Mafia Bride

Mafia bride episode 15 – 16




By Authoress Jenny 💞

Episode 15


Another romantic, action, thriller or family stories @:-

I woke up feeling really better but i was really hungry

I dragged my feet out of his room because i was still feeling sore

I first went to my room to dress up before going into the kitchen

I was eating when i saw carl ,tony rick and edwardo

“Welcome “i said cheerfully to them

“Hey pretty”Tony said and kissed my forehead

“Rosie” Rick called smiling at me and hugged me

Edwardo didnt say a word ,he sat down and put on the tv

Carl as usual didnt utter a word to me but the looks he was giving me were deadly

“can i get a glass of wine “he asked


I stood up and walked perfectly to the bar,i cant risk the guys finding out

And as for carl ,his an ass who should better watched his back

It was very obvious that the drink he gave edwardo has something in it

I’m not dumb

He has never asked me to do anything for him and today a glass of wine


I dont know what his actually up to but i’m going to find out

I blame edwardo for not controlling himself and then carl for trying to hurt me using edwardo

I starred into his eyes as i gave him the wine

He was looking back at me but the stares us was giving him were already having effects on him

“Hey Rosie,can i talk to you”Tony asked and i nodded

“You know i really like you and want the best for you,i want you to come stay with me”he said

“Errrm…I…I cant”i replied

“I’m always here for you incase you need anything”he said starring at me

Before i knew it his lips land on mine and he kissed me passionately

It was a brief kiss and i’m still in shock

Tony is the total of edwardo,his calm,his carring and really cool

I wish edwardo will be like that

I nodded my head and walked away

All eyes were starring at me including edwardo

And that of edwardo scares me the most

Rick only wink at me with made me turn red

😢Edwardo Pov😢

My eyes almost popped out of its sockets at the sight before me

How dare him kiss her

“What was that about”i asked walked towards tony angrily

“Well i love her and asked her to come stay with me”tony replied

“How dare you kiss her”i yelled angrily and this time my head was spining

“Isnt she just a whore you bought” carl said

I punched him so hard that he fell to the ground

“Dont you dare call her a whore”i warned and went to my room

what is wrong with me

I cant believe i punched carl just becaus he called rosie a whore

This is unbelievable

😡 Carl pov😡

That MF!

His falling for her

I hate him to much

He took everything away form me

I was suppose to be the next mafia leader but hell no everyone want edwardo

All the money he has now were suppose to be mine

All the girls falling at his feet were suppose to fall at mine

The one girl i love edwardo took her away from me

He turned her into one of his whores

I turned gay because of that

All i ever wanted and desired edwardo took them away from me

And now he f*cking punched me to the face because of a girl

I will make him pay


have already start dealing with him slowly

And rosie should count herself lucky that my plans on her didnt work out else she wont be able to walk properly.

I Left the edwardo’s house angrily and entered my car

“hello boss” he said

“Any news” i asked

“yes boss”he replied

“We have finally found a way to break edwardo” he added

“We are going to bring back his past”he said and i smiled to myself

Edwardo has a bad past and remembering it will make his loose focus

“Perfect”i replied and ended the call



By Authoress Jenny 💞

Episode 16

😊 Rosie 😊

I went back downstairs and no one was there

I think the guys left ,,am sure the whole place will be heated after i left

I mean tony kissing me in the presence of everyone is something huge

I sat down on the couch and turned on the tv

I used the remote and kept searching for a channel to watch when my eyes came across something


He was been invited to a function and the event was hosting live

He walked to the red carpet as they interviewed him

Wait that ring

This same ring is on carls hand

I do see it sometimes

Is this a mere coincidence or what

i just let it go and started watching ‘Botched’.

Few minutes later edwardo walked into the room fully dressed

He looked so handsome in his black tux,,I quickly returned my eyes to the tv when he noticed me starring at him


was okay except his tie

I stood up and walked up to him

i didnt know where i got the courage from

we starred at me with no expression on his face while i was just one inch away from him

I didnt break the eye contact

I reached for his tie and arranged it properly

“i will send some people over just do as they say”he said and walked out

“Grumpy dude”

” I heard that”he yelled and my eyes popped.

Like an hour later some good looking ladies came by asking me to take them to my room

Since i was instructed to do what the say i obliged

The next thing i saw was different ladies running in with bags and stuffs

I sat down for hours and i watched them go in and out one after the other

“Thanks ma’am we will be on our way if you need anything or you dont like anything just call us “she said and bowed her head

The ladies left while i ran to me room to see what they did

The room looks same

I opened the closet and my eyes widened

It was filled with many clothes,all my old ones are not there anymore ,,my shoes

Everything was changed and they looked so expensive

I saw new night wear and lingerie

This lingerie were really funny ,,i wonder why they brought such

i knew their price tag can blow me away

I loved trying new clothes out and i couldnt wait to try them all

One red lingerie caught my eyes,,i was really beautiful and s£xy so i decided to try them on

I put them on and examined myself in the mirror

The lingerie was transparent and my b00bs were pointing out ,,it hunged to my body perfectly revealing my massive shape.

I heard a loud noise and quickly ran downstairs

It was coming from the kitchen

Gosh are we being robbed

I quickly picked a small knife from the dining and walked slowly into the kitchen

“Stop” i yelled pointing the knife to the direction






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