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🧚 The Fallen Angel 🧚
{Mated to a heavenly tyrant!}

Chapter 29.

Written by: Racheal Dennis.


Another romantic, action, thriller or family stories @:-

Melanie’s pov 🧚

I adjusted my back against the headboard, then smiled back at my camera…I’m face-timing Gabby.

“You’ve finally moved out” I said.

Gabby nodded, she took a bite from her apple and closed her eyes momentarily as she chewed.

“How do you feel living outside the convent?” I asked.

“Hm, pretty normal, maybe because I’ve always wanted to live outside…”

Yeah, Gabby has never wanted to be a nun, so living outside the convent and travelling the world has been her dream.

Now that she’s out, she’s gonna realize her dream soon.

“… what about you, Lanie? Where are you now?”

She asked me, trying to look around as it she could recognize where I am.

“I’m fine, I’m in a safe place” I told her.

“A safe place that doesn’t have a name?” she asked again.

I sighed. I can’t tell her I’m living with Mr Bright, she’d scream my head off and queried me for choosing to live with my father’s killer.

“Do you know, after you left mother Emily was very worried? She genuinely loves you and cares for you, as if you are her own daughter”

“I know”

That’s a fact, everyone can see it. In fact, anyone closed to father Reed, always cares about me.. he must have entrusted me to so many people before his death.

“Lanie, I’m happy you’ve finally decided to live for yourself, but at least consider those around you and stop making them worried”

“Hmm, are you sure you’re referring to mother Emily? Or you’re talking about yourself?” I asked.

She’s the one who looked worried, from her speech to the look in her eyes.. they’re screaming worrying.

“It course I’m talking for myself, but you should consider mother Emily’s feelings too”

I almost laughed when she said she’s talking for herself.

“Fine, I’ll visit her at the orphanage after school tomorrow”

“Better” she said.

Then I suddenly remembered Caleb, he must have been worried too.

“What about Caleb?” I asked.

“He’s fine, he dropped me off and left immediately, saying he’s got something to do at home” she replied.

“Oh.. ok”

My stomach growled loudly, telling me it’s time for dinner… or maybe seeing Gabby munch on her apple deliciously, it’s making me hungry too.

“Gabby, we’ll see at school tomorrow..”

My eyes searched for a wall clock in the room, which I found almost immediately.

“.. it’s almost 8pm, I should go eat dinner or I’ll have a headache and my dizziness will start and….”


Gabby cut me off, she rolled her eyeballs and sighed, then shook her head.

“Go and eat” she said. “Drama queen!” she grumbled under her breath, but I heard it.

“I heard that” I told her.

“It was meant for you to hear!”

She snapped at me playfully, then stuck out her tongue at me to which I bared my teeth in return.

“Why are you baring your teeth? Are you an angry car?”

I gaped at her.

“A cat? Why would you compare me to a cat?” I bared my teeth at her again. “Isn’t this a fierce tiger’s look?”

She laughed at my expression, pointing at my face mockingly. I cringed when I saw the munched apple in her mouth.

“Close your mouth, I’m gonna throw up” I scolded her.

She ignored me and continued laughing, but sobered up after a few more laughs.

“That doesn’t look like a fierce tiger, it’s more like a little kitten trying to look cute” she burst into laughter again.

I simply narrowed my eyes at her, gritting my teeth and thinking of ways to pluck off her eyes.

“I will pretend like you never said that, I should go fill up my stomach, so I can get enough strength to fight you tomorrow” I said.

Gabby scoffed at my words.

“Even if you eat all the food in the world, you won’t be able to fight me.. you’d be so lazy that you’ll fall asleep before throwing a punch at me” she mocked me.

I rolled my eyeballs.

“Whatever! Talk to you later”

“Yeah” she replied.

With that I hanged up.
I stretched my limps briefly, before jumping off the bed and wore my flip-flops.


should rush to the kitchen, to get something to eat… I can’t stand my stomach singing off-tone melodies in my ear.


Arriving at the kitchen, I saw Berlin cutting some meat and frying fish at the same time.

“Wow!” I exclaimed.

I pulled out a stool and sat down, she turned to me and smiled.

“Hi, Mrs Bright” she greeted me with a respectful bow.

I blushed shyly when she referred to me as Mrs Bright, but I secretly like it.

“Berlin, right?”

“Yes, ma’am” she answered.

“What are you cooking? It smells so nice” I said.

She laughed at me as I tried to get more of the aroma, she turned the fish and reduce the heat of the gas.

“I wanna make a Nigerian dish”

“A Nigerian dish?”

“Nigerian jollof rice”

“Huh?” I asked viewing her.

Can she actually cook it? Is it gonna be sweet?

“Nigeria is a country in Africa”

“Yeah, I know that but… ”

I trailed off, I don’t know it she’s gonna find it offensive if I say it. But she arched her brows, urging me to speak.

“You don’t look like a Nigerian, can a non-Nigerian cook it?” I asked.

Berlin laughed.

“Well, my mom’s actually a Nigerian, so I can cook some Nigerian dishes” she said.

“Oh, but is he gonna like it?” I asked referring to Mr Bright.

“Yeah, he loved it the first time I cooked it for him and it’s been one of his favorite food since then” she explained.

His favorite… Maybe I should learn to cook it, I can cook it for him as an apology anytime I made him angry…like today.

“Er.. Berlin, can you teach me?” I asked her.

“Of course”

I gleefully sprang off the stool and stood next to her, my eyes viewed the table and only thing I could recognize was.. tomatoes and tomato paste.


should I do now? Wash the meat? Dice the carrots? Or…”

She collected the carrot I was holding, then gestured me to wash my hand.

“First things first, always wash your hands before you start cooking” she told me.

I laughed.

“I’ll try to remember that” I said.

She also joined in my laugh, but we only laughed briefly.

“Well, let’s start with introducing some basic ingredients you’ll need” she said.

I nodded and watched her closely as she labelled the ingredients.

“You’ll need rice, tomatoes and tomato paste, peppers, bell peppers, cooking oil… goat meat, cow meat, chicken or beef whichever you prefer”

I nodded, that’s all I could do since I’m a novice in the kitchen aspect.

“The peppers, tomatoes and tomato paste are used for preparing the stew..”

My eyes zeroed on an ingredient she didn’t label or forgot to label, I picked it up.

“What’s this?” I asked.

“Oh, that’s a bay leaf, it gives the jollof rice a smoky taste” she explained and collected it from me.

I don’t know if I can memorize everything here.

“I’ll just start cooking and you watch me, though you’re gonna do some minor things” she said.

“Yes, yes.. anything to learn” I replied.

She smiled.

“Then help me wash, peel and slice the onions”

“Alright, on it!” I said and got into action.


“I’m done” I said as I pushed the sliced onions towards Berlin.

There’s a big smile on my face since this is a big achievement for me, but my smile faltered when I noticed the red dots on the onions.

“Mrs Bright, why are there blood on it?” Berlin asked.

I frowned slightly.

“Blood?” I asked her back.

She nodded, then gestured to my fingers. I looked down and gasped loudly… I have been slicing my fingers alongside the onions.

“How did you cut yourself so deeply like that?”


What am I gonna tell her? That I didn’t feel any pain when I was cutting myself? She’s sure ain’t gonna believe me.

“Let’s get it trea…”

“Darling!!” Mr Bright’s loud voice cut her off.

Uh-oh! Of course he’s gonna come, after all, he’s the one feeling the pain.

He stopped in front me and snatched my left hand, he stared at my fingers with a deep frown.

“Darling, how did you get hurt?” He asked.

“I.. I.. was slicing some onions and…”

He narrowed his eyes, then turned towards the onions and glared at it as though it has committed a crime.

“Why did you slice onions? Who let you do it?” He asked still glaring at the onions, but soon turned his glare to Berlin.


quickly bent her head and stared at the floor, she subconsciously took a few steps back.

“What were you doing while she was cutting herself?!” He growled at her.

Oh no! He’s gonna hurt her if he thinks she’s at fault, his temperament is just out of this world.. I’ll just have to talk to him calmly or Berlin is dead.

“Mr Bright… ”

“Call me darling, you’re my girlfriend!” He snapped at me, but not taking his eyes off her.

I nodded quickly.

“Ok, ok, darling, look at me” I said and tried to turn his face to me, but couldn’t.

He’s glaring daggers at Berlin, I swear in his mind Berlin is already dead…his jaw clenched angrily.

“Darling, darling, look at me”

After a few moments of trying, he finally turned his head to me and furrowed his brows.

“She tried to stop me but I insisted on doing it, don’t blame her” I said.

He didn’t speak, his eyes fixed on my injured fingers.

“What were you even doing in the kitchen?” He asked.

I smiled and blinked innocently, I remembered he’s forbade me from entering the kitchen.

“You are angry at me, so I wanted to cook your favorite food so you can forgive me” I said.

“Hmph!” He scoffed. “You think you can buy me off with food?” He said offhandedly.


“Darling, think of another way to apologize!” He said through gritted teeth.

Think of another way? What way? I don’t know it any other way…

“You can think of ways to seduce me and get my forgiveness”

“Se-seduce you?!” I exclaimed loudly.

I don’t know how to do it!
Yeah, I’ve heard people talking about it, but I don’t really know how it’s done.

“While you’re figuring it out, let’s get your wound treated” he said and pulled me along with him.


Seduce him? Should I watch some movies? Or should I browse it on the internet?

Then it stroke me… Gabby!

She must be a queen in stuffs like this, because she always watch romance movies.

But there’s a problem, how can I tell her to teach me the act of seduction?

She’s so gonna bombard me with questions. Oh God! This is so frustrating!

“What are you thinking, darling?” Mr Bright asked me.

His eyes landed on my plate, he pointed at my untouched food with his spoon… we’re eating dinner right now.

“Why aren’t you eating?”

“This food is not my problem right now” I said and continued playing with my food.

He nodded, cut a small piece of chicken and shoved it in his mouth.

“You’re thinking of how to seduce me, right?”

“How did you know?” I asked him, but then it occured to me that he can actually read minds.

He ignored my question, not that I actually needed him to reply me, he put drumstick on my plate.

“Eat up, or are you thinking it going to spend time with that church rat?” He asked.

What? How in God’s name did Caleb come into this?

“You’re my girlfriend now and I should be your only love, don’t spare even five minutes thinking about that dirty church rat!” He said.

I couldn’t stop myself, I didn’t realize when I burst into laughter.

“Your jealousy is just so funny” I said amidst laughter.

He scoffed.

“I’m not jealous, I’m just trying to save you from getting too attached to him…or you’ll cry when he dies”

His words made me stop laughing at once, I frowned at him.

“Are you cursing him?”

He shook his head.

“No, darling, I’m prophesying, he’s gonna die soon”

“You are….”

He cut me off by placing a finger on his lips.

“Don’t worry about him, worry about how to seduce me and get my forgiveness… cause I’m still d*mn mad at you!”

He’s mad at me but wolfing down the food I contributed in, what a hypocrite! I scoffed.

“I’m mad at you, my darling, not the food you cooked with so much love” he replied my thought.

I blushed at his words, he’s such a sweet-talker even when he’s mad at him.

“Can we think it another way to earn your forgiveness…I don’t know the act of seduction”

He shook his head.

“No, you can meet your friend to give you tips”

Of course I can meet my friend for help, but that means I’m gonna die from her bombarding questions.

My gaze moved to him, he’s turned his attention back to his food. I glared at him, thinking it ways to make him choke on his food.

Then a name crossed my mind and I smiled.

“Caleb!” I said.

He choked on the water he’s drinking, then started coughing uncontrollably.
He lifted his head and glared at me harshly, I flinched back on my chair slightly.

“Not the church rat!” He growled, a hint of jealousy in his voice.

“Then who are you talking about?” I asked, smirking when I know I’ve hit his soft spot.

He muttered something under his breath, I didn’t hear him clearly but it sounded like.

*I’m really gonna kill that church rat!*

“You can ask female friend, Garbage!”

I frowned, Garbage?!

“Her name is Gabriella, not Garbage” I corrected him.

“But I always hear you call her Garbage”

I narrowed my eyes at him, when on earth has he heard me call her Garbage…is something wrong with his ears.

“I don’t call her Garbage, it’s Gabby…a nickname derived from Gabriella”

He frowned slightly and tilted his head.

“Umbrella?” He asked seriously.

“Umbrella… that’s not even close, just call her Gabby”

“Oh, Garbage is more better and easy to pronounce”

I dropped my spoon and banged on the table, then threw him a malicious glare.

“Your ears are faulty!” I snapped at him.

He chuckled and winked at me, then shrugged his shoulders.

“I don’t care about her name” he said.

I balled my fist on the table and glared at him, he’s always calling people weird names.

He calls Caleb church rat, now Gabby is Garbage…I wonder if he even knows my name.

“Of course, I know your name, my darling.. your name is melon”

“You!” I banged on the table.

He calls himself my boyfriend but he doesn’t even know my name, what kind of boyfriend is he.
His eyes moved to my hand.

“Don’t hurt yourself” he laughed.

But he stopped laughing when he lifted his head and realized I’m not even smiling.

“Fine, I’ll tell you, your name is Melanie Bright”

“Hmph!” I huffed and folded my arms on my chest, then turned away from him.

He chuckled lightly, moved closer to me and leaned down.. he placed a lingering kiss on my cheek.

“I’m the one being mad at you, don’t twist it.. think of ways to seduce me to gain my forgiveness” he kissed my temple and left.

Hmm, he’s really serious about this seduction stuff. I’ll talk to Gabby about it at school tomorrow….I just hope she’s not gonna tease me or kill me with questions!

To be continued

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