November 29, 2021

Mafia bride episode 11 – 12




By Authoress Jenny 💞

Episode Eleven {11}


He removed his hands immediately and kept a straight face

“can you tell me what happened” he asked and i nodded

“Well she carried you in with one of your guard,,your were drunk

I was surprised when she didnt leave so i came to check on you when i saw her answering a phone call

I didnt know what to do ,,so i ran to the kitchen and carried what to use and fight me

And that was how we ended here ”

“This is the poison she was mixing to give to you “i explained

“Good you have proven worthy on my trust you may leave”he said and i starred at him in shock


i starred at him waiting for him to say thank you but i dint get any

“wait you mean i should go….Just like that” i asked and he nodded

I just saved your life and got my lips busted in the process and you cant even tell me thank you

That was what i wanted to yell but who am i

I walked slowly hoping he will stop me and say thank you

“Kira”he called and i turned arround smiling like a sheep with my ears waiting for a thank you

“Make breakfast for me and the guys they are coming over”he said


least he wasnt all grumpy when saying it

But i so much hate this guy.I should have just left him to die and i will wear the most expensive outfit my money can reach to his burial .

“Omg Rosie”rick said as he walked into the house

“My super hero” he added and kissed my cheeks

“edwardo told us what happened”tony said smiling

Edwardo walked down the stairs ignoring us and went to the dining

“Your lips”Tony said touching my lips

Wait for me ,,he said and walked up stairs

soon he walked down with a first aid box

He sat down and began cleaning my lips

I could see the unending staresthe guys were giving me especially edwardo

I felt really nervous because the way he is treating me and starring at my eyes is something i cannot explain

soon he was done treating me ,I went up stairs to go take my bath


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getting ready i came back downstairs and they were no longer there

I saw carl walking downstairs and starring at me angrily

“If you know what is good for you ,dont come close to tony again”he said and went to sit down

I knew this guy dont like me but seriously?

Why will he tell me to stay away from tony ….This guy is soo weird

first of all he hates me from unset and now threatening me

“Are you okay”Tony asked bringing me out of my thoughts

“yeah yeah”i replied

“okay “he replied

“Rosie”edwardo called and i ran towards him

“To your room”he said harshly and i nodded

❤Edwardo pov❤

After so many interrogations

I got to find out that the lady was sent by martins

I dont know but since rosie came into this house everything changed

I’m no longer ruthless

I cant believe her thoughts clouded my mind to the extent i got angry and drank to stupor

why isnt she acting that way with me ,,why dosent she smile at me like that

I knew she was expecting a thank you so i intentionally did not tell her

She was the cause

But seeing her with a frying pan in her hand looking all serious was something i couldnt help but laugh about

she was courageous.

I called the cops on the girl and just handed her over

If not for rosie that girl will be somewhere in hell right now


starred at the way tony was talking with her

My anger was boiling

“Why are they acting like they are in a relationship or some love birds

“Rosie” i yelled

“To your room” i said and she ran to her room

“C’mon bro”tony said and i starred at him

“what is going on between the two of your”i asked

“Nothing yet. Why are you being protective of her”he asked

“Because shes mine” i yelled

Okay that didnt come out well

“I bought her with my money “i added

The guys starred at me with their eyes almost popping out of its socket



By Authoress Jenny 💞

Episode Twelve


“Because shes mine” i yelled

Okay that didnt come out well

“I bought her with my money “i added

The guys starred at me with their eyes almost popping out of its socket

“Okay fine i will buy her from you name your price”tony said starring at me with a serious face

“what! is didnt say shes for sale” i replied

“Then just give her to me,i will take care of her” he added

“who says am not taking care of her”i yelled angrily

“Just leave her alone and stay out of my business” i added and walked upstairs

Whats happening to me ,i have never been protective of any girl before

I ran my hands through my hair angrily

What is she doing to me?


Thank God edwardo sent me in because tony was beginning to make me feel uncomfortable.

i was about to go down stairs and do the dishes when i saw edwardo men dragged someone out of the apartment and threw him in the booth of the car

he looks half dead ,,the men entered the car and drove

Gosh this is so scary

I quickly closed the curtains of my room window and went downstairs

I began doing the dishes and lost in thought

I felt someone tap me ,i flinch and saw it was edwardo

“i have been calling you for like some minutes” He said starring at me

“I’m ….I….

“Save it” edwardo said cutting me off

“i assigned someone to take you to the mall,,get the things we need”he said and handed me his black card

I nodded and edwardo left

I cleaned up and in no time i was set to go out

I entered the car as two guards were with me

It took us thirty minutes to arrive at the mall

I entered with the guards not leaving my side ,am sure thats the order given to them by edwardo

What if this is my only opportunity to excape ,,to leave edwardo for good and start a new life

Call me stubborn ,,but the truth is i cant continue leaving like this

I need to use the restroom i said and they followed me

“cant you guys see its female only or do you want to see stuffs”i asked sternly

They stood at the entrance of the restroom while i walked in

Gosh! this guys are something else

I saw a window that i could pass through

So i quickly climbed the toilet seat and jumped out through the window


could hear them shouting

I ran as fast as my legs could carry,,i quickly bored a cab and asked him to drive fast

He dropped me in the town ,,i walked to the near by bank and withdraw little amount of money from the credit card edwardo gave me

i entered a boutique to get some new clothes

i picked a blue joggers and black hoddie,i entered the boutique restroom and changed immediately

“Ohh i look like a bad girl right now “i said to myself and smiled

I used the hoddie cap to cover my head and walked out of the boutique

I entered a fast food and filled my stomach before going to look for a cheap hotel that i can lodge in for the night.

Finally i muttered to myself and collapsed on the mimi hotel bed

The room was okay and the price i low so i’m good

My plan right now i to leave this city and go start life somewhere else

Truth be told the thought of edwardo filled my head,i wonder what he is thinking right now

He must me really really angry 😂😂

In no time i slept off


What a stressful day

I finally i was able to board a flight and it will be leaving tomorrow

i removed my clothes and took them to the restroom to wash

Since i dont have clothes i just do what they call wash and wear

i tried the clothes in the bathroom leaving only my panties on before collapsing on the bed .

The light went off and on

I heard noise from the bathroom i quickly stood up and walked gently there

I was relieved to see it was drops of water from the clothes i wash

I went back only too see a figure on my bed with the light off

At this moment i was about to freak out

I reached for the switch and put on the lights only to find edwardo on my bed

“holy stars”i yelled

At that was when it hit me that i wad only wearing panties

I quickly ran and used the bedspread to cover myself

I can swear i saw him smirk

He dragged the bed spread out of my body and carried me in a bridal style



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