Mafia Bride

Mafia Bride episode 3 – 4




Written By Author Jenny

Not edited

Chapter three

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I dragged my feet and stood in front of him

He pushed the food to my front and gestured me to eat first


He thinks i want to poison him ,,i wish i
could actually

I took a spoon full into my mouth and chew it

He starred at me closely before he began eating

After the first and second spoon he dropped it and glumped down the whole can of water

“Did you put garlic in this food”he asked and i nodded smiling

He stood up,walked up to me and the next things i knew was that i was on the floor

The slap he gave me was the one that made my brain stop working for some time

i stood up quickly and bow my head

He used his finger to raise my head up ,,and now i was starring into his eyes

right now all i could see was anger

“Did you read the note pasted in the kitchen”he asked

“No” i replied

I was in a hurry ,,i couldnt waste time reading stuffs

He held my neck tightly as if he wanted to strangle me

My legs werent touching the floor anymore

tears filled my eyes

He was really a beast

I kept struggling till he finally free me

“Who are you working with”he yelled angrily

“Nobody” i replied holding back my tears

He gave me another slap

I could feel my cheeks burning up

“Why did you put garlic in my food”he asked

“Am sorry sir i didnt have time to read the note ,please forgive me”i replied

He starred at me for some minutes before asking me to leave

i quickly ran to my room and starred at my face in the mirror

Gosh the slaps really had effects on me

i seriously had no idea his allergic to garlic

I let down the tears i have been holding.


it was time for dinner

I entered the kitchen and read the note

I made sure i did not miss a single letter this time

Trust me ,,earlier today wasnt funny.My cheeks still hurt

After done cooking i went to set the dining when i saw a note there

“Bring my food to my room” it says

Only God knows the kind of demon i’m working for

First he asked me never to entre his room and now his asking me to bring his food there

Is he being serious right now

i carried the food in a tray and went to his room

i knocked on the door and it opened by ifself

He sat down shirtless with a glass of wine in his hand

i dropped the food while he starred at me

“Unclad”he said and my eyes almost popped out of its socket


“I bought you with my money so shut up and do as i say “he yelled and i flinched

I removed the cloth i was wearing leaving my undies

“Remove everything”he said .out of fear i quickly strip [email protected]

My mind was beating heavily ,,i was waiting for the worst

I have been hearing a lot of things servants do to please their master and they dont sound pleasant to my ears

I wonder if thats how they treated my mom before she passed

Well i guess so ,,if not i wont have been born

“Thats how you going to be serving me my food henseforth….I dont trust you commoners”he said and i nodded

Somehow i felt relief but still sad but what can i do ? his my master and i have to do whatever he says so i dont get killed

“you can leave “he added

I picked up my clothes and left the room [email protected] ,,thankGod we are the only one in the house

I need to run,,i need to excape ,i need a plan



Written By Author Jenny

Not edited

Chapter Four


I starred at her as she leaves

There is something off about this girl

I have a feeling that she isnt just ordinary ,what if shes sent here to kill me

I know my enemies can go to any extent to hurt me

And shes a suspect now

I asked her to strip incase she coming to kill me with a gun

I mean you never can tell,evil girls have the pretties face


I got new cctv cameras fixed in the whole house ,So i decided to check them out

I sat down on my reading table and began going through them

I spotted her wearing black from head to toe

She kept checking if anyone is coming

She rolled on the floor and hid behind the couch like a ninja

Gosh if seems like i was watching a movie

If it were to be in another situation she would have been dead by now for trying to escape

But i just sat down and watched her

i knew my house has a very high security and with the way shes behaving she going nowhere

I almost cracked when i saw her hit head head on the wall

How can someone be this foolish


climbed the couch and tried to go out using the window

Okay i had enough i knew this girl has a mission since when i saw her with that horrible makeup

I stood up from my seat and head downstairs


A plan popped in head on how to escape

i wore a complete black outfit and strategies on how to excape using the window

After all my moves i climed the couch

Thankfully my head passed but my waist got stucked

okay this is where having hips and butt is bad

I heard footsteps coming down

My heart began pounding heavily gosh i’m dead

I tried to pull myself out but i couldnt

“What are you doing there”i heard the most scary voice ever

I swallowed hard and kept mute

“I said what are you doing there”he yelled angrily

Gosh thank goodness am not seeing his face right now

“if you can pull me out,i promise to explain everything to you” i replied

He hesitated before dragging my legs out with force

The way i landed on the floor something else,my head and body hurts like crazy

“speak up”he commanded

“Sir ,,,,,,i ….Was….. just learning some skills…Its a normal thing we koreans do” i lied

“Its like a tradition” i added

I’m a terrible lier

“so this tradition says you should follow through the window”he asked

“Yes,… No…I mean the window is just an extra”i replied

He starred at me for sometime,I knew he was douting me

“How come i havent heard of this tradition all my life” He asked

“Its a secret tradition”i replied

“Get out”he yelled

“And dont come out of your room till i order you to”he added

I bow my head and left

Excape plan number one was an epic fail

I think i shouldnt use the window next time

To be continued

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