voice asked again.

“Who’s asking?” Hansel asked back.

The voice laughed briefly.

“Calm down, I’m not gonna hurt you.. I just wanna help you out”

“Help me out?” Hansel asked.

“Yes, I heard you are owing Lucifer a huge amount of money.. I can help you clear up what you owe him, but… ”

Hansel narrowed his eyes, he knew there’s no one willing to help for free.. everything comes with a price.

“But what?”

“You must do something for me, it you’re ready, then come to the address I’ll forward to you.. now!”

Hansel stared at Annie, she’s giving him a curious look which he ignored.
He balled his fist and thought about this offer for a moment.

It’s obvious he can’t turn down this offer, he has no other way to get Lucifer’s money and he can’t afford losing his family.

“Send me the address” he said and hanged up.

He rushed to one of the bags on the bed, he pulled out a jacket and quickly wore it.

“Hansel, who was that?” Annie asked.

“Em.. one of my friends” he replied.

“One it your friends? Aren’t your friends abroad? In Australia?”

Hansel cleared his throat, he avoided her eyes as he snatched his car key and wallet from the bed.

“Ryan just came back, he wants us to catch up.. I might just tell him about my predicament” he said.

“But what about…”

“Baby, I’m in a hurry, I love you” Hansel cut him off.

He leaned forward and kissed her forehead, then kissed their daughter’s cheek and rushed out before Annie could ask him another question.


Rooster’s clubhouse….

Hansel walked into the clubhouse, he looked around and his eyes landed on a man in black hoodie.

His instincts told him that must be the man, he approached the man.

“Hansel Morphine!” the man said when Hansel reached the table.


“You don’t have to know that” the man replied.

He showed Hansel to the chair next to him, Hansel sat down and simply stared at the man…he couldn’t see the man’s face since his hoodie’s still on.

“So.. let’s cut to the chase” Hansel said.

“Good, cause I don’t have time to waste. I will transfer the money into your account, but you must steal a flower for me” the man said.

Hansel frowned.

“Steal a flower?”

The man nodded.

“Why steal a flower when I can get it from anywhere?” Hansel asked.

“It’s not just a flower, it’s a very rare flower.. in fact, it’s an extincted flower and only one person have it now”


“Yes, I’ll give the location of where the flower is, go there and get it for me”

Hansel nodded quickly, he had thought he’d meet a very difficult task.. but stealing a flower? That’s so easy.. he thought.

“Alright, I’ll do it”

The man smirked under his hoodie.

“Good!” He said.

Hansel tilted his head.

“Can I at least know who I’m gonna be working for?” He asked.

The man nodded.

“It course” with that he raised his head and removed his hoodie.


Lucifer removed his hand from Hansel’s head, he glared at Hansel and angrily landed a punch on his face.

“Mr Bright, who was it?” Caldwell asked.

“Church rat!” Was Lucifer’s reply.

To be continued.

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