November 29, 2021

Mafia bride episode 33 – end




By Authoress Jenny 💞

Episode 33


The whole place stood still

I felt numb

yelling were only echoing in my ears ,,the only thing I was hearing loudly was my heartbeat

I stood there waiting for a sharp pain but didn’t felt any

I felt a strong arm wrapped me and my body calmed down bringing me back

It was Edwardo

we starred at each other while he rapped his hands arround me

I wasn’t hurt

Edwardo was standing before me,then who did the bullet meet

Edwardo fell on my body and that was when it hit me

Edwardo took a shot for me

Tony and Rick ran to us and helped Edwardo off me

They rushed him into the car and I sat down close to him in tears

I can’t believe Edwardo will ever take a bullet for me

his eyes were closed and face was already pale

Tony was applying pressure to the wound

“Edwardo please stay with me ” I said stroking his hair

It took us ten dreadful minutes before we arrived at an open space were the car stopped

“what’s happening”I asked

“we called in his helicopter and some doctor’s” Rick replied and I nodded

we came down from the car and was carried in an helicopter

the doctor’s were doing some stuffs on him while I just sat down looking blankly

if it were to be in another situation I will be so nervous in a helicopter but that’s the least of my worries now

I was worried about Edwardo


no time we arrived at the biggest hospital I have ever seen

Edward was rushed in with me trailing behind

I was feeling weak ,,my body was giving up on me and everything went blank.

I opened my eyes gently and looked arround

it’s obvious am in the hospital ,I jolted from the bed when I remembered Edwardo

“You are awake” a doctor said as he walked in

“is Edwardo okay”I asked worridely

“He will be fine but you need a lot of rest for you and your child”he replied

“can I at least see him “I asked

“you will see him ma’am as soon as you get some rest okay”he added and I only nodded

I lay back down and in no time I slept off


“Good morning” I muttered starring at Tony at Rick

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“Morning,how do you feel”Rick asked

“Better” I replied

“Can I go see Edwardo now”I asked and they nodded

I was led to the room Edwardo was in ,my heart almost broke when I saw him

He looks pale with stuffs connect to his body

I sat close to him and held his hands

‘I wish he will just wake up and talk ,,he can even go back to his grumpy self I don’t care’

I heard someone chuckled behind me and I turned arround

” Did I say that out loud”I asked shyly and he nodded smiling

“you know when Edwardo called me that you have been kidnapped ,I couldn’t believe his reaction

For the first time in so many years i saw him almost breaking down

he was worried almost beating himself that it was all his fault

I couldn’t help but smile to myself truth be told ,he cares Soo much about you

“Could you believe that he stopped us from coming to the house when he found out you were pregnant”Tony said and I starred at him in awe

“His excuse was”the doctor said you needs alot of rest and we were only coming to disturb and stress you out”

we tried to argue and he said

“DOCTOR’S ARE ALWAYS RIGHT ” Tony mimicked and we both laughed

“I also have a confession to make “Tony said with a serious tone

“Go on”

“The all lovey dovey I had with you was just to make Edwardo realize his feelings for you”Tony said

“what” I half yelled faking a angry face

“am sorry ,,I saw how he was so protective of you so I decided to make him realize his feelings fast” Tony replied sadly while I just laughed

“it’s ok” I said

I knew where Tony was driving at with all his saying but I won’t agree to it

Although he told me once that he loves me but he was drunk

i just want him to wake up



By Authoress Jenny 💞

Episode 34 Semi Finale


I felt a hand stroking my hair

I opened eyes gently and found out it was Edwardo

His eyes were closed but his hands were in my hair

His awake

I quickly ran out to call the doctor on coming back I saw him fully awake with Tony and Rick by his side

Woah how did they get here this early

“Good to see you up “the doctor said to Edwardo

After doing some stuff on Edwardo the doctor confirmed that he would be able to go home in a few days.

It’s been three days now and we were back home

Edwardo and I haven’t spoked an actual word since at the hospital

He kept avoiding talking to me for some certain reasons which I don’t know

My baby bump was increasing and Edwardo was getting healthier by the day

we barely spoke more than a word which was beginning to disturb me

Today today I was bent to make Edwardo speak to me wheather he likes it or not

I dressed up nicely and knocked on the door of Edwardo room

he asked me to come in and I did

“Yes” he spoke coldly

I bent my head and held my stomach ,I winked in pain and Edwardo quickly rushed to me

“Rosie are you okay, should I call the doctor” he asked worridely

” No no I need to sit” I replied

we led me to the bed and I sat down

” Edwardo my feet hurts”I muttered almost in tears

” Do you feel better” Edwardo asked massaging my feet

“yeah better” I replied

” are you sure that we shouldn’t call the doctor” he asked again starring at me

” Edwardo my waist” I pouted

He quickly moved to my waist and began massaging it which was really cool and it feels so good

“Rosie” he called


“are you doing this on purpose ” he asked in a serious tone

“what….OMG I feel so offended right now ….how can you say that Edwardo” I replied shyly

“OMG” I half yelled

” what “Edwardo asked

I quickly raised my gown up exposing my big stomach and my bare laps while Edwardo looked away immediately

I grabbed his hands and placed it on my stomach

His body got tensed up immediately the baby kicked

“OMG the baby kicked” he said laughing and I nodded

“Hey big guy” Edwardo said smiling

“who told you it’s a guy” I asked


really warms my heart to see Edwardo ask this way with the baby

“only a nigga kick this hard” Edwardo said and we both laughed

“okay I think I kinda need a massage right now” I said and Edwardo chuckled

I felt so good as his massaged me making a m0an escaped my mouth

I turned red instantly ,I could feel him smiling at the effect his touch have on me

Another m0an escaped my lips and i cursed under my breath

Jeez what’s wrong with me

why can’t I control myself

I felt Edwardo unzip my dress and pulled it down

He unclip my bra and ran his hands through my b00bs and massaging them

You and I know where this is all going right

I turned arround and faced him while when does magic with his hands

it’s been so long I felt his touch

He took his time touching all me sweet spot

in no time we were both [email protected]

” Edwardo are you sure you can do this ,,the doctor said you shouldn’t stress yourself” I said starring at him

” fvck what the doctor says” Edwardo replied taking my n*pples into his mouth

“but the doctor are always right” I said

“well not on this one ” he replied shutting me up with a kiss

Well cased settled



By Authoress Jenny 💞

Episode 35 Finale


I woke up and felt a strong arm wrapped around me

his sent filled my nostril,the event of last night made me blush

I tried to break free but he held me more tightly

“Good morning” he whispered into my ears

“morning”I replied

Edwardo stood up [email protected] and and I quickly covered my eyes

Geez am behaving like I haven’t seen it before

He chuckled softly and carried me out of the bed

Edwardo took me to the bathroom and washed me

well in the process we had another round of s£x ,don’t blame me blame my hormones.

Three months later

“Edwardo the baby needs a green apple and some coleslaw” I yelled at the top of my voice

“But we have apples “he replied

“Is it green”I asked

“no red what difference does it make ” he replied

“Edwardo get…. me… apples”I yelled making him flinch

“okay fine … sorry …Jeez ….I will be right back” he said and went out

who the hell said getting pregnant is no biggie??

I felt like eating food from McDonald’s

I picked up my phone and called Edwardo

“Rosie” he called on answering the call

“Edwardo I want food from McDonald’s”I pouted

“But u said coleslaw and green apples”he said

“yeah I need them too”I replied

“Fine”he snorted and ended the call

Trust me I’m driving Edwardo insane but today it’s for a reason

it’s Edwardo’s birthday and I planned to surprise him

and I need to keep him out for long

They dragged the massive cake in and the decorations began

with the help of Tony , Stella and Rick everything is moving smoothly

And yeah Stella is Tony’s Girlfriend and now my best friend

Thank God I finally have a female friend to talk to

” Guys his here” Rick yelled and we all ran and hide

“Happy birthday” we all yelled happily shocking Edwardo

He laughed and thanked each one of us

I could tell Edwardo was really happy and surprised because he doesn’t even remember today is his birthday

” Thanks Rosie ” he muttered and pecked my both cheeks

“what …why are you looking at me like that”Edwardo asked

“Edwardo “I called

“Yes baby”he replied making me blush

“The baby”I said

“what baby”he asked

“the baby Edwardo …my water just broke” I half yelled

“OMG …can I see the head” he said in fear making me spank him

I yelled in pain drawing the attention of everyone

In no time Edwardo was driving like an insane person while Stella kept asking me to breath

We arrived the hospital and I was put on a stroller

“sir you can’t go in” one of the nurses said

“Are you insane that’s my wife”he yelled which made me chuckle

“One two three push” the nurse yelled

“you can do it baby”Edwardo encouraged

I smiled at myself when I heard the cry of the baby

“It’s a boy ” Edwardo yelled in tears


Edwardo and I got fully wedded in the church a year after Mason our son was born

Edwardo later left the position of a Mafia and become a full time Husband and we live happily ever after


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