Mafia Bride

Mafia bride episode 29 – 30




By Authoress Jenny 💞

Episode 29


Another romantic, action, thriller or family stories @:-

I’m five to six months gone and Edwardo is driving me crazy

I turning into a lazy ass

Edwardo forbid I do anything in the house

the maids he hired made sure everything is done before I wake up

anytime I try to argue he tells me “doctor’s are always right ”

“what do you want”Edwardo asked in his usual bossy tone

“I want to go out”I replied not looking at him

“No” he replied bluntly

“please sir the baby needs it”I replied

“the doctor said no stress and doctors are always right”

“what do you need anyways”he asked

“I’m starving ,I need a different food from the once always cooked here” I pouted

“just mention them and I will get them for you” Edwardo snorted

what kind of boundage is this,,if not for the doctor appointment I haven’t been out

I need to go out feel the breeze ,buy some stuff ,do a little shopping at least

I starred at my baby bump and began crying

“you hear that baby,,your father don’t want us to go out for ice cream or do a little shopping” I said rubbing my stomach

I saw Edwardo face changed so I increased the shouting and crying

“Rosie”he called angrily but I didn’t stop

“Rosie stop because of the baby” he added

Hell No,i didn’t stop

“okay fine” he half yelled

“gosh you are impossible”

“women are impossible”he added

“you will go but on my terms”he said

I giggled excitedly and wiped my tears

“I will have four guards follow you,,they are going to be with you anywhere you go” he said

“so you are not coming”I asked

“no I have a very important meeting to attend” he answered

“do not leave the guards no matter what”he added sternly

“what if I have to pee”I asked

“they will follow you”he replied angrily

“ohh so you want them to see me undress and pee” I pouted

“gosh Rosie do not pee,, hold it till you get back” he replied

It’s obvious his jealous

He handed me his credit card and gave me the pin

“if you try to run I will find you” he said starring at me

“take this phone ,call me every one hour so I will know you are okay”he added

“am only going for an hour or so” I replied

“do as I say Rosie”he snorted while I just nodded

“thank you” I replied and pecked his cheeks

I could swear I saw him smile but he quickly replace it with a cold glare

I went into my room and prepared ,,I saw Edwardo car drove out after talking to his BG (boy guards)

I wore a smile gown that stopped above my knee showing my baby bump properly , i packed my hair in a high ponytail

i didn’t do make up because it wasn’t necessary so I just walked out

A guy opened the car door for me and I hopped in,I was the only one in the backseat and another car drove behind

“Show off” I muttered

“ma’am where would you like to go” 5he the driver asked

” the mall” I replied exictedly

We arrived at the mall and the BY followed me around which was pretty annoying because I wasn’t like the attention I was getting

I picked a little stuffs before trying to check the kids section

I almost fall in love with everything there,, things were just so adorable and cute


bought as much as I could before leaving the mall

I sent almost two hours in there and also talked with Edwardo on phone

“can you take me to any eatry am so hungry” I said

the drive to an eatry wasn’t long ,,so we stopped and I filled my stomach before heading out

We followed a lonely route and I admired the trees and flowers

“Stop the car” the other BG said to the driver pointing a gun at him

my jaw dropped instantly

he shut the driver and pushed him out of the car

in panic I dailed Edwardo number ,it rang and he didn’t pick up

” give me your phone ” the guy said and I handed it over to him in fear

“If you value your life you stay calm” he added

he threw my phone out the window as the other BG kept driving after him and shooting behind us

he drived into the woods and made me run still pointing a gun at me



By Authoress Jenny 💞

Episode 30

there are a lot of cursing,use of inappropriate words with s£xual abuse

Reader restriction 🔞🔞

😷Edwardo 😷

I was in a meeting when Rosie call came in

it’s not been up to an hour ,why is she calling

I ignored the call hoping to call her after the meeting

in less than ten minutes a call from one of my BG came in

I left the meeting and answered it

My BG kept talking and I felt my whole world crashed

I ran my hand through my hair in frustration

I quickly took my phone and began calling her number but it’s switched off


drove like someone being chased, my heart kept pounding heavily

never in my life have I felt this way before

For the first time I was scared

I reached the place were my BG told me they were

they even handed me the phone that I gave Rosie it was broken

I went to the car and looked arround but no clue

only the credit card I gave her

I opened the booth and went through the things she bought

there were a lot of baby stuffs in there which made me smile a little

I saw some male hair products ,,wait she bought them for me

“I need all the information on the guy who took her away” I said in a bossy tone and entered my car

“I need the best tracker asap” I added

“yes sir”

I began making some phone calls and everyone saw the part of me they haven’t seen before

the real MAFIA


I felt cold water pour on me

I opened my eyes and starred at the whole place

it looks like an abandoned building

My hands were tied behind my back and I sat down on wooden chair

“finally the whore is awake” someone said making me jolt

just like my dream ,It was replying

I starred at another guy different from the one who kidnapped me

I didn’t know how I get here but the last thing I remembered was passing out in the woods

“so your carrying his child” he asked and I nodded

“b*tch”he muttered and slapped me and tears poured down my eyes

he grabbed my face and kissed me forcefully

I felt disgusted and struggled to break free from him

“is that how he kissed you huh”he asked and I ignored him

the water poured on me were beginning to take effect

it’s cold and I was freezing

“why am I here ,what do you want from me” I asked

“so simple mi lady ,,we just want you to suffer , that’s why we were hired and maybe after that kill you” he replied

“why will you want to kill me ,I didn’t do anything” I said in tears

“to bring down Edwardo,now keep quiet no more questions”he fired


guy who kidnapped me came in with a laptop on his hands

he placed the laptop in front of me and I starred at it ,my heart almost exploded when I saw Edwardo

it was more like a video call

his hair looks so rough and his eyes swollen ,was he crying

“Rosie are you okay” he asked in a soft tone

“Am not okay Edwardo and the baby”I said in tears

“look at me Rosie please be strong I promise to get you out if there in no time”he said and I nodded

“enough that wasn’t what we want to see”the guy who kidnapped me said

“this is what I want you to see”he added pulling his zipper down revealing his penis

“don’t you dare”I heard Edwardo yelled angrily

I closed my eyes tightly in tears and a slap landed on my face

“open your eyes b*tch” he said and I did

Here am I starring at his c*ck and Edwardo looking at me ,,I could see tears drop from his eyes but he quickly wiped it

He forced his c*ck into my mouth and pushed my head down for me to suck it ,, which made me almost choke

“suck it ” he added before placing a gun at my head

I could hear Edwardo cursing as he kept breaking things from his side

he grabbed my hair which hurts badly and kept pushing it down to suck his d*ck faster

A gun was pointed to my head so I had to obey

“STOP IT ” Edward yelled

He stopped immediately Edwardo yelled angrily

the other guy took the laptop and they both walked out leaving me in tears


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my Rosie 😭😭

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