Luci episode 38


🧚 The Fallen Angel 🧚
{Mated to a heavenly tyrant!}

Chapter 38.

Written by: Racheal Dennis.


Another romantic, action, thriller or family stories @:-

Narrator’s pov 🧚

Lucifer’s mansion…

Lucifer took long strode towards his mini bar, with Caldwell following behind him cautiously.

He hasn’t dared to say any words since they left the lakeside, since Lucifer’s containers were hijacked, he’s scared of saying something that would provoke him (Lucifer).

Lucifer slammed the dagger on the counter, he opened his mini bar and pulled out a champagne then head towards a sofa in the living room.

“Caldwell, get two glasses and come over here” he said.

“T-two glasses?” Caldwell stuttered.

“Yes, it’s celebration time” he replied, admiring and kissing the champagne as he lounged on the sofa.

Caldwell quickly collected two glasses and rushed over to Lucifer, he dropped the glasses on the table in front of him.

“Sir, may I ask why we are celebrating? Or what we’re celebrating?” Caldwell asked quietly and cautiously.

He’s secretly hoping it’s not gonna be his funeral they’re celebrating in advance, because Lucifer only does this when he’s about to kill someone.

“We’re celebrating someone’s funeral in advance” Lucifer replied.

Caldwell’s eyes grew wide, he took a step away from Lucifer, which Lucifer seemed to notice.

He lifted his head and stared at Caldwell, he studied Caldwell…although, Caldwell’s well comport, he doesn’t looked scared at all, but his fingers gave him away…they were trembling.

Lucifer furrowed at Caldwell’s trembling fingers, as he’s playing with them nervously.

“Are you ok, Caldwell?” Lucifer asked.

“Huh? Ye-yeah” he replied in a short stutter, his voice dripping nervousness.

He puffed out some air, as though he’s suddenly feeling an internal heat.

“Are you sure you’re ok?” Lucifer asked again.

Caldwell nodded quickly. “Yes, sir”

Lucifer stood up, in a second he’s standing behind him, with his hand on Caldwell’s forehead.

“Sir… ”

“Shh” Lucifer cut him off.

After a few minutes, Lucifer removed his hand and burst into laughter.. then walked back to the sofa.

“Mr Bright, I…” he cut himself off.

“Caldwell, set your heart at ease, this isn’t your funeral wine.. I won’t kill you, at least not now”

“Then whose funeral are we celebrating in advance?” Caldwell asked.

Lucifer popped the wine opened, then poured it in the glasses. He picked one and handed it to Caldwell, while he kept the other for himself.

“An idiot took the liberty of hijacking my goods, we’re celebrating his funeral in advance”


Caldwell released a long breath he didn’t even know he was holding, his mind was finally at ease.

His gaze moved from his glass to Lucifer, Lucifer eyes were fixed on the glass as he shook the wine slowly.

“Make sure those demons track him down, no matter where’s he’s hiding.. we can’t let him cause any problems on earth, especially not to my darling”

“Yes, sir”

“Also, double her security, send more men to protect her in secret.. not a hair on her head should get hurt”

“Yes, sir”

Lucifer nodded, he raised his glass and Caldwell also did same.


They both clicked their glasses, then finished their wine in one gulp.
Lucifer slammed his glass on the table and got up.

“Have you opened the account? The Facebook account?”

“Not yet, sir”


“I.. I haven’t had time” he replied.

“Hurry up”

“Yes, sir”

Lucifer shoved his hands in his pockets and headed towards the stairs, but he stopped midway at Caldwell’s question.

“Sir, are we not gonna come up with a plan on how to apologize to Miss Martinez and bring her back home?”

“I’m working on it” he paused. “Right, that reminds me… contact her school authorities, I want a job there”

“Huh? A job?” Caldwell asked sounding surprised.

He’s shocked at Lucifer’s statement.

“I wanna be a professor there, and I wanna teach in my darling’s class”

“But, Mr Bright… ”

“Get it done!” He said and left.

Caldwell’s shoulders slumped down as he sighed.

“Love can make even the most knowledgeable man act crazily!” He said to himself.

Melanie’s pov 🧚

Gabby’s apartment… Two weeks later…

“Gabby, put that phone down and get ready, we’re gonna be late!” I complained for the hundredth time.


currently in the kitchen and I’ve just finished doing the dishes, I reached for a small towel to dry my hands.

Gabby lounged on a sofa in the living room, surfing through the internet… Facebook to be precise!

“Oh my God! Lanie, you won’t believe what just happened!” she gasped, shifting on the sofa.

“What?” I asked as I walked into the living room.

I reached for my bag and started checking if my books are completely arranged inside, after all Gabby was the one who arranged them…you can’t trust Gabby to do a clean work for you.

“There’s this short clip I was watching, a three years old baby survived a fire accident”

“Hm” I hummed absentmindedly, my attention was on my bag.

“Her family’s house was on fire and they were all inside eating breakfast, the fire was so heavy but she walked out unscratched.. like nothing touched her, she didn’t sustain any injuries” she said.

“Thank God she’s fine” I replied.

My brows furrowed when I realized one of my book was still missing, I searched around the place but didn’t find it.

“Gabby, where’s my… ”

I paused when I saw it under a cushion, I lifted the cushion and collected my note.

“Let’s go, Gabby, we’re already late” I said.

“No, we’re not, it’s just 7:30am” she replied.

“7:30am isn’t late? Have you forgotten classes starts at 8am?” I queried her.

She ignored me and continued with her internet surfing, not wanting to argue with her any further, I got up and started getting her stuffs ready.

“What the fudge!!” she suddenly exclaimed loudly.

I glanced at her, but didn’t ask her anything.

“Did Mr Bright’s friend just sent me a friend’s request?”

“Huh?” I paused.

Abandoning what I was doing, I rushed towards her and snatched her phone from her.
I stared at the screen, only to have Caldwell’s face staring back at mine.


on Facebook?” I thought out loud.

“Yeah, I’m surprised too, gimme I’ll accept his request” she said and snatched her phone back.

Caldwell is on Facebook? Since he’s on Facebook, does that mean Mr Bright is also on Facebook?
No, he won’t be on Facebook, it’s gonna waste too much for his time…besides, I shouldn’t be thinking about him.

Since I left his mansion, he hasn’t called, text or even come here to check on me.

“I have accepted his request, I also sent him a hello” Gabby said.

I rolled my eyes, carried my bag and flung it on my shoulder.

“Let’s go, don’t let Facebook be the devil this morning” I told her.

“Fine, fine”

She snatched her bag from the sofa, shoved her phone in her bag and got up.

“Let’s go” she said, throwing an arm around my shoulder.


St Greg’s college…

Our class is extremely quiet as everyone’s attention was on Mrs Perkins, our arts/music lecturer.

*… you’re graduating in five months, yet some of you are still not serious with your life…*

“Hey, Lanie!”

Gabby nudged me and I gave her my attention, she gestured towards Mrs Perkins.

“She’s heavily pregnant but still got enough strength to scold us” she joked and we shared a laugh.

We turned our attention back to her, she’s stopped talking and her eyes are searching the classroom, looking for who’s talking… luckily, she didn’t catch Gabby and I.

*Well, we’ll be going on a field trip soon.. we’ll visit a reserve and have a close relationship with nature.. we’ll all experience how musical nature is*

Everyone started whispering among themselves happily, they seem pretty excited about this trip.

Gabby and I exchanged looks, then shrugged our shoulders.. I guess we’re not so excited like the others.

*It’s gonna be a three days trip*

“Three days?!” Everyone gasped out.

*Yes* she answered. *Yes, Mason?*

Mrs Perkins pointed at Mason who was raising his hand from the extreme, we all turned towards him as we’re curious about his question.

“Are we gonna be staying in a hotel?” He asked.

Most of us nodded in agreement at his questions, which caused another whispers.

*Silence!* she called everyone to order.

In a second, the class fell into silence.

*You’re going there to learn, not enjoy yourselves, this is not a vacation*

Everyone groaned, from the corner of my eye I saw Gabby scrabbling something down on her book…maybe drawing comics.

“So you mean we’re gonna be sleeping out in the forest?” Another student asked.


question made everyone laughed, but there’s indeed some sense in it.

*We’re not going to the forest, it’s…*

She cut herself off, glared at us angrily.

*…in fact, get yourselves ready, we are leaving next week!*

Mrs Perkins packed up her stuffs, then cleared her throat.

*Have a nice day!* she said and headed out.

It wasn’t even up to a minute when she left, the class has turned rowdy.
Students were talking about the trip, some girls behind us were making plans on what to wear.

“Lanie, I thought we’re going on this trip to study” Gabby said to me, but a little bit loudly so they would hear.

“Yeah, that’s what Mrs Perkins said” I replied.

“Oh, I see, it’s not a fashion show after all” she said.

One of the girls banged on their desk, she released a growl.

“What did you just say?!” she asked in an intimidating tone.

But Gabby raised an eyebrow at her in return, she looked least intimidated.

“Lanie, does any of our classmates have a dog?” she asked me.

“No” I answered.

“Really? I just heard one barking”

I bite back a laugh, Gabby’s such a troublemaker.

“Are you referring to me?!”.

“Are you a dog?” Gabby asked back.

The girl glared maliciously at Gabby, she clenched her jaw and looked like she’s gonna explode any minute.. but before she could do anything, we heard someone cleared their voice.

We turned and saw our rector standing in front of our class, with Mrs Perkins standing behind him.

*Good day, class!* He greeted us.

We all echoed good day, sir in response. His eyes moved around, everyone’s well comported.. he nodded in satisfaction.

*I have news for you all, as we can see Mrs Perkins is drawing closer to her due date and she would be needing a lot of rest now…*

He paused and watched us, we nodded in agreement.. then he continued.

*Well, she can’t go on leave now and she can’t do all the works alone… so we’ve provided a substitute lecturer for her, he would be helping her take some classes…*

A male substitute lecturer? I wonder what he’d be like.

“If he’s handsome, I’ll make him my new crush” Gabby whispered.


She simply winked at me in response, I shuddered and turned away from her.

*Mr Bright, please come in*

I tensed.
Mr Bright? Is he talking about the Mr Bright I’m familiar with?

My eyes stayed fixed on the door, he walked in and to my greatest surprise, he was actually referring to the Mr Bright I’m familiar with.

His eyes searched the classroom until they landed on me, he sent me a wink and broke into a boyish smile.

The girls behind me started gushing over him, in fact every girl in the class started gushing over him.

“Lanie, it’s your boyfriend!” Gabby said.

“Tell me something I don’t know” I replied.

He was still staring at me with his boyish smile on, I couldn’t stand his stare, so I looked away.

Why did he suddenly decided to teach here? Is he even a lecturer?

*Well, I guess I don’t need to remind you to give him a warm welcome.. it’s obvious you’ve accepted him*

Our rector paused, then turned to Mr Bright.

*Please, familiarize yourself with them… I’ll go back to my office*

Mr Bright nodded, then our rector left with Mrs Perkins.
Immediately they left, all the girls in our class rushed to Mr Bright, except Gabby and I.

He pushed them away and started walking towards us.. or should I say me.

Oh goodness! What does he wants now?!

To be continued.

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