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Lucifer's bride episode 19


Lucifer’s Bride – Episode 19
(She’s mine)
A story by Faith Lucky
Rated ��
Roxanne’s POV
The drive was kind of long and finally, we got to our destination as the car drove through a gate and pulled over in front of a tall building.
One of the guards from the second car came out and rushed over, opening the door for Damon.
Mine was also opened and I stepped down the same time with him.
Wow! What kind of a building is this? It was so beautiful – ineffable.
It was tall and lights kept flashing all around it, making It to sparkle.
I opened my mouth agape, bedazzled at the beauty of the place.
“Let’s go” Damon said as he inserted his hands into his trouser pockets and started walking towards the building.
I took in a deep breath and followed him.
Walking side by side with him, we entered the main hall on the first floor and that was when I confirmed we were really at a party.
Oh, my goodness!
They were so many people!
So many…how do I describe it? The hall was filled with lots of boys, men and young ladies.
“Look who we have here!” A man exclaimed as Damon and I walked through the entrance.
“Hey” he simply said and exchanged a side hug with him.
“Damon! I feared you wouldn’t be able to attend; you know, since you’ve never liked associating with people” the man said and laughed while Damon just maintained a straight face.
Hold on; does this guy ever smile?
“And who’s this…damsel with you?” The man asked, looking at me with a smile.
Damon shot me a stare and sighed.
“She’s someone that shouldn’t concern you” he replied blatantly and the man laughed – nervously – .
“Please come in. A lot of people are waiting” he further said and Damon and I followed him.
I felt so shy and nervous and considering the fact I was with someone like Damon…I couldn’t help it.
I mean, he acts like a god. And it makes me pretty nervous.
I kept feeding my eyes as we walked behind the man.
Gosh! A lot of incredible things were going on.
A party song was being played and a stripper was at the front of the stage, displaying.
Some boys around were smoking deeply while some of the girls giggled and tried to pleasure the boys.
Oh mercies!
What kind of a place is this? Where did Damon bring me to?
We finally got to a round big table and the man stopped walking and so did we.
“Damon!” A boy at the table called excitedly.
“Draco” Damon also called as he took a seat.
He signalled me to sit and I did, next to him.
What is this place?
About three boys were on the table with different ladies sitting in between them.
“Oh, my! The hottie is here” one of the ladies said dreamily, leering at Damon.
“So, you’re real? I thought you only existed on TV’s and magazines” another lady said and the third chuckled.
“I don’t mind having a stand with you for free” the first lady said, biting her lips.
Damon just remained silent, staring at them.
“Are you blind, Natalie? Can’t you see he’s with his girlfriend?” One of the boys asked
He was smoking a tobacco pipe.
“Oh, miss; can I borrow him please?” She asked and the two other ladies laughed.
Oh, goodness! I could feel my heart leaving my chest. I can’t stay here; I really can’t.
I can’t flow with the conversation and they’re making me feel ridiculed.
Then suddenly, Damon spoke up.
“You really expect me to f**k that bucket of yours?” He asked.
” You had a dirty threesome yesterday and no matter how big my d**k is right now, it just won’t fit in”.
“Woah!!!” The boys exclaimed.
“Oh, my God, Natalie. Don’t tell me you’ve been cheating on my best friend” one of the boys said.
The Natalie was already looking like a ghost.
The rest of the girls laughed.
“Sorry Natalie” one of them sniggered and she stood up.
“F**k you” she blurted to Damon and left the table in tears.
She had barely gone far when she suddenly tripped and fell on the floor and all eyes turned on her.
“What the…” someone said while some giggled.
She stood on her feet and looked at us shamefully.
Then, she ran out in tears.
All I could do was watch helplessly. What ij the name of mercy!
It was definitely Damon’s doing.
I looked at him as he just kept a vacuous look and took a glass of wine from the table.
“So, how has the business been, Damon?” One of the boys asked.
“Such questions are not necessary for me, Marcus. You should know that by now” he replied calmly, looking down at his glass.
“Ohhh yeah. I forgot your stars’ always shining” the boy said and made a little laughter.
Damon took a bottle of wine and decanted some of it into a glass cup.
“Here. Have it” he said, holding the glass out to me.
What? Does he expect me to drink it? But, I don’t drink.
“Roxanne” he called without looking at me and I gulped hard and collected it from him.
“Wow! Roxanne; nice name” one of the boys said with a smile, staring at me.
“If you don’t take your eyes off her, I’ll make sure she’s the last person you see” Damon said and the rest of the boys laughed.
“Woah! Chill Damon. I’ve got no plans of entering into a fight with you. So, you can stop being jealous”.
Hold on; jealous?
Why on earth will Damon be jealous? That’s ridiculous.
He just doesn’t want me to associate with people. He can’t be jealous.
They went on talking about other things and shortly, a lady showed up.
She was putting on a very short gown that would easily expose her underwear.
She looked damn hot.
“Marcus” she called in an enticing tone and went to sit on his legs.
“Hey baby” the Marcus guy replied and kissed her.
She sat so carelessly that her entire hips including her underwear was exposed. But she didn’t seem to care.
As they kissed, he sent his hand beneath her dress and it got me puzzled.
How can theythey do this in public?
“Oops” one of the girls said with an eye roll.
So, these are the kinds of friends Damon keeps?
No wonder he’s able to do all those terrible things to me.
“Really?” I heard him ask and scoff.
Hold on;
Oh, my!
Don’t tell me he’s been reading my thoughts.
Immediately, the man that had led us to the table showed up again.
“Hey boys; the meeting’s about to start” he said and Damon and the rest of the boys stood up.
What meeting?
“Don’t move an inch” he said to me before walking out with the boys and the man.
“Hey pretty” one of the ladies on the table called.
“So…you the lucky girl, huh?” She asked and I scoffed.
Lucky girl? Indeed.
“Are you really Damon’s girlfriend?” Another asked.
“Of course, Sally. What does it look like to you? Have you ever seen Damon with attending a party with a lady before?” The first girl asked
“Hold on; don’t you talk?”
I sighed and tucked my hair behind my ear.
“I…I just don’t feel like talking much” I said dizily.
“O…kay. its boring here. Come on; let’s dance” the lady said, standing on her feet.
“Um…sorry, I can’t dance” I replied shyly.
“Really?” The other asked and laughed.
“Okay then. See you later” she said and left with the other and I heaved a huge sigh of relief.
Perfect! I really wanted to be alone.
I took in a deep breath and placed my hand on my chin.
What a life. I really don’t wanna be here.
I stayed alone for a long time ,not having anyone to talk to.
The rest of the people in the club just went on having fun in their own ridiculous way.
Damon finally arrived, looking a bit angry.
“Come with me” he said and I stood up and followed him.
Please, just tell me we’re going home already.
He took me out of the building and kept walking until we got to the swimming pool and that was where he stopped. The place was dark and quiet.
“Let me see your arm” he said, backing me and my heart skipped.
I gasped and tottered backwards.
What’s he talking about? Why does he want to see my arm?
Immediately, he came to me with a mighty force and forced the arm of my shirt down and that way, the marks were revealed.
No; no.
I gasped in fear and looked at him in the face.
His face was fuming.
“Who did this to you in school?” He asked, still holding the both arms and I shrieked a little because of the pains it made me feel.
My legs were shaking; my breath wavering.
How did he find out?
Oh, my!
How did it happen?
“Hello, Damon” a voice suddenly said from behind me and I took a look and discovered it was…
It can’t be+
What’s he…
Why’s he here?
Damon’s eyes glinted as he let go of my arms.
What’s Nicklaus doing here?
No, please;.
This cannot happen.
“Long time, no see, Damon; or, do you prefer… Lucifer?” He asked with a smile as Damon stared at him.
“Nicklaus” he called, almost inaudibly.
“Since I heard you were on earth, I was beginning to wonder if some rats had eaten you up” he said and Nicklaus laughed dryly.
“You thought wrongly, Lucifer. I can never be dead as long as you’re still alive”.
Tears were beginning to build up in my eyes as fear ate me up.
Who’s Nicklaus to Damon?
What does he want with him?
Strength was leaving me. I felt something terrible was about to happen.
I looked at Damon and noticed someone behind him – a lady.
But I couldn’t see her face properly. It was just too dark and she was standing a little distance away.
What’s she doing?
Surprisingly, I saw her with a knife – a dagger. And she pointed it at Damon.
Damon couldn’t notice any of these because she was standing behind him.
What’s going on?
Suddenly, she threw the knife at him.
“Damon!” I shrieked in fear and pulled him away.
I didn’t even realise by so doing, I had gotten in front of him.
The dagger flew in the air towards our direction and immediately, I felt a sharp pain by the side my tummy.
I gasped and held it and my hand landed on something else – a knife.
It was stuck to my tummy.
I left my mouth open in shock as I realised I had been stabbed with the dagger.
My eyes dilated in fear.
“Damon” I called weakly, not releasing I did so.
I tried reaching for the floor, but felt something stop me and realised Damon was the one holding me.
I fell into his arms.
I released a light gasp as my whole body began to waver.
I could feel my strength leaving me.
Blood was oozing out.
What just happened?
The dagger landed on me?
For the first time ever, I looked at Damon in the eyes as he stared directly into mine, still holding me.
The expression on his face, it was something I’ve never seen.
And suddenly, his eyes turned pure red.
To be continued…

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